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Honest, Reliable Astrology: Join Planet Waves

Planet Waves
"There's plenty going on in life right now and I'm just grateful to have found you and Planet Waves to give insight into some of the shit storms! I so value your honesty, integrity and knowledge of astrology & life in general. You're one of the beacons of light on dear Mamma Earth. I'll be 66 this July and oh my, my, my, how interesting to say the least, these times are. Thanks for your service to all of us."
-- Diane Stalter

Most astrology writers depend heavily on jargon rather than telling the story of what the planets say and how it relates to your life. Planet Waves is made to be different. People count on us for our clear-headed thinking, and for a reference point in the world. You appreciate our passion and our curiosity about life -- and above all our honesty and integrity.

A Planet Waves membership gives you a year-round source of astrology, and indeed of news, that you can firmly rely on. We offer a number of affordable options -- you may find out more here, including how to sign up. If you're already a member, please consider giving a membership as a gift. If you need additional options, please feel free to email us.

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