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As Eric explains in this week's Planet Waves TV [play video here], current aspects deliver one message above all: when you're feeling doubt or fear, check in with yourself. Find your inner sanctuary. The world, particularly news from the United States, has been painful and stressful. Yet if you're in contact with your feelings, you will lessen the effects and make some helpful discoveries.

Remember Yourself; Seek Your Inner Sanctuary

Dear Friend and Reader:

Good morning. It's Monday. After last week I would not be surprised if you're not that excited about starting this week. Some astrology might help.

All this chaos the past week looks like Mars still hanging out with Uranus-Eris. The two are sparking one another up. But this is not an exact polarity; it's a quincunx, an odd-feeling aspect halfway between a square and a trine.

Planet Waves
Rock balancing is a delicate art. This rather astounding specimen is by Leandro Inocencio.
This aspect is moving very slowly and that's giving it extended influence. We're not used to Mars acting this way, so a spate of unusual feelings are likely to be coming up, along with unusual events.

Those events are described by the disruptive and chaotic nature of Uranus conjunct Eris, and the powerfully individualistic movement of Mars in Scorpio.

Just remember that Mars in this scenario is not interested in ideology. It's interested in the reality described by one's inner experience. If you're feeling fear, pain, chaos or exhaustion, or have a headache, I suggest you turn your awareness inward.

If you're keeping your head above water, you have an opportunity to reach into yourself in new ways and make discoveries you've never made before.

One comment about the quincunx, which is the 150-degree aspect between the big conjunction and Mars. This is an aspect that allows all parties to the discussion to see one another's viewpoint clearly. Take advantage of that. This is not a "black and white," us-versus-them type of situation: it's one requiring true understanding, movement and compromise.

Mercury, moving faster than Mars and now gathering speed, is square Eris and Uranus. That might be provocative. Remember to drive your mind rather than let it drive you.

Finally, the Moon is now in Libra; this could well foster a calm and measured perspective and a renewed sense of balance, especially as it approaches opposition to Uranus-Eris early tomorrow, July 12.

One of the great gifts of Libra is its devotion to harmony and peace. We could all use a bit more of that just now. It's certainly important to maintain the flame of your inner truth and keep a healthy skepticism; but with that caveat in place, I'd suggest you soak in whatever friendly vibes or energy you can, making them where there are none.

Many people are exhausted and frustrated; many people feel as if they're running on a treadmill and cannot get off. You may be in a lot better shape than the people around you. Cut them some slack and do what you reasonably can for them. Be prepared to listen well, open your mind and treat other points of view with diplomacy. The benefits of doing this may surprise you.


Planet Waves
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Monday Morning Horoscope for July 11, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino
Aries (March 20-April 19) -- Go as slowly as you need to go, in order to feel your surroundings, and your own inner being. Go as slowly as you need to go so that you feel safe. That's a tall order with the world the way it is right now, on edge about something new every day. Consider this a special assignment custom-designed for your new level of spiritual growth. Life cannot be lived on the basis of fear. There are a few ways to think of the opposite of fear, one of which is courage and the other of which is confidence. I am talking about a quiet, calm confidence, which is yours to tap into, though this will take a conscious decision to gear down, take a breath and notice what's really going on within you and around you. Most people are losing this kind of awareness; you must cultivate it.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) -- Self-esteem is one of the most vexing problems that the majority of people face, though it goes by many names. When you focus the issue of feeling better about yourself and make it a central priority, you will get results. As a Taurus, you have two main options: one is to have a divided opinion of yourself, and the other is to have a unified opinion. If you are having a debate, if you are doubting yourself, if you feel strong one day and then question your strength the next day, that is a divided opinion. If you wake up in the morning and feel confident of who you are, and decide what you need to do, that would be having one solid opinion. This week should bring you some results in the latter direction, so you will get a taste of some unusual strength.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) -- You have a rare opportunity to stabilize your life. You're accustomed to going in cycles, which sometimes takes you by surprise. The first thing to do is get a handle on those cycles. You must observe yourself; and then when you're on the upswing, set aside energy, save money, get ahead or tackle difficult tasks. Yet there is another dimension: you need to build relationships that provide structural support. That means partners who have some ability to focus and be consistent. That means professional gigs that are steady. That means friends who are solid and not flaky. This is done over a period of time, though it could be well begun today. The one ingredient you will need to bring is commitment to this process even when you don't feel like it; that is, whether on good days or difficult ones.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) -- It's time to focus on money. This will have benefits for you, especially if you keep it positive. You have an excellent earning opportunity, though you must keep your vibrations high, and remember that your worth is not a concept. It's something real and tangible. It's not measured in hours. It's not about you being a wonderful person. When you are involved in a transaction with someone, focus your mind on the actual value you're providing. If you're unclear about that, then get clear. Make sure the actual value is a factor in the discussion, and that it's something agreed to. Be flexible about how you might be more helpful, though what you do needs to be done based on an agreement. Over the next few weeks I suggest you do an inventory of your most valuable skills, gifts and talents. Remember what you have accomplished and keep it close to the front of your mind.

