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The Government Shutdown, and the Invisible Environment

Dear Friend and Reader:

We are now at the end of day 34 of the federal government shutdown. I am taking this too personally. It's making me nervous. I feel like the character Tweak in a South Park episode from a couple of years ago, who was freaked out over the Korean nuclear missile thing between Trump and Kim Jong-un.

Planet Waves
Craig, right, trying to console Tweak, who is having a hard time with the Korean missile situation. See clip here.
His friend Craig suggests he do something rather than just worry -- like bake cupcakes and send them to the Korean leader. So he does, and Kim loves them, and Trump gets mad, and starts insulting and taunting Kim on Twitter, so Korea responds by testing missiles directly over Tweak's house.

I'm not taking it that personally, but almost. I have Chiron in Pisces on the 10th house cusp and have taken a serious interest in government since Watergate, when I was nine years old. I am finding Trump's conduct disgusting -- beginning with all his bravado about wearing the mantle of the shutdown or whatever he said.

Apart from concerns about flight safety, and border crossings staffed by people worried about grocery money and paying for their kid's medication, there are two obvious subtexts: one is that the Special Counsel's investigation is closing in on Trump, and he wants to hobble that office, the FBI and the federal courts. He's doing this so brazenly and openly that you could actually miss it (which I'll get into in a moment -- it's what I'm here to write about today).

Trump and his team are being investigated for collaborating with a country that has thousands of nuclear missiles and spy satellites pointed at us, and that every intelligence agency agrees helped steal the 2016 election.

Deconstruction of the Administrative State

As for the second subtext: do you remember when a guy named Stephen Bannon, the former video game venture capitalist / Breitbart editor / White House chief strategist, declared that the weeks-old Trump administration was entering an unending battle for "deconstruction of the administrative state"?

Planet Waves
The Onion summed up the government shutdown: "Greatest Country on Earth Can't Keep the William H. Gross Stamp Gallery Open."
Well, now they've got their way. The administrative state is being dismantled; it is shut down and it is falling apart. That's what happens when you have Ph.D. scientists or attorneys serving as FBI agents having to resign their jobs so they can support their families. Federal employees are eating out of food banks and community potluck dinners.

Some are selling blood plasma to buy food. I know the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has its problems, but do we want its officials living on credit cards or payday loans?

And as a result, regulatory and enforcement operations of government, which we depend on to make sure that people are not getting onto airplanes with bombs, and that an E. coli outbreak in romaine lettuce is addressed, are not coming to work, or working without being paid, which can only go on so long.

I am amazed, astonished and outraged how casually so many people are taking this. I am in some shock that anyone thinks this is a good idea. Even if you think there needs to be a wall between Mexico and the United States, is it worth compromising security at every single airport and port of entry?

To me this seems like a big exercise in "look over there" (south, where all those Mexicans are tossing bags of marijuana over the alligator-infested Rio Grande) while this whole other thing happens here -- this whole other very problematic thing, which The Onion summed up as, "Greatest Country In World Unable To Keep William H. Gross Stamp Gallery Open" -- times a million.

One last comment before I take a somewhat more objective view of this situation. What we're seeing here is the work of people who call themselves conservatives.

Planet Waves
Members of the aviation industry gathered on Capitol Hill to protest the prolonged shutdown and its effects on the industry. Photo by Kerry Lynch.
If you look up the etymology of the word "conservative," you find out that its history includes ideas such as "tending to preserve or protect, preservative, having the power to keep whole or safe," or "disposed to retain and maintain what is established, opposed to innovation and change."

Generally, the thing being conserved is the power of the government. Conservatives are supposed to want more cops and liberal hippies are supposed to want fewer cops.

Now we have conservatives who have shut down the judiciary, which I have read runs out of money tomorrow. The FBI has set up a food bank for agents in New York City; its mechanics are out of tires, and are cannibalizing old vehicles to fix flats.

The Air Line Pilots Association, which represents 61,000 professional pilots, issued a statement Thursday saying that air travel is becoming increasingly dangerous as resources and employees are stretched to their limits.

This is not the work of "conservatives," who don't deserve the meek honor of being addressed as such. It's the work of traitors and faux-anarchists who have reasons they want to shut the government down, both personal and ideological. Shutting down the government is an act of war. In fact, if we knew a foreign government did it -- such as Chinese hackers taking out the federal computer system -- most people would be angry and want to retaliate.

