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In this week's Planet Waves TV [play video here], I look at the charts for Sunday morning's mass shooting at a gay club in Orlando. These shooting incidents would be meaningless if they did not comment on us and our society. Mars in Scorpio factors prominently into this chart. Omar, the presumed shooter, had his Sun right underneath Mars. This takes us back to the earliest discussions of this Mars retrograde -- it's about the intersection of religion and sex.

Less Than Shocking, No Less Horrid, and the Facts of Life

Dear Friend and Reader:

Given the astrology of recent weeks, what happened in Orlando on Sunday morning is not surprising. Intense pressure from the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune alignment has created a kind of background of intensity. Mars is slowing down to its station-direct, and the retrograde is getting old and deep.

One by one, there are triggers that release the energy. When a huge event like this happens, it seems to be blowing off energy for the collective. We deal with a lot of repressed rage in our society (American, in particular). This is compounded by repressed orgasm. To many the violence seems normal and sexual expression seems perverse.

Planet Waves
From the Three Scorpios Series, Book of Blue. Photo by Eric Francis.
It would seem that in the case of the Orlando shooter, there was a contact to his personal chart that got him to take action.

Mars was moving retrograde over his natal Sun in Scorpio, square his natal Sun in Aquarius. He was under a lot of pressure, emotional tension both from within and from without.

His chart and its alignment to the current astrology speak directly to the well-known equation: repressed sexual energy turns violent. In this case, he directed his rage at a gay club, and given his natal Mercury and Venus retrograde in Scorpio, he clearly had questions of his own. It's easy to forget that sexual orientation is existential. Consider how weird it is for you to step outside your declared and tested gender pattern.

Now add the pressure of religion (he was having his Saturn return in Sagittarius). Saturn is now in Sagittarius for all of us, applying the same pushing-down for all of us to some extent, and raising the question of what to do about how nearly all organized religion so copiously, casually and effectively makes sex and women bad in one gesture.

By that logic, we're all doomed sinners; that is, until anyone stops and asks what's going on. We're now embarking on the last couple of weeks of Mars retrograde in Scorpio. Mars will move slower and slower, gearing down to the pace of Pluto and then seeming to stop. So we might expect these themes to come up.

The question is what to do when they do. We're all good at pushing them down. It's our most basic training as a human: hold in excrement, push down sexual feelings. That's the level we're being engaged with by something so prime and primal as Mars in this unusual condition in Scorpio.

With this comes, by default, some form of the question of death. Of course it's always a personal question; to contemplate the death of anyone is to contemplate your own.

And to contemplate or empathize with the sexuality of anyone, or even the vaguest idea about it, is to make contact with your own. Why wouldn't someone want to do that, except for the desire to appease some phantom mother- or father-figure?

We're past the point of being able to decide which kind of repression we like better, or which is less worse (everyone knows both cause problems). Any person on a conscious path of growth, evolution, personal integration or whatever you might call it, doesn't have the option to choose between them. Life is one reality; you are one person.

The Orlando shooting and its clear, bold astrology remind us that it's time to address the facts of life, so that we may get on with living -- or perhaps try for the first time.


Find Yourself! A New Class by Eric Francis
Astrology: A Study in Figure and Background

Dear Friend and Reader:

Astrology (or most astrology) has it backwards. First, astrologers begin with the "official" model of the solar system. Then they bring in rules, regulations and stories written by other people. Usually this is based on a reading of your most distant past, the moment of your birth. Only certain factors count (generally, the old ones).

I start from a different premise. The photo at the top of the page -- that circular swarm of objects -- is a more honest representation of the solar system, as we now understand it to be. This cyclone of planets knows of no laws (outside of astrophysics), it's changing constantly, and ancient philosophers have never gone near it. It cannot be reduced to personality formulas, and it's in a constant state of flux and discovery. 

Planet Waves
Neat, tidy and traditional: what most people think of as the solar system. I love the little comet tossed in for good measure.
Which more accurately represents your life? 

Find Yourself: The Astrology of Now is my new class premiering Saturday, June 18. It's the latest in a series of classes designed to bring astrology up to date, and make its relevance obvious.

