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Restless America: Full Moon Approaching

Dear Friend and Reader:

We're approaching the full phase of the Moon, exact Monday at 10:52 pm EDT. That's still a few days off, though my sense is that the effects of the Moon-Sun opposition are palpable now. It's all the more noticeable with the Sun approaching the Libra equinox and some major aspects.

I'll read the chart in more detail Sunday night on Planet Waves FM and with the Monday Morning horoscope, though it seems worthwhile to put some information into your hands sooner rather than later. Astrology is better handled on the approach, so you can adjust for the weather.

Planet Waves
The Full Moon is conjunct Chiron and square Saturn, which means it's rich with "character building" aspects — something we've experienced a lot of lately, perhaps a bit too much.

However, when we get the kind of astrology that compels growth, it's possible to go low or go high (borrowing a bit here from Michelle Obama). One can approach the equation of existence with love and equanimity, or with a desperate or mean spirit. This is more a matter of choice than we may think.

Not everyone is good at handling the kinds of stress society has us under right now. You may be keeping things steady, while others around you are feeling shaky, uncertain, and like they're going through way too much. That may be true. We are all equipped differently; we all have different resources and different tolerance levels for stress factors. Please share what you can.

We've been experiencing crisis-point astrology since late spring. One inner planet retrograde after the next comes with the feeling that you're always sailing against the tide and the wind. There have been five eclipses this year, which can feel like being shaken out of bed by an earthquake.

Anything involving the Moon has a deeply personal feeling, as if it's all about you. (The Moon represents the child self, so consider your reality from a kid's point of view.) The Full Moon with these aspects definitely counts. Be cautious of that thought.

With full phase in very early Aries, this can be especially vivid. Those early degrees of Aries, and all of the cardinal signs, can feel like there is a parade going down your street all day long, particularly when the news is driving issues that hit raw nerves.

The Moon is picking up daily motion, so there's a sense of momentum now, so much that it may seem impossible to shift the direction of events. In such a situation, it's helpful to apply a little influence and no force.

Planet Waves
Tap things in the direction you want them to go. If you are off-course and need to correct, don't "over correct," as accident analysts say. Make incremental changes.

If you are feeling hurt or cranky, advise others of that fact, so they don't take it personally. If others are feeling hurt or out of sorts, give them some space to work through their situation.

On Sunday's program, I'll be discussing the anger issue our society is engulfed in right now. Remember that anger feeds on itself, though scratching something until it bleeds is not going to help the healing process.

One last bit. I've just asked Anatoly to remove the password from The Art of Becoming, the 2018 annual edition of Planet Waves. It is now open-access. If you need guidance, comfort or refuge this weekend, you might find some there. We'll replace the password on Tuesday morning.

Oh, and one other. I often think of these words of Sinead O'Connor:
And if there ever is gonna be healing
There has to be remembering

And then grieving

So that there then can be forgiving

There has to be knowledge and understanding.
With love,

"I am aware that most of us have more complaints than we have compliments about ourselves, and that most of what we like is either conditioned, or conditional. If you go deep -- and you can -- you will discover what you really, truly appreciate about yourself, which exists independently of what anyone else says or does."

-- Aries weekly horoscope, May 14. 2010

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