Someone astute on MSNBC today asked a question: Were Trump in fact a Russian agent or operative, what would he be doing differently?

"Unperceived and Pervasive Pattern"

I happened to pick up a folder this morning of memorabilia sent to me by the McLuhan family. In it was a copy of an essay called "The Relation of Environment and Anti-Environment" written by Marshall, and that I am sure he touched. It looks about 40 years old and is old-school copied onto yellowing bond paper.

Planet Waves
This brilliant photo illustrates how environment -- what is invisible and pervasive -- becomes anti-environment, what is seen as something unusual. Nobody really notices bar codes. But you would definitely notice one were it exhibited in a museum. Photo is called "Ne Vous Laissez Pas Seduire" (do not be seduced) by Chiara Marra.
I've been speaking about this on Planet Waves FM lately, in a slightly different context, which I will come to. What McLuhan means by anti-environment is something with an awakening effect calling attention to any "unperceived and pervasive pattern."

To McLuhan, art is what stimulates awareness, and what helps us notice what we missed; an artist is someone working "in any field, scientific or humanistic, who grasps the implications of his actions and of new knowledge in his own time."

As such, they call attention to the environment and function as anti-environment influences -- which means they raise awareness.

There's another way to have an anti-environment effect, which is when something goes wrong. You might not notice how much you depend on the internet until it goes out. You might not notice electricity till it goes out. You might not notice air until the oxygen is running out, or the room becomes oppressively hot and humid.

The government is a kind of environment. It's usually taken for granted, or treated with derision, but people tend to have relatively little contact with it. Unless you run a meat packing plant and the Department of Agriculture comes and inspects, your involvement with the government is usually limited to filing income tax returns, going to the DMV and paying parking tickets.

Suddenly we are hearing about what the government really is: a lot of people who do jobs, many of them useful, and some of them vitally important. Most people don't think about air traffic controllers when the airplane they're on is sitting on the runway; they are thinking about when the coffee cart is going to come by.

Planet Waves
But is it art? No, it's a serving tray. But maybe it was art first, I don't know. McLuhan suggested all you need to do to make something into art is put a frame around it, which sets it off as anti-environment. Then, after a while, art is put on a tray, and becomes environment. When I clicked, I thought I was going to be taken to the notes for an art history class.
You may not think about the economics of a national park, but today you might be thinking about the little bed and breakfast or café that is supported by visitors to Yosemite.

Now, the environment of the government is being revealed by the anti-environment of the shutdown. This is having the effect of making people appreciate the government as a helpful and necessary thing.

Trump, and the senate's majority turtle Mitch McConnell, and their minions, are the artists. They are artists in the sense that Laurie Anderson once joked about, that terrorists are the only artists left because they're the only people who can get our attention: what we are witnessing is a form of terrorism.

It's also a false flag attack in the true sense of the word: the cutting off of salaries and of services is being blamed on Mexicans, who we have to stop from "attacking" the southern border with their applications for political asylum.

For a long time, we in the United States have let the government run wild. There was a brief moment of involvement and awakening precipitated by the Watergate affair. Transparency laws were put in place. For a while, there was an infusion of new energy, and more idealistic people moved into government roles, wanting to make a change. The anti-environment of Watergate opened up new potential. Then, that kind of corruption scandal became commonplace, and became part of what we think of as normal and usual.

The whole Trump experience has surpassed anything vaguely rational, and has functioned as one prolonged state of anti-environment, raising awareness that is starting to result in a modicum of political change (such as in the House of Representatives). There is more going on here than one politician and his "base," as it's called. The problem is that once something is anti-environment long enough, it disappears into the environment. Its shock value wears off. Then something more extreme must be done to get everyone's attention. With Saturn approaching Pluto, we need to be conscious of this.

The anti-environment influence, from an astrological standpoint, is the Pluto return of the United States. This is what we're witnessing the early peak of. Remember that during the first weeks of the shutdown, there was a solar eclipse in Capricorn right at the Saturn-Pluto midpoint, getting things started. I will take up this subject on Sunday's edition of Planet Waves FM.

With love from Tweak,
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Thinking Forward, Crossing a Threshold
By Amanda Painter

How are you feeling now that we've exited The Eclipse Zone? Or, perhaps I should ask: how are you thinking, and what are you thinking (and communicating) about? I ask, because this morning Mercury leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius -- which means that it steps into the position the Sun just held during the lunar eclipse that began the week.