We will look at life as it is now, reflected by the astrology of our unique, once-in-forever moment. This is a discussion designed to wake you up to the actual potential of our unique times.

First we'll consider our home solar system how it really is: a magnificent psychedelic mystery that whispers in its own subtle language. We'll look at the overall shape of space and time as we know it (remembering, as A Course in Miracles points out, that space and time are one illusion).


Planet Waves
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Monday Morning Horoscope for June 13, 2016 | By Eric Francis Coppolino
Aries (March 20-April 19) -- Every revolution begins with words, but you must get beyond that phase quickly. State your intentions and your plans to yourself, for the sake of clarity -- then move on to your points of action. You have a rare opening to turn ideas into physical momentum, and it won't last for long. It's true that one can take action and get results any time, though some times are better than others. It will help to think clearly in terms of the level you want to be on. For example, if you're working toward success in some project, a career move or your talent in general, the question is: where in society do you see yourself doing this? More like a cafe, a small theater or Madison Square Garden? More like a small gallery opening, a full exhibition or a wing at the Museum of Modern Art? You're in an unusually strong position to move up a level or two. Know where you want to be.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) -- You can now turn your attention to a financial matter that's been difficult to grasp the past few weeks. Things should be much clearer than they've been, which means that you probably see your options as much more obvious. If you're paying attention you'll also see that you're not in some kind of an impossible financial situation, but rather one where you have considerable influence over the outcome. What may be troubling you is the potential that you have to make a sacrifice of some kind. In our current milieu, where we're conditioned to want everything for nothing, that can sound scary: you might have to change something, or exchange something, or offer something to your situation, in order to particulate in a genuine way, or to achieve some larger result. It's not anything you cannot afford to give, or to do, and you will see that your investment makes a difference.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) -- Your astrology seems, on one level, to be inviting you to avoid or escape from something. Pay attention to that impulse. You may be trying to run from the very thing you want the most. Yet another way to read the same pattern is that you're seeking a peak experience of some kind. You want to go the whole way into something and do it for real. This desire for intensity is why people do things like bungee jump or parachute from airplanes. The inner movement is the desire for something that will actually change you. This could come in many different forms, though think of it as a real experiment with the thing you think is the realest, or that you want the very most. However, it's a fine line between escape and what I'm calling peak experience. Pay attention to the distinction, and watch for distractions. For example, if you're preparing for an interview, an audition or a placement exam, and someone invites you out for drinks, which do you do?

Cancer (June 21-July 22) -- It's now necessary that you create an environment of mutual care. That may mean shifting the balance more in favor of taking care of others and their needs, or in the direction of taking care of your own needs. Be honest with yourself and make a real assessment, and figure out which you have to do. The thing to ensure is that you neglect nothing. This will require looking for aspects of life that have been cut off and cast away. These you must collect, rethink and rehydrate with feeling. This may be like stretching out limbs that have grown stiff. You might feel like you're blowing the dust and grime out of the corners of your life. Others around you might be made nervous by the fact that you're claiming your existence, which to be precise is exactly what you're doing. Remember that your existence includes you and your environment.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) -- You seem to be getting your message clear. Remember that in trying to persuade others, they're more likely to respond to beauty, or their feelings, than they are to logic. You might have the idea that if you're clear enough, and make enough sense, you'll get everyone on board with your idea. Think of it this way: people are already convinced; they just need to be motivated. It's essential that you remember this, because additional attempts to convince anyone will have an effect opposite what you're going for. What will get results is having faith in yourself, if you are willing to act on it in a meaningful way. By this I mean you have to trust yourself more than any nagging voice in your mind, and you have to trust that you're good for your commitments -- because you are.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) -- It's time to step up to the challenge of your calling. I don't mean it's time to start getting ready: I mean it's time to follow your specific desire; to take that chance and assert your plan, your talent, your intention in physically tangible form. It's not enough to have ideas that you think are wonderful. It's not enough to have a plan. It's not helpful to wait. The least you can do for yourself is to initiate a series of actual measures to manifest some aspects of your goal. By goal, I mean that which is the very most meaningful to you; the thing that stems from a feeling of purpose, connection and passion. You will need to scrub some old items from your agenda to do this, and concentrate your energy. Proceed with the understanding that under this scenario, you are known for who you are and what you do. Your reputation builds from this point forward.

