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Palm Coast, FL, Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Eric Returns Friday; New Homepage Design

Good Morning,

This is a reminder that Eric will return this Friday, March 19.

It's also a reminder that in case you're having mail delivery issues, please send me a second email address. We have mailed on schedule, without interruption or delay, for many months. Of course, it's difficult to notify people of something by email when they're not getting your email. So please mention this to subscribers you know who have Comcast or Road Runner broadband. Delivering to these ISPs has been especially challenging.

LoginFinally, we have done some reorganization of our homepage so that you can find the subscription archives more easily. Go to PlanetWaves.net and look for the icon like the one you see next to this paragraph, and follow that to the Planet Waves Astrology News archive. Or, click the link at the top of any mailing -- the one right above this letter that says "Access Archive," and you will be taken to the entry to Planet Waves Astrology News.

Our new homepage design makes it easier to orient yourself and find our different content areas. Please have a look. We had coverage yesterday of the Pisces New Moon on the Planet Waves Blog.

Thanks for tuning in -- and see you Friday with full coverage of the equinox.

Chelsea Bottinelli

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