Planet Waves
Collection of heart-shaped rocks outside the window, electronics collection inside the window; Orkney, Scotland. Photo by Amanda Painter.
Not only does this ring the bell of the eclipse degree, it also activates all the same slow-moving minor planets and points that were part of the eclipse aspect pattern (you can review them here).

Are you noticing a more intellectual angle to a subject that was speaking to you on a more emotional or unconscious level a few days ago, or which you found yourself expressing outwardly in some other way? I don't know for sure that this is how Mercury's activation of the eclipse territory will manifest, but it's an idea worth playing with today.

That said, note that Mercury is moving fairly quickly right now; it's going to breeze through the eclipse degree over the course of today. Taking notes on what enters your awareness might be useful.

We also have a few elements in the astrological landscape that appear to offer useful energy for moving forward with whatever the eclipses brought into view. For one, Mars in Aries is making a trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius (exact tomorrow).

Note that this is a harmonious aspect between planets that are in signs they rule; neither planet is 'debilitated' in its expression in any way. This should make the energy easier to access; it also could mean that it might be especially easy to 'overdo' things -- particularly since both Mars and Jupiter are known for their abundantly expressive energy.

Mainly, however, as long as you're not in a delicate situation and you're not the type to go overboard as a matter of habit, this aspect looks really useful as far as trines go. (Squares, with their inner tension, tend to indicate significant action more often.) Mars and Jupiter working in concert suggest this is a great day for almost any activity, and offers extra energy. If you're currently dealing with an injury, major depression or other pointedly limiting or upsetting factors, please remember that this will look and feel different compared to when you're not -- but it could still come though as a nice little 'boost'.

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Responses to the INTELLIGENCE -- RESET Annual Readings

Dear Friend and Reader:

Between the challenges we face every day, the sense of uncertainty that we live with, and the chaos churned up by the digital environment, it can be hard to find some peace of mind, let alone encouragement and real inspiration. Here is where astrology comes in: there is a future, and you are included.

The 12 RESET audio readings and upcoming written readings that are part of the 2019-2020 INTELLIGENCE annual readings are designed to bring you into contact with the astrology so you can light up your mind, let go of the past, and envision your future.

We've been receiving incredible feedback from customers of the RESET audio portion of the INTELLIGENCE 2019 annual readings -- here are just a few samples. You can learn more here.
Perfectly descriptive of where I’ve been, where I am. And such practical advice I should stick it to my forehead, and on every wall. I can’t underscore enough -- listening was like having a combined microscopic/macroscopic view of my life, confirmation of my own thoughts about moving forward -- but with practical questions and steps to help with that. I shouldn’t be so surprised at this point -- but I am. Especially about a couple of parts which I hadn’t even yet fully articulated to myself. Thank you.

-- M. LeTourneau
After all of these years receiving your readings, I still am in awe of your gift. And I am so grateful for your guidance all these years. This reading finds me so heartbroken as you rightly describe the “destabilizing” events of the Leo eclipses. You point the way forward and I take comfort that it is written in the stars. Sending much love.

-- Dion Murphy
Have to say that this year's reading has gone above and beyond my expectations. The capacity to speak to us at our various levels of consciousness as if it was a 'personal' reading is extraordinary. So helpful to have a summary of the year that was for 'sense making' and determining the inner work traversed. It has not been for the faint of heart. Onwards we tread in a time that is challenging and requires the best of all we have. Thank you, Eric and team. Your work is stellar and I appreciate its depth and integrity as we navigate the paths.

-- Rebekah O'Rourke
This is the best Virgo reading I've heard on Planet Waves, in that it gives Virgo the agency it deserves without any of that tiresome 'self-criticism-holds-you-back' stuff you hear so much. Integrating the 2018 Mars and Venus retrogrades into this reading is so helpful in understanding the dynamic of Chiron and Uranus changing signs/houses. Thank you for the 7th house Neptune/Nessus talk, and the 8th house/Chiron piece. As a Virgo rising I could list so many ways this reading applies to my circumstances, but I'll save that for my journal. So great to listen to this on the last day of the calendar year, usually such a retrospective/prospective time. Thank you!

-- Cheryl Corson
Here are your purchase options:

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Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

Aquarius Birthdays 2019-20
Are You Ready for Uranus in Taurus?

