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Hey, Virgo! It's Time to Review Your Year.

Dear Virgo Reader:

Can you believe we've made another trip around the Sun? With your birthday just around the corner, now is an excellent time to review what has happened over the past year and begin planning for the new solar year. 

Right now, we're offering free access to your 2013-2014 birthday reading here.

Planet Waves
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Password - mindflight

Be sure to type both the login and password in lower case letters.

And after you've listened, you may pre-order your Virgo birthday reading for only $24.95 (this is the lowest price we will offer). One of our customers called the Virgo birthday reading "AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING, SO RIGHT ON!!!" 

Because of their depth and relevance, Eric's birthday readings have become a favorite among his listeners -- and they're designed to take you far beyond your birthday. One Virgo wrote,"I listened to it last night and it could not have made any more sense to me." 

These readings morph the best of Eric's work as a Sun-sign astrologer and a professional counseling astrologer. This is one of the most affordable, useful and excellent reading packages in the entire astrological profession. And Eric covers topics that are the most important to you -- taking a deep and introspective look at things you've been questioning, thinking about or trying to work out. 

Eric develops your key life themes in language that's accessible and engaging. He's also designed this beautifully presented, one-hour audio reading plus tarot card reading to be accurate, informative and meaningful for Virgo rising and Moon as well. 

Thanks for taking advantage of our special offer and for supporting Planet Waves. I know you'll benefit from a review of this year's densely packed astrology and from the upcoming reading that Eric will be recording for you soon.


Chelsea Bottinelli
Planet Waves Business Manager

PS: Don't forget that your 2014-2015 reading will include a live question and reply session with Eric! We'll let you know in advance when we have that scheduled. 

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