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Inner Space and Focus on Mars Square Jupiter

Dear Friend and Reader:

Mars in Scorpio square Jupiter in Leo -- a refreshing concept if only because both planets are in new signs and telling new stories. In effect now, this aspect builds till it's exact Friday, and it'll be the focus of my astrology this week.

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Speaking of which, I have the August Inner Space horoscope for you today, which is the introverted version of your monthly astrology. In case you missed it, the longer monthly horoscope was published with Thursday's edition

In tonight's Planet Waves FM (to be posted between 5 and 6 pm EDT), I temporarily pause from commenting on the sad state of the world and focus on something that might be helpful, which is the rich astrology we are currently living under. 

I thought about my take on Mars square Jupiter for a full week or more, and I deliver a message about why it's essential to push the edge and to go beyond what you know, to take what other people might perceive as arrogant chances with your creativity.

Scorpio Mars (drive, desire, passion) leaning on Jupiter in Leo (pride in knowledge, thinking one's ideas are great, and more passion) combine into a theme of exceeding one's current capabilities. That always takes some drive or motivation, and this aspect describes just that. But what of people who shrink at the possibility of being bigger? That's what I address, with some help from my musical guest, the eminent, magnificent Sloan Wainwright.

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Current Projects: Good as Gold and Leo Birthdays

Good as Gold, the midyear reading, is underway. I have not had time to do the fancy kinds of marketing with the audio preview, featuring new music by me and Dan Sternstein, but you can still get it for the pre-order price of $49.95 for all 12 signs and rising signs. This will be a stellar report focusing on the themes of creativity, business and self-esteem.

The Leo birthday reading will be ready this week. Same situation on the audio preview, which many people find irresistible -- I've been focused on content and infrastructure rather than marketing, though that reading is still available at the pre-order price of $24.95 and I plan to have it done this week. Once published, it will be $39.95 for subscribers and $49.95 for non-subscribers.

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Once I catch my breath from all this activity, I will resume general-invite conference calls, something I'm looking forward to immensely.

Thanks for staying tuned.


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