Please note: the 2019 Aquarius Astrology Studio is separate and distinct from your INTELLIGENCE annual audio reading.
"WOW! Eric, you have described to perfection the complex combination of nascent energies I am experiencing in this here and now. Thank you for providing incredible insight."
-- Zlatka, on a previous Aquarius reading
Dear Friend and Reader:

If you're an Aquarius, do you tend to think of yourself as quirky yet set in your ways, or more like an innovator who repeatedly dismantles old forms, or maybe as someone who's responsible and disciplined until it's time to shake things up? Do you thrive on systems or on freedom from them?

Planet Waves
Eric in front of his astrology book collection.
I ask for a couple of reasons. One is that in this world of chaos, fear and overstimulation, we seem to need the synthesis of your best qualities more than ever.

The other reason is that you have two ruling planets: traditional ruler Saturn (form, limits, responsibility), and modern ruler Uranus (surprises, inventions, liberty). So chances are you can trace both influences in how you express yourself -- though the balance may seem to tilt more in one direction or the other (and that tilt can shift).

In less than a month and a half -- on March 6 -- your modern ruling planet will move from Aries to Taurus for the long haul. This is a major shift in tone on a much larger scale than, say, the Sun changing signs, and we're likely to see some cultural upheaval around themes like values, economics and physical resources as the transit takes shape.

As you know, Uranus in Taurus is sure to be a major feature in your 2019 Aquarius Astrology Studio (formerly the Birthday Reading).

For $33, you get two sections of audio astrology (at least 30 minutes each), an audio tarot reading for the year, photos of the charts and tarot spread, and an extended description of your sign. All of it designed to offer Eric's most practical and inspiring ideas for your relationships, career path, healing processes, community roles, and more.

Once it publishes, the price increases.
"THANK YOU for the Aquarius birthday reading. After all the years I’ve been subscribing I know better than to expect a future forecast from you, re: "my year ahead as an Aquarian." Nope, you always have given me something so much better in your forecasts. Something my soul and spirit -- let us call them 'my innards' -- can relate to. And in some way, yearns for."
-- Eileen
Please note: the 2019 Aquarius Astrology Studio is separate and distinct from your INTELLIGENCE annual audio reading! Eric creates a whole new reading, fresh from scratch. While some of the themes may overlap, he speaks of and from the current moment, looking into your next twelve months -- and may even focus on new planets or aspects.

You can pre-order your 2019 Aquarius Astrology Studio reading here -- you can also use that link to pre-order it as a gift for your Aquarian loved ones.

Wishing you a dynamic year,

Amanda Painter

P.S. If you have any questions, please email us at -- or call (845) 481-5616 and someone will get back to you soon.

P.P.S. You can listen to last year's Aquarius Birthday Reading for free, as a gift from us -- review your year and check Eric’s accuracy.

Planet Waves
Original dust-jacket illustration used for the first edition of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. Many of Tolkien's illustrations for his books have their roots in artwork he created as a teenager.
Not All Who Wander Are Lost -- or Hungry
By Amanda Painter

Tomorrow Ceres enters Sagittarius -- a placement some astrologers associate with feeling nurtured and fed by having the freedom to explore and adventure. How fitting, then, that tomorrow is the opening day at New York's Morgan Library and Museum for the largest J.R.R. Tolkien exhibit in generations.

Tolkien -- who dared to reproduce the genre of the epic in the modern era -- filled his stories with long journeys to far-off lands, mind- and soul-expanding new experiences for his characters, and created entire worlds (rich with languages and histories) for his readers: themes related to Sagittarius at its best. His messages were unfailingly humane and reinforced the interdependence of communities: the highest expressions of Aquarius (where the Sun is now; Tolkien himself had a Capricorn Sun).

The exhibition -- titled Tolkien: Maker of Middle-Earth -- runs through May 12 of this year, just a few blocks from the Empire State Building in Manhattan. It assembles the most extensive public display of original Tolkien materials seen in many decades, and draws from the collections of the Tolkien Archive at the Bodleian Library (Oxford, U.K.), Marquette University Libraries (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), the Morgan, and private lenders.

Items on display reportedly run the gamut: from Tolkien's original illustrations of such characters as Smaug the dragon and Sauron's Dark Tower of Barad-d ûr, to draft manuscripts that offer a look into Tolkien's creative process, plus family photographs and memorabilia, maps, and designs related to The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion.

