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Light Bridge for Gemini and Gemini Rising

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What is your dream career? Really — what is it? Rock star, history museum curator, tap dancer, lap dancer, television producer, independent filmmaker, comedian? How about detective, pilot or singer? Pro photographer or parasailing instructor?

Clifton Suspension Bridge

You may be saying, oh they all sound good (or lots of them anyway); I wish I could try them all. But you do have your specific dream, and you’re being invited to pursue it. The most creative angle of your chart is the one that covers what you do professionally. You’re extremely fortunate this way; it makes sense to you to do what you love — though the catch is, it’s hazardous to your peace of mind if you do anything else.

And it’s challenging in this world of jobs and of Job: of responsibility and seemingly relentless tests and obstacles. I think you’ve long sensed your potential is totally open, but the challenge is having the ability and the focus to create something specific. While these two elements are essential, I would propose that the secret ingredient to doing what you want is faith in yourself — and only sufficient faith to sustain a meaningful experiment. For a number of reasons that I will make as clear as possible, your astrology says this is the time. I will sum up, in three introductory concepts:

1. Chiron in Pisces (your solar 10th house, about profession and achievement) is providing you with focus and a new sense of how to harness your creative power. At the same time it signifies the fortitude to be different.

2. Uranus in Aries (your solar 11th house, telling us where you fit into the culture and how you benefit from your true work) suggests that you can stand out, express your rebellion in a fully creative way, and draw interesting, supportive people to you — especially if you make no compromises of who you are.

3. Pluto in Capricorn is saying that your contracts with others are changing: they are dissolving and/or being restructured. This includes financial arrangements and structured personal entanglements that have had too much influence in your life in recent years. You recognize both how powerful certain people are, and how much independence you want.

I said a moment ago that the angle of your chart addressing professional aspirations is the most creative in your chart. This involves where you have Pisces. Without even adding any planets, many other attributes of your chart support this idea. You have the ability to be who you are in nearly any circumstance, and you could make a good living doing so.

Gemini has an interesting and useful relationship to Pisces. The dualism of Gemini can include many pairs of seeming opposites — ego and soul; mind and body; dark and light; human and animal; self and other (this last one tends to be a dramatization of all the others that proceed it). The twins are variously illustrated as The Lovers (in the tarot), The Brothers (in older decks), and the mythical figures Castor and Pollux. Castor was the mortal twin, Pollux the immortal. The underlying theme of Gemini is that death and immortality are not opposites, but rather contained in one idea.

The twins were ultimately immortalized together as the constellation Gemini. To ancient sailors, closer to mythology than we are today, they manifested at sea as St. Elmo’s Fire. This phenomenon occurred when a ball of electric fire appeared in a charged atmosphere, such as on the mast of a ship during a thunderstorm. The name is a reference to the patron saint of sailors, St. Erasmus, also known as Elmo. So there is a natural affinity between Gemini and the sea, which is a good thing — for the foreseeable future, and I do mean for a decade or more, the oceans and all things Piscean factor prominently into the mission of your life.

For an Air sign, you have water prominent in your chart. Another example is the prominent placement of the sign Cancer in your chart — in your 2nd house. This tells me that your best resources nourish others. What’s good for you is good for the people around you. This is a key to success, and an important thing to remember about yourself — particularly if you find yourself doing something because it’s allegedly good for others but is not so good for you. That’s the test; something either works out for you, or it works out for you and everyone else. Any other possibility, you’re free to leave behind.

You have a natural business sense, and you can turn seeming intangibles into solid products. This is because you believe in agreements and in honoring them, and if you haven’t gotten there yet, you’re entirely capable of it.

Shall I keep going? You connect with your values on an instinctual level that you actually can live by and even thrive on (though it would benefit from clear articulation). Spirituality is a practical matter for you. You’re fantastic with language, even if you don’t actually like to write. You can if you have to, but you can talk up a great game and you can sell yourself with no reservation.

So what is the issue? Well, in some ways your chart is like a telescope that is missing one optical element. Chiron in Pisces is providing that element. In other ways, you fall for the ‘split personality’ thing for which Gemini is so famous, and you need a tool to help you integrate the two halves of your brain or your will; Chiron in Pisces is helping with that as well. The sensation of your current astrology is feeling that you can focus, gather yourself into one voice and thus can express your true personality without fear of being judged. When you do this, you can then stand up to the challenges of pre-existing agreements (particularly those based on previously unquestioned ‘necessity’), and the result is you feel like a strong, expressive, independent person.

