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Planet Waves
Suzanne Vega in a photo by National Public Radio.
Tonight on Planet Waves FM
Our Extraordinary Teaching and Learning Moment

Dear Friend and Reader:

Tonight's Planet Waves FM [play edition here] considers the deeper themes associated with all this outing of sexual abuse. It's finally coming out: that's something to celebrate. Yet we also need to take this opening, understand what we've learned, and take responsibility for making the changes that need to be made.

Sex scandals don't usually result in progress, only in pain. Yet what we are witnessing is a sex scandal that involves all of society. We can all take this moment to assess our lives and make changes, whether it's adjusting how we treat others, or setting limits on how others treat us.

Tonight's musical guest is Suzanne Vega.

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It's good to be with you.

With love,

Planet Waves

Dear Friend of Planet Waves:

Sunday, on the eve of Venus conjunct Jupiter, I did the astrology portions of the Scorpio reading. That reading is ready for instant access.

Planet Waves
While I was working, I had a feeling I often get doing these readings: this is information I would want to know were I interested in astrology, if it was available. I would want to know about this, if only I had an astrologer I was fairly sure had a clue what was happening. [Listen to audio preview here.]

Over the next year or so, three critical planets will change signs: Saturn, Chiron and Uranus. (Chiron is often thought to be a morph of Saturn and Uranus, so that's pretty cool.) Saturn will ingress Capricorn at the end of the year, then next year, Chiron will enter Aries and Uranus will enter Taurus. Plus, several important minor planets will change signs.

What you get with my birthday (and annual) readings is astrology that's too complex to put into the horoscope column, but too personal to say much about in my articles. Using a very old technique called whole-sign houses, I am able to cast an actual chart and read that chart just like I would if you were sitting here.

For just $44, you get a reading that comes very close to a personal reading, containing much that a competent astrologer would say -- if they understood both the classical and modern astrology. This is the thing.

Planet Waves
So much of what's happening now compels an understanding of contemporary developments in astrology. A minor planet that was discovered in 1999, and named a few weeks ago, fills in a missing piece of the puzzle in the current astrology. You can read about that above.

This reading, and my approach to by-sign readings, fills in a vast middle ground in astrology: we have horoscope columns (most of them irrelevant), we have blogs and newsletters (most of them speculative) and we have "prepared reports," drawn from a database by your birthdate, which if you were lucky were written fewer than 15 years ago.

The reading I'm offering now was done today, based on research I've been doing with my team all week and weekend -- and supported by my decades of work, writing, research and presenting in the astrology field.

I've included a graphic of the chart so you can see how sophisticated my approach is. In my presentation, though, I am speaking directly to you, in everyday language. You won't need a Ph.D. in astrology to understand this: you just need to be curious about yourself. You may appreciate the fact that I am direct and honest about relationships, sexuality and the social constructs that influence them -- a topic of vast importance today, and of interest to you. I cover much more than that, however.

You will love and benefit from this reading, or you may have your money back.

Here's how to get instant access.

with love,

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