The exhibition's three-and-a-half months at the Morgan Library and Museum is the only opportunity to see the collection in the U.S. If you can't make the trek from your particular corner of the Shire to New York in that time, you can at least glimpse some of the materials in the short video here. A few additional items can be seen in this article (which includes other fun links at the bottom).

Planet Waves
The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968).
The Rev. Dr. King and the Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Note to Listeners: One of the items I cover in this edition is the incident between the Native American elder, Nathan Phillips, and the high school kids wearing MAGA hats, on the National Mall this past Saturday. You may have seen this video; it went viral and has now been debunked. I cover this issue not myself but by reading the original Washington Post article on the incident.

I was not there; I don't know anyone who was. A close friend said she spent the day Monday looking at every available video of the incident, and determined that it did not happen as originally reported. She said that from everything she could discern, the instigators of discord were apparently a group called the Black Israelites, who can be heard and seen on tape insulting the religious beliefs of the Catholic boys (for example, saying "their Jesus" is a pervert, and worse). The frat-boy-like stamping and cheering, shown over and over, was directed not at Phillips but at the Black Israelites.

While Phillips, the Native elder, claims to have been scared [see interview with Amy Goodman here], my friend who analyzed the videos said she could not see how that was possible, and did not understand why he would even say so. Again, this is a complex, multifaceted and overall sad situation, and none of us were there.

On next week's edition, I will do some deconstructing of the coverage. I will take two angles: how a story is spun; and also a study in semiotics. Please share your perspectives with us, if you have them. Thanks for tuning in. -- efc

Dear Friend and Listener:

A total eclipse of the Moon in Leo happened overnight Sunday night. In this week's edition of Planet Waves FM [play edition here], I describe some of the features of that eclipse. I also look at the chart of Martin Luther King, Jr. [view chart here]. Finally, in the third segment, Tantra Studio is an analysis of this satirical article in The Onion. When we consider why something is funny (or is supposed to be), we get a look at the underlying message of the joke.

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Thank you for your support, and for trusting us as your astrologers.

With love,
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Our Gifts to You: A Little Something Extra

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It took me a long time to figure out what kind of gift to offer for new and returning subscribers. Tee shirts seemed too complicated; you need at least six sizes to get started, and not everyone wants a shirt. Tote bags are useful but kind of boring.

So I thought: journals. I love notebooks, and just about everything I write starts scribbled down on paper. I know my readers are a little old-fashioned, so this seemed like the perfect thing.

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However, the one I selected was being discontinued. I ordered as many as we could reasonably afford. We now have two main options: small black ones, and larger pink ones (these are new).

