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A Note from Len Wallick
Feasting at the Table of Planet Waves

Today we begin our spring 2013 membership drive (which I described last night), with a letter from our beloved writer Len Wallick. Len started as a reader, then he became a life member, then he joined us as one of our most trusted astrology mentors. We'll have a new letter for you each evening at this time. Enjoy. -- efc)

Dear Planet Waves Reader:

If you love astrology, you know that Planet Waves is special. Many of the factors that make Planet Waves unique involve the word "free."

Free of the advertising that plagues all things Internet. Free of the cyber-pestilence that makes so many websites a risk to even visit. Free of the corporate influence that pervades the news media.

Planet Waves
Above all, the Planet Waves blog provides astrology. It is high-quality, current, substantial astrology, updated daily, free of membership cost. It is astrology anybody can understand and put to living use. The special service that is Planet Waves is not free of cost, however.

It all begins with Eric Francis. Astrology is his profession. Eric is a world-class astrologer, conversant with and respected by his peers. He is also that rare breed of real journalist who actually values truth, facts and integrity.

Of all the many thousands of astrologers in the world, you would be hard-pressed to find a handful who bring to the table what Eric does. A crowded table it is; you dine there. Planet Waves supports the quality of your life and asks that you support Planet Waves in turn.

Think of it as a potluck feast. If you bring a little, you get a lot, and give a lot too. That's what your membership in Planet Waves can do.

Like the host of a potluck, Eric sets the table, his table, and the table in turn contributes to his support. In turn, Eric’s generous contribution of this table supports the substantial number of writers, astrologers, editors, producers and technicians (myself included) dedicated to enriching the quality of your life on a daily basis.

When you sign up for a Planet Waves membership, you receive added value far above and beyond the rich, dependable content available to all and any who partake at the free table. In return for your potluck contribution (that is, a paid Planet Waves membership) , you receive the nourishment of world-class weekly and monthly horoscopes and Eric’s feature-length, often groundbreaking astrological articles.

A membership to Planet Waves is a good deal all the way around. In return for your simple contribution, you receive what huge sums cannot buy: nourishment for your soul, Eric's wise guidance, and the warmth of a circle of friends. We invite you to take a seat at Eric's table with a membership to Planet Waves.

Offered In Service,

Len Wallick
Planet Waves writer

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