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Its All in the Houses: An Astrological Mandala

Dear Planet Waves Reader:

Many people have studied their chart for years and still can't get to a place of deep understanding. Others read books and take classes endlessly, and still the chart does not quite talk. I think that the missing thing most of the time is an understanding of the houses.

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Eric Francis, Professor of Ephemeris.
As horoscope maestro Patric Walker said to Jonathan Cainer, who said it to me, "It's all in the houses." The houses are the basis for truly understanding astrology. It's literally true: whatever happens in astrology happens in the houses.

Learning the houses takes NO technical knowledge: it's all about life. The houses are the easiest, most grounded and most useful element of astrology. The houses describe themes and physical environments. Once you have a grasp on how the system is organized, astrology suddenly becomes possible on a whole new level.

The main thing I intend to convey is how to know when you understand a house. We will use several houses as examples. And then we can continue to study during an email discussion.

It's All in the Houses will be held via teleconference Saturday, Oct. 8 from noon EDT to 4 pm EDT. The class will be recorded, so you may be present or listen later. There will be a video preview that explains the basics, which will come out a few days before the class.

Since you've studied with me before, you may sign up at the discounted rate.

I'm looking forward to this more than to any other class.


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