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Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope for Jan. 24, 2019 (#1234) | By Victoria Emory
Editor's note: Planet Waves employee and astrology researcher Victoria Emory, inspired during Monday's eclipse, wrote this week's horoscopes for you. We’d love to hear what you think.
Aries (March 20-April 19) -- The courage to create requires making friends with your vulnerable underbelly. If you can do that, a power surge of creative potential is available. The question is, to what extent does your confidence depend on approval from others versus from your own inner being? To quote don Juan, "The average man is hooked to his fellow men, while the warrior is hooked only to infinity." Your quest for achievement in The World is furthered through a bit of vision questing over the next few days. When you're right with your spirit, life becomes more than a commercial venture and a hell of a lot more satisfying. You've got a will fierce enough to work through whatever limitations you may be straining against, and those who can help you implement it are closer than you may realize. A teacher is available, perhaps internally, inviting you on an educational journey of some kind; a wise offer to accept. Breaking up your routine somehow will help that along, even if it's a walk in the park or reading a book you've had in the back of your mind, but neglected. To use The Force right now, follow that trail. Get your full Aries reading by Eric here.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) -- Take a look at how fear and desire factor in to your experience. If an oppressive or depressive sensation lurks in the shadows, it could relate to something you want but think you can't have. Identifying the essence of a frustrated desire helps disentangle the symbol, the object, from what you actually seek. What's the feeling you want, the quality? Real opportunities to attain whatever that may be exist, and you're poised to enter a phase of your life in which limiting patterns will shake loose. Intimacy is a component here, connecting from the soul, emotionally as well as physically. Remember to remember your dreams. This is easier when you value the precious resources available through this often-neglected portal -- especially true for you at the moment. It's fair to say you're enrolled in a master class of spiritual development, a program that will intensify over the next couple of years. The formidable power to pursue goals you've dreamt of is among the rewards. Get your full Taurus reading by Eric here.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) -- Traffic at the intersection of Friends and Finances might have been intense recently, or that drama may have played out nearby, at the corner of Sexual and Platonic. Don't let whatever noise resulted throw you off your game. Opportunities to make some excellent connections can be found over the next few days, so please don't be shy. If a friend has spoken about introducing you to someone, give them a call; this pertains to both personal and professional interests. Whatever cards you're holding along these lines, now's the time to play them if you've hesitated to reach out to someone. Fertile conditions in the social sphere could help further important goals that are ripe for your attention. If writing is involved, or if travel is possible for you, dust off those ambitions. Your voice can carry further over the coming weeks, and find its way to those who want to hear it. It may be cold and gray outside, but this is not the time to shut yourself away. The warmth of your fellow creatures casts an especially empowering glow at the moment. Get your full Gemini reading by Eric here.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) -- Trust has its rewards. One of them is the power to negotiate in ways that actually support your needs. ‘Strength through vulnerability' requires trusting your primary relationship, the one you have with yourself, enough to honestly express what's going on with you. Remember that a fortress is also a prison. If demands from all quarters have felt overwhelming, if ambitions feel somehow stymied by those to whom you've made commitments or who look to you for support, dare to open up about it a little. See what happens. You're sensitive enough to know how to relate with compassion to the stress that others are struggling with. This approach will help summon what you require. If you need an assistant, or a job, or could use some guidance (who couldn't?), the next few days are rich with opportunities in that regard. Don't assume that wise counsel comes exclusively from those you consider higher-ups or authorities. Mentors come in surprising packages sometimes, and now might be one of them. Get your full Cancer reading by Eric here.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) -- An axiom to contemplate: "Play is the answer to how anything new comes about." Here's another: "Distance is a great goddess." Psychologist Jean Piaget gave us the first, the second I heard at a retreat in the Joshua Tree desert. Last weekend's lunar eclipse concluded a stressful 18-month cycle for you in which relationship issues of one kind or another played a starring role. Demands, duties and just taking care of yourself may have felt exhausting. It's been an intense week out of an overwhelming year and a half, but you can get a bit of your groove back over the next few days if you plug in to a high-octane recharge that's currently available. You know who your fans are, what your party looks like, what essential nutrient your spirit needs to shine. Make a play date. Get the paints out, or the instrument, or whatever creative outlet feels right. If you can't schedule a terrestrial journey, explore some new terrain of the educational or spiritual variety. This is soul food for you right now; get it while it's hot. Get your full Leo reading by Eric here.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) -- It's time to come home. Your inner sanctuary and base of operations, where your roots draw nourishment from the earth so that your branches can bear fruit -- deserves an upgrade. A drive to make fundamental changes may have welled up with some urgency lately. Right now, personal transformation and your literal living space seem directly related. Despite concerns connected to the values of those close to you, perhaps in the form of hard currency, this year family may be more supportive than you think. Tread gently in matters related to mutual financial interests for a couple of weeks, knowing a window of opportunity is open for constructive steps toward creating greater security. Home is an energetic as well as physical location, and if you've fallen behind in the self-care department, tend to it. Last weekend's eclipse may have felt destabilizing, but it's important right now to re-establish healthy routines. Needs for deep intimacy or for intense, transcendent sexual experience may also have surfaced recently, and run headlong into a frustrating buzz-kill. It's okay. Savor the power flowing through those channels and remember that desire creates. Get your full Virgo reading by Eric here.