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"I look out across the slumbering sea of humanity and I whisper these words in the night. And I know that I address a great being sleeping still in ignorance of itself. I know that if the wild winter winds of your communication systems send tatters or fragments of this message echoing in the darkness, it will still be to the unconscious that I speak. For the conscious have seen the sky start to brighten in the east and have felt the warming spring of eternal life begin to thaw the hardness of their preconceptions."

-- The Starseed Transmissions

Take Heed

Dear Friend and Reader:

We are now in the event horizon of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. All of us here who are in any way sensitive to astrology, and society itself, entered a spiral at the time of 9/11, and have been gradually approaching the center, which in linear time is Jan. 12, 2020. Said another way, whatever else we may be experiencing, the "post 9/11" world is over and a new order is arising.

We still get to decide what this is about. As long as we're awake, paying attention and making decisions, the curse is not cast.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.
We are witnessing the rare-enough conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, attended as well by Mercury, the Sun, Ceres and the centaur Chariklo -- the consort of Chiron. Three points that move slowly or very slowly are aligning with three that move quickly -- and this occurs a little while after a lunar eclipse on the same axis.

The universe is whispering -- loudly.

For many it is also whispering stressfully, putting a lot of people through tribulations that seem to be on another order. That may be an asset, because one easy reading of this aspect drama is clearing clutter.

And being efficient.

And using time well.

And being respectful. Which in part means friendly to others.

And for many, there is the struggle of getting through the day. People you might not expect; people who might seem fine. The ones who would never let on. When you meet someone, anyone, remember: you don’t know what they’re going through.

Urgency and gravitas collect around aspects like this, especially as we witness history slipping and sliding. In relative intensity, I would say present astrological developments deserve a top-five ranking since the remarkable planetary events of the 1960s. Historically at this time, we may be looking at the most significant development since the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

The Course of History, and Subtle Geometry

The Saturn-Pluto alignment (and all the other planets that attend it) not only represents some apparent shift, observable to the senses and in the course of history, but also an alteration in the subtle geometric patterning of our plane of reality. All we see and hear is supported by spiritual architecture, and that architecture is changing.

We can go through these movements more or less gracefully; more or less consciously; on whatever vibration or density level we choose, and can stabilize at. For some, it's difficult to get off of the fear level; for others, it's a natural response to do so.

I mentioned 9/11 in the lead. For reference, the 2001 connection involves the full-phase opposition of Saturn and Pluto (exact for a short time, starting August 2001). Our current conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is the immediately following new-phase. This cycle began with the most recent conjunction, on Nov. 7, 1982 (late in the sign Libra). Aspects in the Saturn-Pluto cycle tend to manifest fear, contraction, negativity, and at the same time steely, stalwart heroism, often without a name.

“Be very afraid” is a tactic authoritarian powers tend to use during these eras. That makes people subject to manipulation. The correct response is courage. And it is available.

Our current Saturn-Pluto conjunction would not be nearly so interesting were the world not melting, burning, flooding, shaking and quaking -- everything but keeping cool. By classical signification, the alignment of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn has a touch of the apocalyptic to it. Saturn, which sounds a little like Satan, is aligning with underworld keeper Pluto, in a sign associated with endings. The eclipse of the Moon adds emphasis and helps open the portal (pay special attention Jan. 9 and 10).

Study the Family Patterns

Let's consider, for a sec, the total aspect pattern from the perspective of family patterning. Through studying Capricorn (among other places), we can observe how family drama manifests as chaos in society.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.
In structure, the aspect consists of many planets aligned with the Sun, starting with Mercury, and the Earth, and the largest asteroid Ceres; and the majestic Saturn -- all making a string of pearls out to the Pluto system.

Jupiter in Capricorn is very close by. It is fair to call this alignment one of a kind.

Many of these planets are family indicators. Pluto and Ceres we last heard from in the discussion over Persephone, who spends half her time in the underworld with her consort (Pluto, in winter) and the other half with mommy (Ceres, in summer; in myth, mother is sad, so the world freezes over).

Mercury shows up in the form of little kid; Moon and Sun (parental units) get it on in an eclipse that springs just as the alignment is coming into full strength. All at once, numerous cycles go off, with the impossible-seeming Full Moon eclipse on Jan. 10 adding emotional tangibility, momentum, and a touch of portent that arrives with such events.

