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Two Excellent Astrology Readings on Summer Sale

There are two ways to do personal astrology: with and without the natal chart. Eric's readings bypass the need to see the natal astrology, working with what is called the solar chart. Using both ancient techniques and modern ones, Eric's readings are surprisingly personal, meaningful, motivational and therapeutic.

Vision Quest: The 2016 Annual Edition of Planet Waves

What is your vision? Where are you going with your life? Take advantage of Vision Quest, a beautiful discovery tool that's perhaps the most complete entry-level astrology package ever offered.

Planet Waves
Each sign and rising sign gets three readings: a chapter-length written reading, a one-hour astrology reading, and a 30-minute rune (Viking alphabet) reading.

Vision Quest covers Mars retrograde, Uranus conjunct Eris, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter ingressing Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius, and the other extraordinary astrology of 2016.

It is presented in easy-to-follow plain talk, beautifully illustrated with original music. This reading includes the full Vision Quest album. Highly recommended for Sun sign and rising sign.

Note: If you don't know your rising sign (or your Moon sign), we will look it up for you -- just email (We will need the time of birth if you can provide it, as well as the date and location.)

Whether you get one sign or all 12, you're likely to explore this reading for weeks. All 12 will provide an entire summer of inner exploration.

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"Once again, I can't get over how you tick all those boxes, and more. Once again, am bowled over by your extraordinary gifts, preparation and wisdom, dear Eric, and am filled with inspiration, courage and joy by your words. I also love the musical interludes, and the wonderful clam altar for the Cancer runes! Bless you and thank you." -- Liz Glanville on Vision Quest, the 2016 annual edition

"FANTASTIC JOB! The music so far has been amazing. My musician honey is blown away as well. Your interpretation of the planets, houses, asteroids, energies of the heavens are so enlightening. I am savouring and re-reading. Am looking forward to the audio versions. I'm glad I found your site and made the decision to purchase this amazing package. Cheers and Namaste!" -- Paula Boylan on Vision Quest, the 2016 annual edition

Planet Waves 2016 Spring Reading: Focus on Mars and Eris

In his first ever video reading, Eric works with the current astrology to help you navigate the madness, mayhem and upheaval of the world.

Planet Waves
A first-class creative coach and personal consultant, Eric's speciality is helping you tune into your environment, figure out what you want, and take steps toward creating the life you desire.

The reading looks closely at the astrology of spring, focusing on the Mars retrograde process in detail, Uranus conjunct Eris, the Saturn-Neptune square and the unusual grouping of planets in Pisces.

These are easily accessible, easy-to-follow, fun, funny and well-illustrated astrology readings, which will be informative to anyone from curious teenagers to professional astrologers.

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"Excellent Spring Reading, Eric! You are a lifesaver. And this Sun sign or whole sign stuff is just as relevant as a natal reading. I loved your cute little dogs in the background -- they looked so cozy and adorable and peaceful. You speak with such integrity and conviction and heart in your work. That's so rare." -- Joel Jodrey on the 2016 Spring Reading

"And wow, Eric, again; not going to repeat all that I said under the Virgo Sign. But what I am going to add here is yes I am in the process of finding my own niche and starting work on my own. This reading has given me a lot of insights. Thank you." -- Hilary, on the 2016 Spring Reading

Please note that if you have a Backstage Pass, the Spring Reading is included in your membership and there is a discount available on Vision Quest -- see your resources area for more details. For Galaxy Pass holders, both readings are included. If you need login details for either reading, please email us. Thank you for your support.

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