Many of the factors offering this potential are new. In some ways, you’ve been backed into becoming enlightened because, in simple terms, nothing else was working.

Gemini: The Cosmic Joke About Human Nature

Gemini is the astrological symbol of the dualistic world. Nearly every Gemini I know consciously appreciates how they have two distinct aspects of their nature. Everyone has this inner polarity or dualism; many people really fight with it. One of the ways you thrive is to be aware of it.

This is a chart for the entry of the Sun into Gemini. The chart displays all the major planets and a diversity of minor planets. Check the member's contents page for a glyph key.

That Gemini supposedly has ‘two selves’ is a comment on the human condition by the loremasters of old. It’s a kind of cosmic joke. The zodiac and its many legends is a commentary about people and what we do. The story begins with a ram, in the first sign. Then we get a bull in the second sign. So far we’ve covered 1/6th of the wheel and we haven’t seen anything with human DNA.

When we do in the third sign, we get not one person, but twins. You would think that one person would be enough in the first sign with a human presence, but those old codgers put in two. In the esoteric language of symbols, this is telling us something: humans tend to be dualistic, which means ‘this way, or that way’ (and back again); they tend to pair bond; they tend to see themselves in one another. The whole twin thing is a normal part of who we are. Everyone has this going on. We all have a couple or a few of us inside. You know this about yourself. You can be two very different people, but you’re not. You’re you.

It can be challenging when you say: I want to be that! (But I could also be that.) I’m in love with him! (But I also love him.) Now is the time in your life when you have a special opportunity to integrate your psyche and express yourself without conflict. By express yourself I mean anything as simple as taking your first tangible steps toward an idea that you want to pursue, or something that you want to become.

Career News: Anything But Stable — Till Now

Your career angle has been under a kind of weird spotlight the past seven years. You’ve gone through a phase of either instability, wild reinvention or some kind of overwhelm — maybe all of the above. This hasn’t necessarily worked out badly for you, particularly if you like excitement or take an innovative approach to what you do. But unless you’re in civil service (and maybe even then), you’ve had to face many changes and uncertainty, and you’ve grown accustomed to a constant state of re-adaptation.

This is a special chart for the entry of the Sun into Gemini. It shows all of the major and minor planets close to the Sun on what's called a 90-degree sort. It shows the planets and points conjunct, opposite and square the Sun at the time of the ingress into your sign or ascendant. Information in this chart will be used in the audio presentation. Some of these points are explained in the "planet" section of Small World Stories. Check the member's contents page for that link.

You still may be in that mode — though the tenor has changed from an erratic influence to one calling for focus and stability. During the transition, take some of that highly charged energy that’s still with you, go over your notes from all those experiments and consolidate what you’ve learned.

The influence you’ve been under was Uranus in the 10th house, which for you is Pisces. Uranus + Pisces is creative but it’s also a bit overbearing in its instability, basically demanding constant adjustment to often unclear necessities. Ideas and potential fly wildly around your imagination. You have an advantage in that you’re custom-made for life being a little weird, because at least it’s not boring, and you can do something with the energy.

Uranus is finally leaving this sector of your chart and Chiron is on its way in. Chiron contains the energy of Uranus, but it also embodies the energy of Saturn. I think this is a change you’ll appreciate, because under this influence you will be able to feel your own power, assuming you don’t go out of your way to deny it. Both Chiron and Uranus are step-out-of-the-norm energies; but Chiron brings focus, discipline and a drive for specific purpose that Uranus often lacks.

If Chiron has a drawback, it’s that purpose can become a crisis of its own. We don’t live in a particularly purposeful world at the moment, and many people hide out in that; it’s like you can get by with no purpose at all. Purpose is annoying and so are ethics, right? Well, Chiron is all about both. The thing about Chiron in the 10th is that it demands the conscious embrace of one’s power and authority. With this, in turn, comes a necessity for discipline like you’ve rarely experienced, as well as the need to focus on specific goals and proceed with a tangible agenda. This is the main difference in feeling; you could say this is a get-serious moment. And while this is going on in your 10th house of authority, achievement, reputation, one’s true profession and — to the degree necessary — notoriety, this is about you and who you are, not what you do.

When the focus comes onto the 10th, we must proceed with integrity as the first order of business. Integrity is existential. Remember that you cannot split your character. Someone who is a nice guy to some people and a total asshole to others has something else going on. Pisces takes Gemini’s energy of dualism to the degree of authentic integration. You have a lot of environmental support for being consistently yourself. You may at first feel this hems you in. In reality it will give you freedom. One of the essential formulas of Chiron is the blend of high focus and innovation.