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) -- Say it. Write it. Deliver da letter. Indigenous lore holds that stories roam the land searching for the correct storyteller. Messages require a messenger, and right now one seems to be tapping you on the shoulder. The world wants to hear from you. You're in a yearlong cycle in which your voice must be honored, your thoughts expressed; and at the moment that's getting green lights all over the place. Even if no specific writing projects come to mind, this is the time to reach out to others and communicate. A vivifying surge can spark life back into relationships that have languished, leaving you inspired and energized. If you've wanted some advice, or have meant to get back to someone, pick up the phone or get together; both of you will be richer for it. It's cold in the Northern Hemisphere, but there's good medicine in getting out and about. If you do have creative ambitions in the writing department, The Force is with you. In the words of Maya Angelou, "There is no greater agony than to bear an untold story inside you." Get your full Libra reading by Eric here.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) -- You know how to play the long game. Part of that entails pacing yourself so you don't sacrifice health for the sake of duty, especially when the hours you're putting in have included some pretty frustrating encounters. If that resonates, take a look at how your thought patterns may mirror recent tensions with others. Your mind's a busy place these days -- physical exertion of some kind would do wonders to calm that storm. If current efforts have been devoted toward work that isn't as fulfilling as what you envision, if you're feeling resentful, blow off a little steam rather than letting it simmer. Right now you're building the base of your pyramid. Material needs are the foundation, and this year the wind is at your back, in terms of creating essential security. In fact, the next couple days are rich with potential in that regard. This is an excellent time to schedule presentations, apply for a job, or direct your formidable powers toward expanding resources. Get your full Scorpio reading by Eric here.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) -- "I breathe the fragrance myself and know it and like it / The distillation would intoxicate me also, but I shall not let it." Walt Whitman is your spirit animal right now. If you need permission or inspiration to take advantage of the potentially thrilling electric current available to you at the moment, read Song of Myself. You're in a cycle of self-discovery and liberation from outgrown concepts, with a green light to express and celebrate your unique gifts. If you've experienced a bit of tension recently between the need to let your freak flag fly and issues related to material security, that should be resolving. "There is a time for penance and a time for partridge," said Teresa of Avila (your fellow fire sign and philosopher). This looks like more of a partridge moment -- that is, a time for pleasure or 'the good life'. Centaurs are known for both wisdom and lusty passions, and the sage and the beast in you can harmonize in some revitalizing ways these days. Don't go overboard, obviously, but it's important to savor the jewel-like moments that life offers, and I hope you'll find a way to ride the wave that's cresting now. Creative endeavors of all sorts, sporting activities and romantic encounters would be especially fulfilling. Get your full Sagittarius reading by Eric here.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) -- Where you live is more than a physical location. Your deepest, secret self and private past feed directly into what your energetic ‘home' entails. Recently you may have felt some intense stirrings on a less than fully conscious level; fears and anger that might seem irrational on the surface. Frustration and annoyances related to pressures you've been under maybe had something to do with your actual living space, as well. That immediate storm is dissipating. You may be more inwardly focused than usual for a couple of weeks; don't strain against it. You can recharge your psychic batteries in ways that will directly serve your quest in the world. A generous well of wisdom and support is available to you on the subtle planes this year. Draw from it. Especially right now, you have opportunities to access intuitive intelligence that can inspire strategies to obtain what you're striving for. Lines of communication are wide open from an inner (and possibly outer) teacher and guide, and deliberate actions to quiet your mind serve as acts of power this week. Make a point of remembering your dreams. Extend the invitation. Ask and you shall receive, but that does require asking. Get your full Capricorn reading by Eric here.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Your solar year started off with a bang; a dramatic conclusion of an 18-month cycle in which your identity and how it relates to that of others has been tested and forced to evolve, in some overwhelming and challenging ways. Reverberations of the recent eclipse are still intense, but a new cycle has begun and right now it's all about you. What you value, what you want to communicate, what initiatives you want to set in motion -- who you really want to be. Use this time to re-boot, re-charge and re-focus. You know how to focus; you're an expert. Make this a priority even amidst demands on your time that might feel frantic lately. Some furious activity, mentally and physically, might be distracting, but take a look at your long-range aspirations. The next few days are an excellent time to reach out to allies who may be able to assist you in furthering goals you've been dreaming about. It's the perfect re-set for your year, so take advantage of some the good juju available as we speak. You might find collaborators just when you need them. Get your full Aquarius reading by Eric here.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) -- You've got an expansive vision for how you want to show up in the world. It's imperative that you trust this vision and work towards it this year. Especially right now: with focused effort, the next few days may well bring evidence of some sort of reward. The recent eclipse brings to a close a cycle in which your evolutionary work has brought you face to face with matters of self-esteem, subconscious fears or wounding patterns -- some of the darkest recesses of your psyche seem to have undergone a cleansing. Now you're positioning yourself to bring your true powers to the fore, to manifest evidence of your creative genius for the world to see, in one form or another. Recent frustrations between your aspirations for the future and how you value yourself are dissipating. Let that be as dust in the wind -- you know what you're capable of. Use the next couple of days wisely; that wisdom involves disciplined effort combined with faith in yourself. This blend is a restorative brew to drink in deeply. Get your full Pisces reading by Eric here.

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