You would think something is up.

If it feels like I'm describing this aspect pattern a little ominously, that's because it calls for respect and even a bit of reverence -- for the unknowns and the variables that it represents.

It happens that what we're witnessing at this hour, in terms of the historical process, is also suggestive of the potency of the conjunction. Said another way, history is bearing witness to astrology.

Events of the world, on their own, are providing a readable composite image of what this aspect is about on its face. To name a few, Australia is burning and its president believes in the Rapture rather than allocating funds and other resources to volunteer fire crews. In England, the Brexit Cult has taken over, in parallel to the TEA Party taking over the federal government in the form of Pres. Drumpf.

The American president for four years has been doing a most convincing impression of a Russian asset, but we know he's a TV actor so maybe he's faking.

He is, however, under impeachment for abuse of power involving an enemy of Russia, all coincidentally at the time of the first, as in first ever, U.S. Pluto return. Since they only occur once every 248 (or so) years, the first could be the last, depending on how we handle this.

A lot is at stake. And I wonder if there are enough people taking that fact seriously enough to make a difference. If that even matters.

Behold, The Robot

You may be familiar with my dive into an honorary Master's Degree in media studies, accomplished with help of the McLuhan family. About five years ago I set out to actually understand the influence and impact of the internet on people and society, the better to navigate it, and factor it into my thoughts.

I knew that the writing and teaching of Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) would be essential in this.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.
As part of this project, I've studied the history and impact of oral speech, the printed word, the telegraph, electric light, the telephone, recorded music, photography, cinema, radio, television and computers, all to suss out the context of the internet and what it does to us.

Here is my observation. We now live in a reconstructed reality, mostly drifting around out of body; which has in turn shifted our relationship to mental and sensory space.

Space -- and time. I believe the network of devices and computers interwoven with the atomic clock -- a/k/a "network time" -- means we exist in a new kind of time zone and a whole new kind of time.

It would not be an overstatement to say that we live on a different planet or plane of reality than we did 20 years ago, because we all apprehend reality radically differently now than we did then. That, and every thing is different. Electrified. Injected into the senses and extending our central nervous system infinitely around the biosphere and into space.

This is not scifi; this is us, now. This is our lives, even if you live under a rock. Which you don’t; you’re reading this on the internet.

You might say that under the thrall of interconnected digital technology, which is a branch of robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, we live in a reconstructed duplicate copy of existence, which has arisen before our eyes and in our minds in a short time. And which is pretty much inescapable.

Said another way, we have become living figments walking around inside a robotic sphere of consciousness, within an ocean of zeros and ones that cannot experience emotion. Feeling is analog. It does not get into the cloud except as insinuation: for example, an evocative photo that is itself without feeling, unlike your kitten or pit bull.

The Sphere of Worldly Data

The digital noosphere -- the sphere of all worldly data -- connects us to one another but it really connects us to the Big Bot in the Sky (or Utah or somewhere): data galore, all of it GPS time- and place-stamped, much of it block chained, all of it searchable, complete with loads of DNA data and facial recognition and, coming yesterday, a Facebook gadget that can allegedly read your mind.

That is what I said -- all of that.

So if it seems we can't get that worked up about the president extorting the leader of an allied nation to smear his political opponent, to the benefit of Russia with its legion of nuclear missiles pointed at us, I mean, well, what is there to care about?

We can just reboot the system in the unfortunate event of thermonuclear war.

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

By the way, the Doomsday Clock is holding at two minutes to midnight. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists writes, “The new abnormal risks emboldening autocrats and lulling citizens around the world into a dangerous sense of anomie and political paralysis.”

Back on Earth, the world is being taken over by various stripes of Armageddon-loving, sex-hating zealots who kid themselves that million-acre bushfires are God's will. And that the end is nigh and let's help it along and make a lot of money while we await the rapture. Which is the only time anyone is allowed to be naked.

People with this cosmology are running the government many places, or were put in place by those on such a religious trip.

Let me put this differently. This particular metaphysical sect (which spans many religions) does not especially care about the effects of events on Earth because they're convinced The End is like any minute or any week or any year, so whatever. Let God sort us out.