As you do so, however, you may feel like you have to catch up on all the steps you didn’t take. Shortcuts, especially where ethics are concerned, tend to backfire, and the world in its current incarnation is all about various ways to do it (whatever it may be) quickly and without substance. When Chiron is present, this is simply not on the agenda.

Chiron is as different from Pisces as a ship is from water, but to work them both at the same time it’s necessary to follow the law of the sea. You can go to exotic places, unfettered by the need for paved highways, yet there is more at stake. You must be attuned to your environment. Because the 10th involves authority, the first thing to note is the pre-existing environment of authority that surrounds you. Then enter into as respectful a relationship with it as a sea captain has with the weather. There are also inner manifestations of authority, such as the seeming limits that were set on us by both the example and the rules of our parents.

To work with the 10th house you must become your own authority, which on our planet at this time is asking a lot. Along the way you may see the many ways in which you have given up responsibility for your own life and must claim that responsibility back as a birthright, as something you own fully and claim as your own.

As part of this process, you will get to sift through every question of integrity you’ve ever previously pondered, and a good few new ones. At times you may feel overwhelmed by the work that you perceive lies ahead; at other times you may be appalled by the state of integrity of the planet at this time. It will help you immensely to have suitable mentors to guide your process. I will devote a section to this topic below.

The Need for Mentorship

Among its more prominent topics, Chiron is about the principle of mentorship. This is particularly vital where the 10th house is concerned, because of the authority principle associated with this house. Mentorship, a concept we all but lack in the current mental environment, is someone who stands not just as a teacher but an example. Mentors teach in both theory and example. They are a reference point into tradition and most of all they provide an ethical contact. It’s better if someone serving as a mentor has neither an emotional attachment to you nor a direct stake in your growth, but these things need not get in the way of your process. (They will, if you let them.)

This is a special chart for the entry of the Sun into Gemini. It shows all of the major and minor planets located in your sign or ascendant at the moment of the Sun's entry. This is taken from what is called a 360-degree sort — a listing, in order, of all the planets and points in the whole zodiac. Information in this chart will be used in the audio presentation. Some of these points are explained in the "planet" section of Small World Stories. Check the member's contents page for that link.

Many people wonder how to find a mentor. I don’t suggest you go looking, as much as you be aware and sensitive for who has that role naturally. Mentorship is a state of mind, and that starts with you. Begin by taking everyone as your teacher, and listen for who possesses knowledge they are willing to share. Look for those who set an example you respect, on at least three levels. A mentor is not a perfect person. To the contrary, they will be someone whose mistakes you can learn from.

Along the way, it is vital that you learn to take your own counsel. There is that part of your psyche who is the mentor. Part of the role of this aspect of you is to take the place of the critical, deceptive or contradictory voices of your parents. In essence, mentorship replaces parenting in a wholly positive context. There is teaching, there is respect, but in a healthy mentoring relationship there is not the family-styled dysfunction.

As Chiron moves across your 10th house, you will need to work through all of the aspects of relationship with your parents that do not work and that have not served you. This will take honesty, and it will take making shifts in your emotional orientation that have left you dependent on something that has not served you.

Neptune Plus Chiron: Embracing a Vision

Neptune is now warming up for a long journey across your 10th house, where Chiron already has taken up residence. Neptune here asks a question that I suggest you keep applying every time you need to: is this world ruled by power, or by vision? How about your own life? This is the theme to keep in mind as you dive into the mysteries that lie ahead.

And there is another: what is your basis for determining whether something is true, meaning true for you? Such as: how do you know a relationship is healthy? How do you know when you have the right job, or whether a dream you are pursuing is your authentic dream? Indeed, since one theme of your charts extending considerably into the future is about living your dream, it would be a good idea to know what it is.

After Neptune makes a brief visit to your 10th house this year, it returns to Aquarius and then comes back to Pisces to stay in 2012. I would be more concerned about this transit, were Chiron not present now. I would also be more concerned were you not already so accustomed to Pisces energy on this angle of your chart. Neptune will go a long way toward refreshing your vision and hydrating the parts of it that need rain. You will be getting a relatively small but meaningful dose this year, and this will happen during the phase when the Chiron transit is settling in.

