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Call the Astrologer! Mars in Cancer Reading
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"Again. Uncanny. Wow. Totally on point. So much so, I bought readings for my daughter, cousin and a friend as gifts.
But the best part isn't the accuracy and jaw-dropping empowerment I felt; it was the delivery. Eric is so personable, so funny, so engaging, yet able to cut right to the core -- it's like talking with a good friend who loves you and respects you, and wants to see you have the best in life, and is willing to do away with bullshit by being straight and to the point in the most loving, supportive and encouraging way. I need to talk to MYSELF the way Eric talks to us! Thank you so much."
-- Glinda W., on our Call the Astrologer! readings
Dear Friend and Reader:

We have a complete set of sign samples for Call the Astrologer!, Eric's engaging new reading on Mars in Cancer. This 12-sign video session focuses on the many aspects that Mars will be making between now and July 1. The information in this reading will serve you well into the autumn, as these important Mars transits will set the tone for much of the year.

Click on your sign below to see your sample video. We also have an introduction to the reading available here, and a new letter discussing the astrology here. Please note we currently have a special offer: if you choose two signs (worth $55), you get a third sign with our compliments.


You may order your signs here. Alternatively, you can get an even better value by purchasing all 12 signs.

With best wishes,
Planet Waves
P.S. If you have any questions, or are on a fixed or limited income, please feel free to call us on (206) 567-4455, or email, and we'll be happy to assist.

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