2012 Annual Edition of Planet Waves
New York, Dec. 6, 2011
Venus Transit of the Sun: Top Five Events of 2012
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We're approaching a total eclipse of the Moon. This happens Saturday, and I'm pretty sure you can feel this as the frenzied state of acceleration that eclipses almost always bring. I cover this in the Planet Waves Monthly horoscope for December -- maybe worth a second look, even if you read it two weeks ago when it came out. It's all about the current eclipse pattern and how it is influencing you.

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Saturday's is the only total eclipse we're going to have until this time next year, a total eclipse of the Sun on Nov. 13, 2012. Yet there are an astounding 29 eclipse-like events in 2012, which includes a cluster in May and June that is at the heart of the matter of 2012 astrology, and the topic of a special audio presentation today. (There were just nine eclipses and eclipse-like events in 2011, so the increase is by a factor of more than three-fold -- one example of the many acceleration patterns associated with this highly unusual year).

As for the current astrology -- there are two useful articles on the Daily Adventure series at Planet Waves. One is called A Gateway to Evolution, and the other is called The Great Attractor: Clearing the Way, which addresses today's passage of the Sun over the Great Attractor and the North Node, a once-per-18-year alignment.

I am making steady progress on Revelation. Revolution. Reality Check. That's the 2012 annual edition of Planet Waves, which includes readings for all 12 signs and rising signs. We've been receiving a huge number of emails asking where subscribers can sign up -- you may use this link to pre-order at the discount price for subscribers.

Last week I began a series on the top five events of 2012, wherein I covered the Uranus-Pluto square (that link will take you to the audio). In today's edition, I look at the Venus transit of the Sun on June 5, 2012 -- a rare and beautiful event that is at the heart of 2012 astrology.

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Avebury Henge. Photo by John Spivey / Wikimedia Commons.
It's hard to believe that it was nearly eight years ago when I stood in Avebury Henge in England and watched with my own eyes as Venus traced a line across the Sun. It was amazing that I was in a part of the world where it was visible, and that I met someone who had the right equipment to watch it safely. I covered that in an article you may remember called Day Zero, wherein I consciously began the interval between one Venus transit of the Sun and the next. They come in pairs separated by eight years; these pairs in turn are always separated by more than a century.

On June 5, 2012 we will experience the second of the current pair. The Mayans were obsessed with the cycles of Venus, and this Venus event is something I am looking to closely for a real understanding of the processes deep in the psychology, healing and growth of the most important year of our lives. The transit takes place in Gemini, and is about the reconciling of opposites within us. That containing and embracing of inner polarities is one of the most human experiences of all, and will influence each of us in a different way. We all have Gemini in our charts, and we all use it differently; we are getting lots of help lately doing just that.

You can think of the Venus transit as the direct grounding of the truly unusual placements in the sign opposite from Gemini, which is Sagittarius. It's as if some vast spiritual teaching is going to settle into our direct human experience.

This audio (use link to access recording) takes you through the utterly amazing month from May 20 through the Cancer solstice of 2012. Revelation. Revolution. Reality Check. considers the event for each of the 12 signs and rising signs, revealing how this rare, fascinating astrology is directly personally relevant to you.

See you with a regular edition Friday.

Eric Francis

2012 Annual Edition of Planet Waves