Are you starting to see how this is all a potentially dangerous combination? We are in a bit of a psychic tinderbox, distracted by an endless stream of tweets and photos of thongs and tacos. What, me worry?

A Psychological Process

I am proposing we awaken to where we are and what is happening, here in the slipstream of historical unfoldment. We need to ignite and allow the “psychological process” to which The Starseed Transmissions made reference and described as the essential commencement of openness. [Please see chapter 6].

The beginning of what we speak of as the spiritual path is helped greatly by a period of undoing, where the biggest hunks of incorrect learning can be unraveled. Once that happens and a little light shines in, there is some verification of meaning and purpose. Progress feels different from burning incense. It is possible to connect spiritually directly, not just in concept.

Initially, it helps a lot if that means not struggling so much, and connecting more easily to others. And then keeping on doing the real work of healing.

We need a breakthrough, individually and collectively. This is not going to happen automatically. We as individuals will need to invite it, and stick with it. And as members of social groups, we will need to allow this into social reality. It's a lot more fun than being paranoid, drunk and haughty.

Speaking directly to you as my reader: keep your energy open rather than dense as we go through this aspect. If you feel yourself angry, guilty or judging, that is evidence of contraction. If you feel yourself friendly, compassionate and open, that is evidence of expansion.

There is plenty of astrology happening, to be sure. But in the end, this is about you. It's about us, on the most personal and intimate level.

With love,
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Ringing in the Eclipses

By Amanda Painter

Note: this piece originally published at 12:15 am EST on Dec. 26.

When this column publishes, it'll be within a couple minutes of the Capricorn New Moon and annular (not total) solar eclipse. The New Moon is exact at 12:13 am EST (5:13:00 UTC), with the eclipse peaking about four minutes later. You likely have some idea already what the event signifies for you.

Boy in a Hindu funeral procession at Pura Goa Lawah; the Balinese do not mind strangers witnessing their ceremonies, and funerals celebrate reincarnation. Photo by Amanda Painter.
Yet even if you were not sent a bright star in the east last night to follow -- or some other massive, impossible-to-ignore sign from god -- chances are you can look back over the past year to gather some clues. After all, this eclipse is happening in Capricorn, the same sign as the year-defining Saturn-Pluto conjunction that's exact in a few weeks.

Saturn-Pluto has been the long game: the gradual building of pressure, the progressive dismantling, the ever-increasing awareness of a need to restructure. Its manifestations on the world stage have been obvious and dramatic. Possibly it's been showing up in your life more subtly -- kind of like insistent, repeated nudges in a particular direction, or something coming apart in stages.

Eclipses, on the other hand, tend to be a more focused process. Usually there's one solar and one lunar eclipse bracketing a two-week span. (The corresponding partial lunar eclipse of this pair arrives Jan. 10, almost aligning with the 12 Days of Christmas and the arrival of the three Magi with their gifts.)

'Eclipse zones' are little like going off to a couple weeks of summer camp: there's an accelerated process of exploration, emotional bonding and growth, and closure on the experience. You return to the pace and context of 'normal life' a little changed, usually for the better, knowing that you're looking at the world from an altered and expanded perspective. You carry within you a new understanding of who you are.

Not all eclipse phases are so dramatic for everyone. It often depends on where the eclipses are occurring in relation to your natal chart, and what your overall current life context is. But when they are personal, you're more likely to experience a sense of time speeding up or compressing, of opportunities appearing out of nowhere, and of coming out the other side with your world looking distinctly different.

Continue reading...
Planet Waves
Screen shot from The Longest Night by Angie Pickman.
Wishing You Gratitude and Wonder

By Amanda Painter

Every year, the couple weeks encompassing the solstice and New Year's Day feel a little like a parallel reality: atypical days off from work and school; a crush of social events creating overwhelm -- or a lack of them heightening a sense of isolation; a nature-based turning point (solstice) that does not quite line up with the turn of the civil calendar. This year we're experiencing an additional layer of surreal energy, thanks to the Dec. 26 solar eclipse and its corresponding lunar eclipse on Jan. 10.

