It's All In the Houses -- A Class with Eric Francis

"I really love and admire Eric’s ability to deliver deeply insightful explanations." -- Ann Roddy

You're amazing, Eric - and, your visionary work is a tremendous boon and inspiration during these volatile times.  -- Jost Van Dyke

"Thanks again for this booster rocket on the houses. I am relieved to know I can stop thinking about those house rulerships (Mars rules the first, etc.), which never made sense to me, and focus more on the rulers of the house cusps. So helpful. Also helpful was the advice to keep it real – look at mundane examples – not get so abstract, or always so psychological, as a way of learning more and of using the tools in a more practical way." -- Cheryl Corson

"Technology is a wonderful thing when it connects people together to follow their passion. Eric is a great teacher as he empowers people to think creatively. Bless."
-- Pauline Jones

• 3 hours and 28 minutes of audio class and discussion
• Recorded in studio quality and downloadable
• 40-minute video introduction
• Includes web access to illustration charts
• Access to additional articles by Eric covering the houses
• Online Access to William Lilly’s seminal astrology book
• Online access to an astrology ephemeris
• Solid foundational instruction on how to interpret the houses in any chart -- including your own
• Practical tools for everyday use and spiritual growth
• Surprising examples and illustrations you’ll actually remember!
Turn the key and unlock one of the most useful -- and easiest -- elements of astrology in this "booster rocket" class for anyone who'd like to get their astrology chart really talking. Originally a live class held on Oct. 8, 2016, this studio-quality recording requires no previous technical knowledge of astrology, only an awareness of life and physical environments. Eric uses tangible, everyday-life examples to walk you around the chart wheel, explaining the organic order of the houses, how houses interact with the 12 zodiac signs, and how it all shows up in your life. You'll get two downloadable audio files totaling three-and-a-half hours, Eric's video introduction, access to class notes, illustration charts, links to additional articles and other resources -- and a new, down-to-Earth feel for any astrology chart

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