With Neptune it’s good to check on several vital questions, which you might call reality checks — and Chiron is good for that. These reality checks include basics like truthfulness. You will need to monitor your association with any form of mind-altering substance with extra awareness (whether it’s licit or illicit, libation or medicinal). This assessment is less about right vs. wrong than it is about discerning what is helpful, appropriate and useful. It may be appropriate to play with a Frisbee after you’ve had a few drinks, but it would not be appropriate to step out onto the field of a major league baseball game.

In a similar way, conduct that may have been appropriate for certain situations or at certain times in your life is no longer appropriate now. You will gradually have to test the waters, so to speak, and begin to navigate your way through your new environment. I suggest you remember this. While Chiron will reveal to you certain aspects of your environment that previously have been hidden, Neptune introduces a new set of factors that may not be immediately discernible. Neptune represents invisible forces and a delay in perception. Yet if you focus on the processes represented by Chiron that I’ve outlined above, you will get a handle on the energy of Neptune, and be able to harness it in the form of a new burst of energy to your vision.

The key is balance: and by balance I mean that inspiration gets handled with specific forms of documentation such as writing or images. Or for example, the experience of mystery is met with an action or mental process leading to clarity. For many reasons, this clarity will serve you well.

Relationship for Truth

So far I’ve put a lot of emphasis on your ‘professional’ activities as a central metaphor for your life. They are indeed central because they serve so vitally as a platform for self-integration. It’s not about work; it’s about you. Obviously there are other aspects to your life, but the ‘professional’ facet is key right now.

As time goes on, you are developing a stronger-than-usual drive for social freedom, which is changing the way you think about your relationship contracts.

One of the persistent dramas of your astrology for many recent years is the extent to which you’re subject to compelling outside forces. For years, these morphed hormonal and religious influences, taking a diversity of forms. One may have been (and still may be) a persistent, extraordinarily deep relationship. You may have also experienced obsession; encounters with people who you wanted more than they seemed to want you; attractions directed at you that are inappropriate or later turn out to be toxic; restrictions placed on your life by a partnership; or too many losses in a rapid sequence.

It’s only recently that you’ve begun to get a handle on these things, and turn the challenges you’ve faced into advantages. You’ve gained context; you’ve cultivated a depth of soul contact through all of these experiences. This has taken an impressive degree of mindfulness, discipline and personal evolution. In many ways this has been an exercise in finding and developing your personal power, but more than that it’s been an exercise in making choices.

Let’s consider the relatively new influence of Pluto in Capricorn and how this relates to other current transits. In essence, Pluto changing from Sagittarius to Capricorn for you has been about changing emphasis from the impassioned ideal of relationships to wanting to understand how they work. Pluto has taken over your 8th house — that of sex, death, power sharing, contracts and the resources of others. This is a different kind of confrontational energy from what you experienced for well over a decade of Pluto in Sagittarius (prior annual editions document that entire transit). Pluto in Capricorn is less about the impetuous experience of relationships and more about the brass tacks of what it means to get along with people, to go deeply with them, and to be subject to their apparent power. You may not think of it as power; rather, you may use terms like attraction, money, agreements, negotiation or sharing. Yet if Capricorn does not say power, then certainly Pluto in Capricorn does — only this is a moving relationship.

Pluto is busy taking apart all your old ideas of ‘the ties that bind’, or what are known by Caroline Myss as ‘sacred contracts’. You could think of Pluto in Capricorn as being about the total renovation of your relationship karma, down to the cellular level. For Gemini or Gemini rising this could be an entire book, and by the time it’s over it will be. About half the chapters of that book will be devoted to the influence that your family of origin had on your concepts of what a relationship is (and what it’s supposed to be), how you arrived at those supposed-tos, and how you’ve managed to disentangle yourself from them.

Note that this process will affect any significant other(s) who may be in your life. Your decision to reinterpret or restructure your notion of commitment involves them, and I suggest that you have this conversation openly, ongoing. What we’re talking about here is nothing less than a paradigm shift in your concept of relating to ‘the other’, and any others in your life may or may not feel ready for such a change. They may not even have a concept that change is possible, or even vaguely necessary, much less what the relationship would change into. So as your concept of what a relationship is about evolves, you will need to get a sense of their ideas about growth, boundaries and paradigms.

This process raises an interesting and deeply significant question: how does relationship incorporate or process the changes and growth of the individuals involved? You have passed the point where your relationships can preserve false stability by being pacts not to grow. Therefore for any intimate relationship you may be involved with, be it a sexual partnership, business partnership or marriage, you will need to find some common ground or common ideas, or the relationship will come under stress. You may decide that the relationship can no longer contain who you are becoming, which is particularly vivid now that you are poised to become so much.