One of many moments of contact in Louie Schwartzberg's Gratitude.
It's not a perfect match, but there's enough overlap to consider it all part of the same process. And since it will be a while yet for those of us far enough north before the days are noticeably longer, and there's still plenty of seasonal spirit in the air, I wanted to highlight Angie Pickman's super-short animation The Longest Night.

Pickman's cut paper / silhouette stop-motion video pays tribute to the longest night of the year quietly, offering a simple reminder to keep walking no matter how long the night feels. The day will return again, as it always does.

As Louie Schwartzberg's short film Gratitude reminds us, simply opening our eyes to each new day is reason to be grateful -- and reason to stay curious about the hearts and stories behind all the faces we meet.

Beginning with a child explaining her love of exploration and discovery, the film continues with Brother David Steindl-Rast's meditation on the small wonders of life. He gathers together the threads of miracle that have brought each person into existence on this planet, likening it to life-giving water flowing to the present moment, from which you can drink with your heart.

Schwartzberg has combined his footage with a spoken word and music montage composed and created by Gary Malkin, with narration written and spoken by Steindl-Rast. I offer it as an invitation to you to bring your curiosity, wonder, gratitude and heart, as you close out 2019. Release what no longer serves you, and set your intentions for 2020 in these unusual days between eclipses.
Planet Waves FM 2019 Southern Solstice Edition

The Dec. 22 Planet Waves FM looks at the Capricorn solstice, the solar eclipse this week, and the charts for the impeachment. Then we visit the history of the New York State student movement, paying a moment of tribute to Sub Board 1, Inc. The program ends with an hour-long interview with Francesca, who for a few years worked as a cam operator doing basic online sexwork. Music is by Vision Quest.

Here is a link to Are Student Governments Obsolete? by Ray Glass (big PDF). I am still looking for his Find-a-Grave. Here's an article I wrote in 2010 about Ray and his foundation of the Student Association of the State University after Amanda Painter and I visited the SASU collection at the SUNY Albany library. For those just interested in the Sub Board portion of the program, you may play it here.

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Thanks for tuning in.


Planet Waves
By Jen Sorensen.

What the World Needs Now is Respect

Dear Friend and Reader:

I trust this finds you well, amidst all the swirling lunacy of the planet at the moment. We're in one of those times when the world is bursting in our pockets: the news feeds keep going off and the phone keeps vibrating. I have the feeling that a good few people want to crawl under the covers right now.

These days, I'm ever more grateful to do what I do: keep a flow of reason and sanity moving into consciousness, and provide a safe space to think about your life.

I'm making excellent progress on RESPECT, your 2020 Planet Waves annual reading. This is my 22nd time at the rodeo: annual editions started this time of year in 1998. My plan is to deliver a few days after the Capricorn solstice.

Why This Reading is Called Respect

The word "respect" means to see again. The RESPECT readings are part two of your 2020 astrology; part one was released earlier this year, in an epic written project called INTELLIGENCE. This is my second detailed study of astrology in the year of two major conjunctions, Saturn conjunct Pluto in January, and Jupiter conjunct Saturn in December.

And there is one other reason. As you know, I avoid over-hyping aspects, because I don't want to set up expectations, negative or positive. My intention is to leave you space to move around inside your astrology; the space to make up your own mind.

However, I will say this: the astrology we experience in 2020 calls for respect: for the moment we are all in, for where you are in your life, and for the uncertainties that we now face.

Respect is an idea that is evaporating. It seems inconvenient, superfluous and even irrelevant to many. This may be a Pluto in Capricorn thing: a gutting of tradition and protocol, on every level of society. But we have the power to honor dharma.

In 2020, we experience two conjunctions; one is a five-time-per-century alignment, and the other about three times per century (a little less). When you have two rare alignments in one year, that indicates deep, potent movement. In astrology, rarity bestows significance.

Consider this: The last time Jupiter and Saturn aligned in Aquarius was in 1405. The last time Saturn and Pluto aligned in Capricorn was in 1518 — well before what we consider the "modern era." And now both are happening within 12 months of one another.

This Calls for Special Handling

The purpose of getting an astrology reading is to help you align yourself with the current energies and the circumstances they present. It is rare enough to find sound guidance in any field, particularly something so potentially complex as astrology.

