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Zoom in, Zoom Out: Mercury Opposite Jupiter

Dear Friend and Reader:

We're now in the last quarter phase of the Moon; it is waning toward the Gemini New Moon, which occurs in about a week. Before we arrive, Mercury makes an opposition to Jupiter, exact on Thursday. This happens once a year, but this year it's rather special -- each planet is in a sign it rules: Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in Sagittarius.

These two bodies are to some extent natural opposites in astrology. For one thing, their home signs are across from one another on the zodiac wheel. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo; Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces. Between them, they complete the mutable cross. Secondly, they represent contrasting ideas. Mercury, the quick, variable inner planet, presides over small matters and detail. Jupiter, the far slower giant of the Solar System, is the lord of all things great, magnificent and expansive.

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A close encounter with Jupiter, from NASA's recent Juno mission. Image by NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Gerald Eichstädt/Seán Doran.
As the pair approach their meeting, consider how these themes may be appearing in your life. Specific interactions with other people may bring them into particular focus. If you're an artist or creative thinker, the union of the great and small may be useful and inspirational -- combining the big ideas with the details needed to carry them out. This transit is also said to be useful for things like planning sessions, contract negotiations and conferences, for the same reasons.

Here's the tricky part, though: Mercury and Jupiter are also in a square to Neptune in Pisces. (Incidentally, Neptune is the modern co-ruler of Pisces.) Neptune brings two different potential influences to the situation this week. The first is a sense of generosity and the urge to live one's ideals in practice. The second is that Neptune can represent an impressionistic take on things when what you really need is be distinct and clear; it could be easier to misrepresent or withhold information.

While that presents some contradiction to the idea that Mercury-Jupiter may be good for business dealings, Neptune's presence really just emphasizes a dynamic already existent in this opposition: that you need to keep negotiating between the big picture and the details this week. This is the best way to stay clear in your own mind, which will help you to be clear in communicating with others -- and should help you to spot when someone is not being clear or upfront with you.

To put it another way: you need to keep your viewpoint flexible, so you can adjust as you receive new information. Adjusting is not the same as contradicting yourself; it just means toggling between the close-up view and the long or broad view -- and then taking a look in reverse, or from above or below.

Staying fluid while also keeping a firm grasp on reality-based facts does not always feel easy in this day and age. It can seem like nothing is real, at the same time that anyone can believe anything, at the same time that people claim a polarized viewpoint and hang on like a terrier who's caught a rat -- even if there's another rat to catch, or some steak being offered.

It is possible to be thorough and yet still allow optimism to buoy your efforts. If you feel stuck on one side of the coin or the other, all it takes is a flip (or maybe a short step) to see the other side. Then you get the privilege of using your marvelous brain to integrate the two into the whole you're seeking; the whole that you, in fact, represent.

Yours & truly,
Amanda Painter and Amy Elliott

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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) -- Make as much of an effort as you can in the days to come to exercise all your imaginative powers, and demonstrate what you are truly capable of, especially where your career is concerned. Take care not to be constrained by any illusory or self-imposed limitations, including any that are ego-related. Rather, if faced with a challenge or a question that needs answering, simply go about trying to tackle it. If an opportunity arises to smooth the road ahead for your colleagues, take it up. While rewards for this conduct may not be immediate or obvious, nevertheless people will notice and remember. Get your full Virgo reading by Eric here.

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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) -- Someone you care about may act in ways that surprise you. You may find this refreshing and/or inspiring. If you're feeling troubled, however, first recognize that the changes are highly unlikely to be about you; though if you're wondering, you can always ask directly. As for someone acting in unexpected ways, it might be helpful to think of instances when you've needed to follow a new impulse that just felt 'right' to you, even if others could not have predicted it. It is an enormous privilege to see a person close to you growing into the next phase of their life. Offer your support unconditionally, and let their trajectory show you what can be done. Get your full Scorpio reading by Eric here.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) -- Getting to know someone intimately takes time, and you may learn new facts about them years into your relationship. This can occasionally be a source of frustration, especially if you're the type of person who's an open book. Yet loved ones being a little reserved or circumspect need not be a cause for doubt. On the contrary, at present it may be useful for you to practice taking people at their word. In the absence of actual knowledge, make it a general principle to assume the best of those closest to you in particular, and to exercise general compassion. Give others the trust you would wish them to offer you. Get your full Sagittarius reading by Eric here.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) -- Keep in mind the expression about best-laid plans. Remember that all the organization in the world cannot foresee every possible event, and you are in no way obliged to attempt any such thing. The goings-on of the world will more than likely continue to catch you unawares from time to time. This need not be a cause for concern. Just stay open to the potential for it to happen, and try to relax a little if you've drawn your emotional corset-strings somewhat too tight. Routines and rules are supposed to work for you, not against you; if they are taking on a life of their own, rein them in and reassert control. Get your full Capricorn reading by Eric here.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- If circumstances in your environment are holding you back from exercising your creative or inventive faculties to the degree you want, look for ways you can adjust your surroundings to make them more amenable. Think of it like a puzzle to be solved. You might find a way to repurpose the space you are in, or change locations. Take your time making these alterations; the ideal situation you're after is one in which additional disruptions are minimal, and that deserves care and thought. Make sure you are duly respecting what you know you need. There should be no compromises on that score. Get your full Aquarius reading by Eric here.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) -- With your attention still focused on your home and personal spaces, be sure to give your emotional wellbeing a sufficient-sized seat at the table when making decisions. Taking this into account more thoroughly doesn't necessarily require a major overhaul of your plans. It might only involve retaining or disposing of certain objects, or rearranging a few furniture items in one specific room. Trust your instincts, and be creative; if you find yourself rejecting an idea or a desire out of hand, give it conscious consideration instead. Take the time to experiment, and keep the process open until you're satisfied. Get your full Pisces reading by Eric here.

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