Along the way when feeling the hot, penetrating, even daunting energy of Pluto, remind yourself that you’re getting that karma in a greatly reduced form. You see a way to ground your identity and establish a balance. You have spiritual and psychological tools at your disposal that were unknown to your ancestors. Indeed, you have many practical tools as well, such as the ability to possess your own sources of income, access to legal resources if you need them and most of all, access to information.

So while this process is underway, which is nothing less than a total renovation of your relationship tendencies, patterns and needs, make sure that you set the new pattern, incorporating the fact that you actually have influence in the situations in your life. You are not a passive subject of these events or of any others. Rather, circumstances are calling you to rise to the occasion and participate with full awareness. Part of that awareness is practicing what one particularly adept writer summed up as relationship for truth.

Of all the values that can be exchanged in a relationship, this is the one to focus on. The truth begins with the truth of who you are and what you want, and extends to the truth of who someone else is, and what they want. We have all kinds of substitutes for truth, and excuses for not honoring it, and eventually they all add up to the very thing that Pluto’s presence in this house is working to work through, or if necessary, break through. We think of these substitutes and excuses as things that have smothered the passion out of our collective lives, and Pluto as the influence that is here to restore that passion. Doing this may feel like an archeological dig of your whole lifetime of relationships, and also of the past five generations.

In terms of your past relationships, I would start with anyone to whom you were ever married or engaged, or wanted to marry. Sum up the history of that situation and what you learned, and do a quick reality check into whether you are taking that information on board now.

What are you digging up? Old ideas, promises, wishes and vows. You are looking for every reason that two people in your family ever came together. See if you can figure out where the love actually was, and what form devotion took, and how people treated one another. You will find this stuff not merely in physical form, such as in the contents of old trunks, but also in your genetic memory.

While you’re there — check for one last thing — the institution of jealousy. I don’t mean the emotion of jealousy, I mean the venerated institution. What do your ancestors, including your parents, do with jealousy and how has it influenced their lives? This is a question that may have many dimensions and reveal its secrets only gradually.

I would call your attention to one factor, which is about a drive to be a free person within your social environment. You may have noticed how many social restrictions there are within any group or community: who can speak to whom, and how; who may look at whom; how being seen with someone is supposedly a public statement. You’re at the point where it’s time to throw off this bullshit and simply be free around free people. While this may not seem like a dominant factor, it’s a potent force or desire in your experience that is driving many other things forward.

And as you test and stretch boundaries, both ‘public’ and ‘private’, you will learn plenty about the culture in which you live.

A Sexual and Creative Revelation

Revolution is work best left to authentic conservatives. I don’t mean people who promise fiscal austerity but really are against abortion. I mean committed, somewhat cautious people who understand what progress actually requires. The structure of things must be understood, and the process of change applied in a focused and minimalist way. Discipline is required.

True revolution goes below the surface, and that is what Saturn in Libra is about. Libra is in your 5th house, a place of experimentation and self-expression. Saturn puts emphasis on this angle of your chart: you could say it turns something that ‘might be nice’ into an actual obvious necessity. Saturn’s presence here is related to the Capricorn transit I described above. Your 5th and 8th houses are influencing one another.

In any chart the 5th is where sex and creativity meet up. The 8th is where sex and commitment meet up. To accommodate your need for more creative freedom, you need different kinds of commitments. And you need space in which to operate.

Saturn in Libra lasts about 30 months, of which we’ve completed less than half. In some ways events of the past year have likely pushed you into respecting your own creative process. There may have been some jarring incidents that did so; these may have ranged from changes in an important relationship to a financial situation calling you to focus; or to someone close to you going through something intense that helped you focus. Whatever it was looks like a series of wake-up calls that you actually listened to.

At times, you may have had no place left to turn except for your creative prowess.

A Luscious Vision

One hint as to what’s simmering within you shows up in your solar return chart in the spring of 2011. There is a triple conjunction between Mercury, Venus and Mars in Taurus. This happens in your 12th house — an interesting mix because the 12th is so intangible and Taurus is so visceral.

One of the more interesting, useful and long-noted properties of your sign is a kind of gender fluidity. There is also the implication of tremendous generative, productive and fertilizing powers contained in something that can not only play either cultural role at will, or some combination, but which can also fertilize itself. This quality accounts for your ‘slightly different’ approach to relationships; what for many originates as a need to experience polarity through the other, for you is more like an option or a desire.