This is the basic kind of chart I use for RESPECT; each sign gets one. I consolidate data from many different sources into this shorthand presentation. I read various kinds of planets and points, including classical planets, centaurs, Kuiper belt objects, hypotheticals and asteroids. I read points not visible in the chart; I just know they're there. My chart mainly serves as a prompt. I would not call what I do "channeling," but once I get rolling, the reading comes through.
Your RESPECT readings offer clear, concise and loving guidance to help navigate the situation of our world.

My idea of success is founded on healing and meaningful participation. My idea of relationships begins with self-awareness and self-respect. My idea of work involves doing what is meaningful to you and of service to others.

I use astrology as a foundation for making these themes personal to you. My work is informed by A Course in Miracles and several of the best therapy methods I'm trained in, including Gestalt, Hakomi and Internal Family Systems. They all contain wisdom and an approach to the puzzle of consciousness.

There are times when it feels strange to call these recordings astrology readings, because they integrate so many approaches. Yet in truth, I make a chart, and I read the chart, using everything I know and all my experience.

I have had many astrology readings; I've never encountered work on the level of what I'm presenting in RESPECT anywhere else. I know this is unusual for a reading that does not depend on your birth time. But there are many ways to play guitar.

Description of the Reading

Soon, I'll be delivering 12 audio readings of about 90 minutes each, in three sections. These cover out to the end of 2020, and are built on the INTELLIGENCE readings released earlier this year. These readings work for Sun and Rising Sign; they are also one integrated work of astrology. You may share them with your children and significant others (and you're invited to purchase them copies as a gift as well).

In late March, I will have a second presentation for you, which looks closely at the astrology of 2021 in a more visionary way. I am daring to be optimistic in all of this work. I am here to advocate for you, to encourage you, and to provide you with motivation. You will find these readings comforting if you are in difficult times, and affirming if you are looking to take charge of your being and make some decisions.

Each is presented with original music by Vision Quest, the Planet Waves ambient ensemble.

You may get all 12 signs of RESPECT here. You may get all 12 signs of both RESPECT and INTELLIGENCE here. Individual signs of just INTELLIGENCE are available here. Note, INTELLIGENCE is instant access and includes a 2019 reading as well. For all 12 signs of INTELLIGENCE, please use this link.

It's a privilege and a pleasure to do this work for you. Thank you for your business and for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,
PS -- If you would like to purchase by phone, you may call us at (845) 481-5616. If one of us does not answer, please leave a message and we'll get back to you soon.

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We've taken many readings from 2018 and put them on a 24-hour audio stream, which anyone can tune into. Whatever your sign, you will find it interesting no matter when you tune in. If you're up late and want something soothing and informative to listen to, or if you're curious about astrology, tune in here. No login is required.
Monthly Horoscopes and Publishing Schedule Notes

