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'Mountain Astrologer' Magazine Publishes Investigative Feature
on the History of Monsanto and Genetic Engineering of Food 

KINGSTON, NY, June 18 -- How did Monsanto become so powerful? How is such a relatively small company so influential? These are among the questions asked in "In Through the Out Door: The Cosmic Signature of Monsanto and GMOs," an investigative feature written by Eric Francis Coppolino, editor of Planet Waves.

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Published in the August/September edition of The Mountain Astrologer (on stands July 1), the article tracks the history of Monsanto from its founding in 1901 to the present, including the recent discovery of illegal GMO wheat in Oregon and the recent March Against Monsanto.

Coppolino has covered Monsanto since 1991, publishing his work in Sierra magazine, The Las Vegas Sun and The Village Voice. The New York Times once said that Coppolino "has a hunger for government documents that rivals that of Seymour Hersh." His astrology has appeared throughout the English-speaking world from the UK's The Daily Mail to Australia's Harper's Bazaar.

One of the world's best-known astrologers covering politics and government, Coppolino makes no predictions about what might happen to Monsanto or its GMO enterprise. Rather he uses astrology to analyze the company's history, influence and staying power, reviewing the charts of patent applications, legislation and the birth of the founder, John F. Queeny.

Quoting documents obtained through the legal discovery process, the article documents Monsanto's history as a chemical firm in prior decades, including alleged manipulation of cancer research.

It then tracks the many twists of Monsanto's rise as the leading purveyor of genetically modified crops, including the patents for the New Leaf Potato, Bovine Growth Hormone and Bt corn.

Carol van Strum, author of A Bitter Fog, helped research and fact-check the article.

"This is an unusual perspective on Monsanto that's never been written before," said Tem Tarriktar, publisher of The Mountain Astrologer. "Due to his history covering the company and his track record as a news astrologer, Eric was the one writer to take on this story."

"I've read thousands of pages of company memos, depositions and scientific reports," Coppolino said. "Studying Monsanto's chart has pulled together many pieces of a very complicated puzzle."

He began covering Monsanto after PCB explosions contaminated four dormitories on a college campus in New Paltz, NY in 1991.

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