This quality partly involves the polarity of the twins (who can even manifest as The Lovers, male and/or female in various configurations) and it also involves Mercury, who is described in the astrological literature and mythology as being of neither sex, but a hermaphrodite. That word, by the way, is a reference to the child of Hermes and Aphrodite, who had the name Hermaphroditus. He merged bodies with a water nymph and was said to be of both sexes.

The merging of something mercurial with something watery takes us back to the earlier discussion of the relationship between Gemini and Pisces, and the association of Gemini with the sailors and the sea. And notably, the whole transgender/intersex thing didn’t start in San Francisco. If they were making statues of it in ancient Greece, you can be sure it goes back a good bit further.

The triple conjunction takes place in Taurus, which is your solar 12th house. This is the house of dreams and fantasies, including some of the best that erotic life has to offer — particularly the kind that feel laced with opium and delicate submission. Venus, Mars and Mercury together in this house describe a full-spectrum experience of sexual possibilities, but say more about the ways in which you are integrating your psyche.

Taurus gives this a visceral sensation, as the fantasy is so vivid you can sense it in-body. There may be many scenarios here, which allow you to morph into any gender concept you like, and to experiment in a free-flowing way. This in turn relates to how you can mingle your own inner elements into any form or shape you want, by going from fantasy to feeling to physical reality. The sensation is one of stretching an emotion or yearning into physical form like you’re putting on a pliable, well-fitting glove.

Pluto is in the mix, which is helping by offering a catalyst for change, and evidence that change is possible. I’ve written a lot about Pluto in this essay — that’s the planet in Capricorn or your 8th house that’s about how you’re recreating all of your relationship contracts and constructs. Pluto in the 8th is also about renewing your experience of sex, liberating you from your ideas and bonds of the past.

A trine represents a direct flow of energy from one location in the chart to another — from fantasy to form, and from form into shared experience. The flow here is between two of the houses with the deepest connection to erotic experience and desire, the 12th and the 8th, one of which involves the hormonal and evolutionary drive of Pluto.

Here, we get an image of what may be influencing your re-conception of relationship agreements: your changing ideas about gender. Many of the relationship contracts we have directly involve gender roles. For example, the 8th is the house of dowry, which is the father or grandfather paying off the groom for taking the burden of the young lady off their hands. Encrypted right into the concept of this house are a diversity of assumptions about the sexes, as well as their involvement with the transfer of wealth.

We have a clue about the deeper meaning of Pluto through Capricorn for you — that is about your engaging in relationship less out of necessity or business purposes and more because you want to; and that shift from need to desire may be reflected in significantly changing tastes about who you choose to be with.

Discerning Truth From Non-Truth

Because Pisces and Neptune are about to become so prominent in your chart, I would like to close with a bit about the need for discernment under these influences. Most folks are content with ‘true enough’ or ‘sounds good’, or in the infamous phrasing of Stephen Colbert, truthiness. But for many reasons you must go beyond these flimsy ideas.

Neptune’s presence suggests that you will have an extra dose of imagination or illusion to consider, and Chiron’s presence suggests the need to take a scientific or documentation-oriented approach to your reality. This necessity is amplified by the 10th house, because there will be times when your reputation, a 10th house attribute, will depend on your ability to have sound judgment.

One of the dominant philosophies of our moment is ‘there is no such thing as true’, which is a handy tool for those who are committed to perpetuating lies. I recognize that the underlying validity of that statement is that on our plane of reality, truth has a relative quality, and it only seems to serve under certain circumstances. That works well enough, as long as you recognize the circumstances in question and are highly discerning about situational appropriateness.

But frankly that is usually bullshit. There are folks all around who are simply committed to what is not true, which gives them easy leave to be out of integrity, push their agenda on others, or deny what is not convenient to accept. Most of why we let these folks run amok (such as all throughout government and the top echelons of most big corporations) is, 1. We were fooled by a con artist, and 2. We are afraid to call out liars because we have a guilty conscience. These are very different conditions that feed on one another.

I suggest you get over any remnant of a guilty conscience you may have (Pluto in Capricorn is helping that happen), and that you commit yourself to a high standard of integrity — which means holding others to it as well. The truth is true, and it matters. Those who distort reality are doing so for a reason, and you may be especially vulnerable to their influences — particularly as you become more influential and take on more responsibility.

In your deepest, most private world you may be experimenting with morphing and mixing your inner elements, which is a beautiful thing. This will carry over into all aspects of your life if you remember to keep your focus and make a note of those who demonstrate integrity in ways you recognize.

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