Your extended monthly horoscope for January is published below in this issue. We published your extended monthly horoscope for December on Wednesday, Nov. 27. Please note: we normally publish the extended monthly horoscope after the Sun has entered a new sign.
Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2020 (#1271) | By Eric Francis
Aries (March 20-April 19) -- It may seem your whole life is focused on your career and matters involving your family, which are related. This could be taking considerable time, effort and emotional energy at the moment. To suss out the relationship between family and profession, notice who at work is acting like whom in your family of origin. Notice the way the dramas unfold. Most of all, notice how you respond: do you feel weak and powerless? Do you feel like you have a voice? Can you stand in your strength? Do you have some influence over the flow of events? Use what you know, and remember your power of choice at all times. Whatever might seem to be going on now, your life is heading well beyond these situations that are consuming your time and energy. You are making your way to a whole new reality field, where you will find yourself on much more level ground. Your concept of power will evolve this year from a top-down model to a lateral model. You will still be able to use what you learned from negotiating your freedom and your destiny, though the rules will all be different. Bring your attention to the far wider social environment that surrounds you, and where you have much more influence. Notice the people around you. Treat everyone respectfully, as your equal, and establish yourself in your community as a person dedicated to service. This is leadership; it will take practice, and it will be worth it.
RESPECT, the epic 2020-2021 annual edition by Eric, is now available for pre-order. Picking up where Intelligence left off, RESPECT will track the story of the astrology as we cross the bridge into our new era. You may pre-order the full reading today.
Taurus (April 19-May 20) -- You cannot control how others see you. You cannot control what they think about you. You can only choose who you are, and how you express yourself. Integrity means staying close to your center and not being distracted by perceptions, opinions or the judgments of others. This includes the residue you may be carrying from how others have perceived you in the past, or the ways they've conditioned you to think about yourself. To sort this out takes more maturity and strength of character than would seem to be available now. And it's certainly not in vogue to stand on your own and not be swayed from your inner truth. However, over the next four weeks, your commitment to yourself may be tested. Others may claim authority they do not have. People around you are likely to be driven by ideology that they consider the Holy Grail. I would suggest being wary of any ideology, and assessing the known facts, using your own power of reasoning. You are in a position of guiding others, and that places additional responsibility upon you to not believe what is not true. This means avoiding belief in any form. And it means avoiding what is known as "conviction" -- absolute certainty about anything. These things are a kind of philosophical comfort food for many, and they tend to cloud or even paralyze the mind. Thankfully, your situation is much better than that of many people around you. You don't need palliatives. You need to honor your truth, which means gradually finding out what it is.
Prepare to follow the astrology of 2020-2021 with RESPECT, our new annual edition. In the forthcoming Aquarian mini-age, old challenges will give way to new opportunities, and this reading will help you get ready to receive them. Pre-order now for best price.
Gemini (May 20-June 21) -- You have been in so many situations where you've experienced your power being taken away, or giving it away, that you may have forgotten anything else is possible. This has gone on for years, and you are now at the crux point. You cannot go on in the same style you've considered acceptable for so long. The question is: why would you? Why have you? It's time for a careful, thoughtful and honest look at the role of guilt in your life. Guilt is the toxin of social control, installed into us as a self-governing device for the convenience of those would dominate us. It is usually taken for granted. It is often used as a cudgel or a way of getting control of a person (when all else fails, there's always a guilt trip). I would propose you want none of this: not the power you might gain, or that which you might lose. There are more and less responsible ways to attain this. We know that one problem sociopaths have is they lack guilt and remorse, and then give themselves permission to do anything. That is not what I'm referring to. The path out of this particular thicket calls for the highest degree of ethics, radical honesty, compassion for yourself, and learning how to clear your conscience. Over the next four weeks, you will have several once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to free yourself from a certain kind of oppression that is just pointless. So to my list of personal ingredients we can add courage. That is the most important one of all.
How do you deal with any sense of uncertainty, instability or enforced changes? The astrology of 2020-2021 is about to usher in a brand new paradigm. With RESPECT, our forthcoming annual edition, you can get a head start on the action. Pre-order here.
Cancer (June 21-July 22) -- You have gone through so many changes in recent years, you've lost track of them. This goes back about 10 years. Something has been riveting your attention, whether you liked it or not: some compelling force of nature, or of your soul. And it's pushed, pulled, stretched and dragged you many different places through many circumstances. You are now coming to closure on all that has happened in these years. The next month brings a true-to-life turning point, which I would describe as gaining the ability to meet the world on your own terms. However, you must bring focus, devotion and impeccability to the equation. What you're experiencing is less like flying a kite and more like flying a jet plane. The stakes are higher; it's more dangerous; a lot more can go wrong -- and you can finally get where you want to go. The thing is, nobody is going to lure or lead you. You are now handling the controls; you are making the decisions. This is true even if that involves deciding what to do when you encounter circumstances seemingly outside of your control, or people who might seem to be more powerful than you. Challenge that illusion with your presence and your intelligence. Step into the position of being steadfast and self-directed. If you need information, ask for it -- whether you're asking of spirit or of a trusted source. Then listen; assess all incoming information carefully, and make your decisions consciously. This is the whole point. Don't let anyone decide for you. Those days are over.
