2012 Annual Edition of Planet Waves
New York, Dec. 1, 2011
Planet Waves FM Special Edition: Top Five Events of 2012
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This is a special edition of Planet Waves FM (use link to listen) devoted to the top five events of 2012 -- a year, and indeed a phase of history, like nothing we've ever experienced. This audio series an introduction to the 2012 annul edition of Planet Waves, which provides detailed readings for each of the 12 signs -- Revolution. Revelation. Reality Check. It is on sale to subscribers only at this point -- and has become a runaway bestseller.

Planet Waves
Photo by Elizabeth Joyce.
In this year's annual, the first topic I cover is Uranus square Pluto, an aspect we've been writing about constantly at Planet Waves. That's the miraculous astrology that has resulted in Arab Spring, the uprisings in Wisconsin and Ohio and finally the worldwide Occupy movement. Just how is it possible that the world seemed lazy, apathetic and ready to let anyone do anything to us, and then suddenly We, the People were rising up and not taking any bullshit? The answer can be found in astrology; Uranus-Pluto aspects are the most revolutionary of them all, and we get to live through one now through 2015. In this segment I explain the aspect and its basic energy, and describe some of the most personal manifestations it may have for you.

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Enjoy the recording -- which you can listen to or comment on this blog post.

Eric Francis

2012 Annual Edition of Planet Waves