Holiday Music Special Featuring Bob Dylan

New York, Nov. 27, 2019

Dear Friend and Reader:

          I'm honored to present our third annual holiday music special featuring Bob Dylan. We've created this with the blessing of Special Rider Music in New York City, which handles Bob's musical catalog. 

          Here is the program's page and set list. Please do send the link to your friends. I am planning to add a low-bandwidth version later tonight once my other projects are done. The program is presented without commercial interruption, just like everything else on Planet Waves.

Photo by Al Clayton.

          We do this project every year primarily for the benefit of those who are at home and without company on the holiday. In case a four-hour-plus program is not long enough, I've set up a player of the past two Bob specials and one by the Grateful Dead. Just scroll down a little -- it's marked "PlanetWaves - Pacifica." 

          Tonight's program is organized into six sets of music, including one of very old material from the early 1960s, a tribute to Bob's incredible work with the Grateful Dead, and a few other genres. The music is mostly in Bob's voice, though there are notable guest appearances by The National, The Grateful Dead, and The Starbugs, from their Kids Sing Dylan project. I've included one instrumental piece as well.

          There's an intermission where I'm joined by Planet Waves musical director Daniel Sternstein -- also my collaborator in the Vision Quest project that we've been developing the past four years. Speaking of Vision Quest, our entire catalog is on a Mixlr player located at the bottom of this link.

          And for those interested in some astrology and philosophy, there is yet a third Mixlr player with recordings of my readings from the past couple of years.

          We are able to provide these unusual services only with your membership support. If you are a regular Planet Waves FM listener, please become a sustaining member or make a one-time contribution. For those who cannot afford to, please pass our work forward. If you are a philanthropist of some stripe and want to help us get our other excellent programs off the ground, please drop us an email.

Thanks for tuning in.

With love,