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Dear Friend and Reader:
We're in the last few days of the Sun in Pisces, which means we're in the last days before the cosmic clock resets and we begin a new astrological year with Aries. Following whatever tension and (hopefully) resolution you may have experienced with Sunday's Full Moon, the equinox on Thursday offers a sense of reinvigorated energy and initiative.
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Photo by Chelsea Bottinelli.
After 10 days of ongoing mystery surrounding Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, we could use a shift in the energy. Some real answers would be even better, especially for anyone with loved ones on board that plane. But the Sun's ingress of Aries at least suggests greater impetus for all of us to channel whatever we're feeling into tangible actions toward a clear goal.
Eric will be taking off Planet Waves FM today but plans to return Thursday with a Spring Equinox edition.

Also, Eric has several comp or reduced-price spaces for the Geoffrey Cornelius workshop in New York City on March 28-30 available. He will be extending these based on merit and sincerity of interest in the topic. Please write to Eric directly if you would like to take advantage of this. These are not work-study placements but he may need your assistance on small matters while in New York City.

Note as well that the Friday night portion of the workshop has been opened up as a stand-alone for a reduced rate, to accommodate those on a budget. If you're interested in attending just the Friday night class, please write to Adam Elenbaas.

Mercury enters Pisces today for its second time this year, and Thursday finally leaves its post-retrograde echo phase. Its first major encounter in this new territory will be with Neptune, and we've covered this psychic, imaginative and fantasy-rich shift in today's Daily Astrology column.

Monday's Daily Astrology column recapped the tension and resolution of the Virgo Full Moon, which was the last major astrological event before the equinox. Layered on top of the psychic tension of the Flight 370 story, this Full Moon has manifested on both mental and emotional channels for many people.

Today at noon we'll have Len Wallick's column about the equinox (and beyond). The Sun's ingress of Aries, combined with Mercury's conjunction to Neptune, indicates that making measurable observations combined with achievable goals will likely result in the opportunity to take responsibility for your life and steer its direction.
Most immediately, we're all pointed in the direction of the April 23 cardinal grand cross. Think of Planet Waves as being like your astrological GPS system as you set your coordinates, and we'll make the most of this leg of the trip together here on planet Earth.
Yours and truly,

Amanda Painter

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