Planet Waves
Photo by Abhinaba Basu.
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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) -- Anxiety is an issue these days. Anyone who doesn't freak out every now and then probably doesn't have a pulse. Concern extends to our families, our friends, the environment, the world and the state of the country. Your chart has a good few indicators that you might be a little more worried than usual these days. It's as if some pressure has built up and you need to vent it. Physical activity would be a good way to do that. Your desire nature looks pretty stoked as well -- you might choose to express rather than suppress. The thing to remember is that you need emotional connection. That calls for some vulnerability, which in itself might present a concern. At a certain point you must decide that you're safe, or at least safe enough for the purposes of what you want to do. Then let off some pressure. See how you feel, and try it again.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) -- There's a setup in your chart that has you drawn into yourself in a way that feels unfamiliar and perhaps a bit uncomfortable. It's stretching you to open up in new ways. That, in turn, is necessitating that you slip out of old patterns and establish new ones. This might feel a little strange now, or like you have to push harder than you should for the results you're getting. Yet this process is a little like tending the soil, so that things may grow in the future. Sometimes you have to work the land for a couple of seasons, fertilize it, and get it ready for its new purpose. That would be you. So, feel those dry places, and get water into them. Reach inside for the more fertile parts of your psyche. Give up on being stubborn and instead commit to being persistent for good purposes. Most of all, accept the emotional gifts that people offer you. Learning to receive is such an important quality to develop.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) -- Keep your focus on advancing your professional life. You might have to dodge a few social engagements or opportunities to have fun, though this will be less of an issue if you're a bit disciplined. The thing about your best work and highest achievements is that they are mostly likely to happen in an environment you like. In selecting goals, you might include as your highest priority the physical place you work, how you feel there, and the overall vibe of the project or organization. You need beauty. You need to be around nourishing people. And you need a true devotion to service, which gives you energy rather than depletes your reserves. That happens when you're doing something that's truly creative; you tap that wellspring. You might be tired at the end of the day, but you'll feel good about what you've done.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) -- Mars, which was retrograde till recently, is now creeping forward in your birth sign. The image is one of self-completion, and a reminder that you have what you need. This rare condition offers you influence, such as the ability to persuade; it will offer you perspective, such as the value of gradual, steady progress; and most of all, it offers insight into your own psychology and that of others. Now that you have these powers, it's essential that you use them, and use them wisely. You have the ability to provoke others, or to make them into allies. You have the ability to help or to harm. As has been said many times in different ways, good intentions are not enough. You must use awareness, and discernment. You would be wise to take enough time to make every decision, such as using the guiding rule, 'sleep on it'.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) -- It might seem silly to remind you that you're a human, not a robot, but these days it's worth mentioning. We are surrounded by automatic devices, and people become like the tools they use. Yet other factors are guiding us to be less sensitive; less compassionate; less inclined to go out of our way for others. You must reverse all of these tendencies in yourself, as you notice them. Pause and listen to people. Make sure you understand something before you make a judgment call. Take every opportunity to be kind and express the ways in which you care. Your chart is set up for some unusual success at the moment, though everything that comes to you will do so through people, and through relationships. You are in a position of leadership -- lead the way with love.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) -- You're always your own best friend or worst enemy, and it's time you commit to one or the other. You don't need enemies, especially yourself, and you definitely need friends, so the choice should be obvious. Being your own friend means consistently making decisions that support you. Yet at a certain point in the life of any evolved person, the goal must become the greatest good for all concerned. This may seem impossible in a world seemingly made of winners and losers. Yet part of your evolutionary task is to step out of this mode. If you ask yourself the question, 'how can I work for an outcome that serves everyone?' you may get some real information. And in the absence of that, do what is genuinely right for you. Yet one thing is clear: figuring out what that is may take a little while.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- One of the reasons the world has gone so insane is that people are losing contact with their inner life. This is being provoked by many factors, though if you look at any of our wonderful new technologies carefully, it becomes obvious that they're turning us inside out. The notion of privacy is gone; in fact, so gone that many people alive right now don't even know what it is, and if they once knew they have likely forgotten. The theme of your charts for the foreseeable future is cultivating your inner being. That means knowing yourself on a deep level: what may seem totally incomprehensible to many people around you. That's not your concern; you don't need to be acceptable to them, or to explain how you feel. Yet you dearly need to know how you feel and why you feel that way. If one thing translates to growth, that's the one.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) -- There is so much moving so quickly, you may feel that it's impossible to keep up with yourself, much less the world. Yet despite all of that, keep your focus on the pleasure principle. This does not need to contradict being productive or creative; in fact it will facilitate bringing out the best of who you are. Be disciplined about making sure that after work, fun begins. Be just as devoted to finding ways to make your work enjoyable. Find the creative way to do what must be done. Use your gift of flexibility to do tasks when you feel like doing them (that will require being a few steps ahead of yourself). Notice one beautiful thing that's happening: the more you let go of old tendencies, the more room you will make in your life for the loving relationships you want the most. Make space, feel your presence in the world, and from there, offer yourself generously to others.

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