Planet Waves
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Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) -- You must feed what you want, and withdraw energy from what you don't want. What you feed will grow; what you withhold nourishment from will gradually disappear. I don't mean ignore, though; remaining aware is essential. Therefore be clear about what you consider to be positive and what you consider to be detrimental, and respond to each appropriately. Just because you might be driven by an idea or infatuated by a person does not make it wholesome for you. If you hear the little voice that says, 'This isn't healthy', you would be wise to respond to it. If you're attracted to some experience and you think it might be 'scary', ask yourself what you're really scared of and determine whether that is realistic. Often this thing we call scary is a cover for what is most important to you, what is actually real, what is urgent and what may change your life.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) -- Mars is near the end of its retrograde in your sign, which dates back to late April. This is putting you in contact with some deep feelings about yourself and your purpose in the world. The effect is mainly emotional. Please pay attention to what surfaces, and try not to panic if you find yourself doubting. You're on the side of this event where doubt is most likely to surface, as is some frustration with the way things have been for so long. The purpose of that feeling is so that you can recognize and heal your doubt, rather than be silently ruled by it. The point of challenge for you is that among what comes to the surface are the deeper issues people tend to brush off using denial or avoidance. What you have now is a rare opportunity to access levels of healing that are not often so easily available. Work this to your advantage.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) -- Be aware of a potential power struggle in a relationship wherein someone feels they must sacrifice something. While it's not always possible to convince people of this, it will help if you understand that all relationships involve give and take. Ask yourself whether you're offering your heart, soul and resources to a situation that actually calls for it. Notice what you expect of others in the way of flexibility, offering their time and energy, and the concept of commitment. You won't benefit from being the kind of person who expects perfect fidelity when you doubt your own (though this is quite common). In any discussion of commitment, focus on what you have to offer, and be mindful of how your words and your actions match up. You're now at the point where you must provide your own ethical leadership. Life is not about what you can get away with; rather, it's about what you bring to any collaboration.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) -- You might be wondering whether to just have faith, or to work for what you want. Yet it's not a matter of either/or. You can do both at once. Working toward a goal calls for faith in yourself. That, in turn, is related to courage. It would be easy for you to get caught in the details, and avoid action that way. If you're asking yourself questions like, "Am I a good enough person?" or "Do I know enough?" that suggests you're getting bogged down. You need to trust your inherent goodness, use what you know, and strive for real experiences that test your theories and teach you more. If you're still in any way hung up on your image or what people might think of you -- especially whether they think you're competent or not -- you're merely feeding an excuse for not taking action. You do have useful experience, and the opinions of others count far less than you've ever imagined.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Developing aspects are calling on you to be honest with yourself. The paradox is that it's easy to reassure yourself you're being real when something else is happening. So you need ways to verify, but mostly you need to be aware of your agenda. What are you trying to accomplish and what is your motive? There seems to be something you're trying to resolve between 'looking good' and 'acting on your authentic values'. Often the two are incompatible. Sometimes, to act on your true values, you must make an ass out of yourself, or let someone down. To look good, it's often necessary to deny or defy your values. You must decide what is more important to you. Yet the two don't need to conflict, either. It may take guts, but it's possible to earn someone's respect, or public respect, by saying, "This is how I feel" or "This is what I want" and letting it fly.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) -- Currently you have two sources of strength that you can tap into. One is an unusual form of focus for a Pisces, which is the power of Saturn: structure, discipline and leadership. Clearly you're at a stage of your life where it's essential to build this, and you seem to be succeeding against all odds. Yet at the moment there is something else. You have available a direct tap into a spiritual reservoir, which you can access at any time. This takes a shift in perspective from the "I must get it done" state of mind, to or into working with a specific energy available to you. The difference is like rowing a boat versus hoisting a sail and riding the wind. Either way, you have the boat and the desire to get somewhere. You have oars, you have a sail and there is definitely a gust blowing. Here's the catch: using your sail requires that you surrender to the elements, and apply another level of skill. Your mind becomes more relevant than brute force.

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