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  1. sonal says:

    I am confused. I am a Capricorn, supposedly with a Capri in ascendant – but the Saggi horoscope speaks to me more personally. Capri does, at an external level, kind of. But Saggi nailed it. Why? I don’t get it.

    Jan.3.1973. 17:20pm, India

    a very confused some-sort of hybrid animal..

  2. barbara says:

    I have purchased horoscope for my sun, rising, and moon signs. When I read my sun sign and it says I have aries in my twelfth house, that is correct of course. When I read my rising sign, it says aries is iin the ninth house which I have to assume would be true if I were a leo sun? My question is can you give some advice how to intepret the annuals while adjusting for this?


  3. miranda says:

    holy wow!! i am a scorpio and you hit the nail on the head. the timing for hearing this was also spot on. i read my written report months ago. i simply woke up one day knowing i had to visit the sight and just listened to the audio. thank you!! there were some major things i needed to hear, especially about not pushing against this isolation and the experimentation. at a time when i am deep deep deep in self work, you explained so many things i wasn’t exactly sure how to say and reassured me of my path and that my own intuition is dead on. eric, you are pretty awesome. happy memorial day!

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