RESPECT, the epic 2020-2021 annual edition by Eric, is now available for pre-order. Picking up where Intelligence left off, RESPECT will track the story of the astrology as we cross the bridge into our new era. You may pre-order the full reading today.
Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) -- It is now time to master the art and the craft of self-care. This goes beyond the mani/pedi and the spa treatment. It is an approach to existence where you place your life at the center of your world, and work your way outward. Though this will involve making many small changes, there is something structural about your life that you need to alter. You might think of this as the shape of your existence. There's also something about "letting food be thy medicine." You must eat what is right for you, and be in a continuous process of making adjustments. I know how challenging this can be, particularly in the midst of time crunches, and the constant temptation of prepared foods that are simply not wholesome. This message is coming through with such potency that you may be able to organize your whole existence around your food supply. Society is due for a reckoning here, but I'm not holding my breath. For you, step one is: if it aggravates, remove it. There are artificial toxins (glyphosate) and there are seemingly natural ones (soy, gluten, etc.). As a celiac person, I assure you that this can become a full-time vocation. You have to scrutinize every bite of food you eat. It's one heck of a mindfulness exercise. Step two is: knowing what foods you need, and making sure you get them. This is more controversial, though you might start by remembering what your grandparents ate. Generally, nutrients come from food, not supplements. You may need guidance; three trusted human sources would be ideal, i.e., not the internet.
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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) -- Much of the agony of Western civilization involves suppressing sexual feelings. This is flogged into us from a young age, and then treated with suspicion and derision throughout the life of anyone who does not take a personal stand. You will talk to many people who think this is a good thing. Well, it is, if your life goal is to stand at attention and recite the Pledge of Allegiance perfectly. If you want access to your curiosity and your passion; if you want to experience your senses; if you want to deepen your capacity to love and feel and share; well, then, the aperture you want to open is your erotic connection. This will be disruptive to all that is stuck and boring in your life. You may push people around you to wake up, whether they want to or not. You may need to make some new friends, who support your holistic approach to creativity and who may want to participate. Most of all, you will have to confront the feelings of guilt that have stalked you for much of your life, and which can act up whenever you strive to feel good. This is really the thing you want to resolve above all else, but such never comes in the form of deconstructing the negative. Yes, you do some of that, and learn about the subject. What really does the work is your vital force pushing through the barriers. This is most organically accessed through tapping your sexual feelings, which will in turn ignite your senses and your curiosity. Hang loose, relax and, above all, do not judge.
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Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) -- The whole world is on shaky ground at the moment. Due to the orientation of your chart, you feel this palpably, and you understand something about your environment. So for you, there is no denying the obvious -- only dealing with it. That said, it would help if you tuned into how other people are experiencing this groundlessness. This is what's behind the feeling of panic that is taking over the world. It's also what's underneath this strange idea that ‘there is no truth' and/or ‘the truth does not matter'. It's leading people to opt for what seem like easy and expedient solutions to problems that are either misdiagnosed or that do not exist. All of these situations grow out of two things: one is collective early conditions in the family; the other is the ground of reality shifting to the internet. You are in a position to benefit the most from these changes, and you're also vulnerable to some of their worst effects. You must know the ground that you stand upon. It is not physical ground but spiritual. You have a life apart from all of the chaos in the world, and apart from the physical conditions of your life. The many tests you've been through (going back about 10 years) are about to culminate in your discovery of who you actually are, and what your most vital contribution is. This includes understanding that it's not your job to facilitate the frantic insecurity of those around you. You have a much more important and positive role right now.
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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) -- We live in a time when the truth has never been easier to find, and when fewer people believe it exists. Then many people are absolutely certain they know what is true, without any basis at all for their beliefs. Yet ignorance (a concept based on the verb to ignore) is not bliss. The prevailing mental state is creating a truly dangerous situation for the world. You are in a process of maturing intellectually. Depending on who you are, this may feel painful and arduous, or it may feel liberating and beautiful. Here is a bit of ancient wisdom, to help you on your journey. You do not need to seek what is true. Rather, you must seek within yourself for what is false, and clear that out of the way. Then you will be much more inclined to see reality as it is. When you discover an untruth within yourself, move it out of the way and ask to be shown what is true. It's best not to obsess over this exchange, but rather to take it in stride. Remember, though, that untruths exist for a reason. They might be justification for something; they might seem to block something painful from your awareness; you might believe something out of a sense of loyalty to someone, particularly your family. You might latch onto something because it's trendy and socially acceptable. It will help to know your motive, and pay special attention when it shows up. Be aware of when you're kidding yourself. You need conscious boundaries and limits where your mental faculties are concerned.
