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Gemini Astrology Studio by Eric Francis

The first topic I cover in your 2019-20 Gemini Reading is introspection. We live in a time when our lives have been turned inside out.

We see this in many forms in the social media milieu: the most private and subtle elements of people's lives are often broadcast to the world.

Even if you don't consciously do that, the conditions around us have a way of making it happen anyway. What is yours is yours, and to be in the environment of constant exposure dilutes who you are.

So I focus on how to regain your inner vision; how to look, why you might be afraid to look, and what to do with what you see. I encourage you to fire your inner publicist.

I then move on to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in your solar 8th house, Capricorn. This is the power dynamic study. This is where we ask the question, where does your power go? The response to that question comes from Mars in Cancer -- your quest for independence -- financial, emotional, and from the tyranny of others defining who you are -- or you even meekly allowing them to.

The reading is one hour and five minutes, in three sections, with music by Vision Quest. It comes with the Mercury Retrograde Reading, which will also be sold separately.

Price: $44.00

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