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Astrology Happens All the Time. Stay Informed.

Dear Friend and Reader:

By now, you've had a chance to soak up much of the incredible in-depth insight Eric has offered you for the year ahead in the Mars Effect readings. You know how important it is to start your year with an astrologer who you know and trust.

Planet Waves
But astrology happens all the time -- and Eric writes about it every week as it unfolds. His weekly readings, widely regarded as the most intelligent and astrologically savvy in the business, not only keep you informed -- they provide an ongoing source of motivation and inspiration. 

One member recently told us, "It is a spark of light in times of doubt and a reminder of my power to direct the myriad energies that abound in positive and productive ways." I'd like to offer you the chance to tap into his continued guidance, step by step, throughout the year.

We offer two different services. One has a focus exclusively on astrology. The other adds information about political and social issues affecting you and our world, which gives you access to Eric's tremendous experience as the world's ONLY fully vetted investigative reporter-astrologer.

With both services, each Friday morning, Eric delivers to our clients' inboxes a detailed reading for each of the 12 signs and rising signs. He offers focused interpretations that will help you consider new perspectives and make better decisions as you create your life.

This is expert astrological guidance -- an investment in yourself. As one member wrote, "I am truly grateful for Eric's astrology, and would not have survived the last two years without it!"

This is not merely praise -- this is astrology doing the one thing that it's supposed to do: help you make decisions, sort out your deepest questions and stay in the moment. In the words of another one of our members, "I love Planet Waves, and have come to value its place in the structure of my days enormously."

So -- two options: a full year of Planet Waves astrology-only for $49 or six months of our premium service for $35 here.

If you value astrology and Eric's work, get the benefits all the time. It's affordable and worth every penny. And we offer a full money-back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied.

Chelsea Bottinelli

P.S. If you prefer to sign up for your membership by phone, you can call Chelsea at (206) 567-4455 or toll-free within the U.S. at (877) 453-8265.  

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