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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) -- You know you must live your life your way, though too often there are questions of circumstance that seem to prevent you from doing so. Frequently that involves the role of others who have a smaller vision for their existence than you do for yours. And, too frequently, their lives can complicate or be destructive to yours. Let's take this in two parts. First, you have your motives, needs and values, which cannot be changed or modified by anyone else. Nor is it anyone's responsibility to help you make those real or live them out. Then there is the influence of others, which tends to enter when you feel like you need someone to help complete you in some way. Yet it is that perception which distracts you and allows for the infiltration of influences and values counter to your own. It has a way of drawing you out of your center and, at times, depleting your resources. Which brings me to the point of money: you must become your own master, where your finances are concerned. This is the single most important issue of 2020, and it's an issue that has been brewing for a while. It's no great mystery how money works, on the basis of cash-in, cash-out. Where most people get into problems surrounds the issue of maturity. You need structure, and you need leadership, and those are going to come from you. It takes a certain amount of money to maintain your life; there is a way to bring that in, or lower your costs: it must be one or the other.
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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) -- The time has arrived for the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your birth sign. Whatever is going on now is what this is about. Whatever you feel stands between you and the future is what this is about. In the days remaining between now and this once-per-lifetime event, you must ask yourself what you want to carry into the future and what you want to leave behind. Consider this as if it's an actual question, with a time cutoff. Make a list of the most important factors in your life and choose what you want and what you don't want, based on what helps you and what harms you. These can include everything from personal tendencies to relationships to roles that you play in life. Imagine you're boarding a time ship to the future, but you have more stuff than you can take with you. So you have to determine what you want, and what you need, working within a limit. Since we are talking mostly about spiritual matters, you will need to set the boundary. Please do so carefully. You want as few useless or outmoded ties to the past as you can arrange. That means fewer attachments and obligations. Free up as much of your personal bandwidth as you can claim back. The future is upon you, and it will soon be arriving with more emphasis and intensity than it ever has.
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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- You may be feeling some inner pressure that you cannot name. You may have the idea that something big has to change, but you're not sure what. It would be better if you didn't leap to any conclusions, or make any excuses. Rather, keep your attention focused inwardly and listen. You may not recognize it, though you're in one of the most formative times of your life. Deep changes are taking place within you, many of which have been brewing for long years or decades. You are impressionable, and I would suggest you orient on people who set an example you want to follow. This involves two things, mainly. One is ethics. Much of civilization is currently being driven by the urge to attain raw power, and you're not exempt from getting caught up in this trend. The other is the extent to which the tendencies and values of your family are still driving you. You're likely experiencing this as being moved by "unconscious" feelings and motives. If that is true, it's time to bring what is in the shadows into the full light of day. Evaluate what you're feeling based on what you do, how you respond to people, and the responses you get from them. You are approaching the moment when there is no room for needless controversy, turmoil or upset in your life. You have neither time nor energy to waste. And you cannot have loyalties you don't understand lurking around beneath the surface of your mind. Said another way, you must be totally real with yourself and take responsibility for all that you do.
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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) -- By now you have a sense of the territory you're in. You know your surroundings, you can see the forces moving in the world around you, and you have a pretty good idea what you want. You know who you can trust. The time has arrived to go forward in one direction. Prioritize and focus on what stands out as the most important to you. This is likely to be more than one goal or project, though keep a tight grouping on what you commit to. It's essential that you not over-extend yourself or your resources. Be realistic about time, and over-estimate how long things will take and how much they will cost. Keep up with your most important business and keep your plans close to you; do not talk about your business plans in public or on the internet. It's also critical that you work with a communication strategy that includes the details of who you are in contact with and when, and how you approach any given transaction. For example, it matters whether something is discussed in person, on the phone, on paper, via email, or some other tool. Think this through carefully on a case-by-case basis: one size does not fit all. You are in a position to experience a series of professional breakthroughs, possibly leading to a major turning point in your life -- though you must not take anything or anyone for granted. Keep up with all your important tasks. Be vigilant about staying ahead of schedule. Challenge any and all assumptions, and fact-check everything three times.
How do you deal with any sense of uncertainty, instability or enforced changes? The astrology of 2020-2021 is about to usher in a brand new paradigm. With RESPECT, our forthcoming annual edition, you can get a head start on the action. Pre-order here.

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