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It's Almost Your Birthday, Virgo! Pre-order Your Birthday Reading by Eric Francis -- Lowest Price Available Now

Dear Virgo:

You have so much potential that's just waiting for you to tap into it! Astrology is one of the best tools you have to imagine, plan and create positive changes in your life. A reading from a knowledgable astrologer can energize and inspire you as well as provide clear guidance to help you avoid unnecessary challenges. 

Planet Waves
Your reading includes a live question & reply session with Eric.
With your birthday just around the corner, now is a great time to invest in yourself with an in-depth astrology reading from an astrologer you know and trust. Eric's Virgo birthday reading is now available for pre-order at the lowest price -- just $24.95. 

These readings morph the best of Eric's work as a Sun-sign astrologer and a professional counseling astrologer. 

He speaks directly to you in plain language, in studio-quality audio -- it's like he's sitting right in the room with you. Even more, your reading takes a deep and introspective look at things you've been questioning, thinking about or trying to work out.

Here's what some of Eric's listeners have said about their readings:

"I must say -- Eric is absolutely BRILLIANT in his ability to interpret astrology the way that he does without times and personal aspects to our natal chart. If you see my chart, I have so much Virgo influence (born in sixth house), Virgo rising and I need information, and he was able to get into the core of matters that pretty much blew me away so far."

"What do I enjoy the most about Planet Waves? The VERY BEST OF ALL are the birthday readings…"

Your reading will be divided into three sections -- two astrology segments of about half an hour each, and a section of astrology afterthoughts and a tarot reading. The reading is accessible and playable on any kind of computer or mobile device (smartphone, iPad, etc.).

Eric's birthday readings now include a live question and reply forum where you can ask Eric questions directly, which will be held a week or two after the reading publishes (archived for those who cannot make it). You also get access to last year's reading, so that you can review and check Eric's accuracy, plus an extended written description of your birth sign.  

This is one of the most affordable, useful and excellent reading packages in the entire astrological profession. It will make an awesome gift for you if you have Virgo Sun, Moon or rising. And if you order now, you'll get the lowest price we offer -- just $24.95 (there will be one more pre-order price increase next week, then after publication the reading will be $39.95 for members, and $49.95 for non-members). At that amazing price, why not order one for yourself and for the most important Virgos in your life? I know they'll benefit from Eric's reading just as much as you will. 

Wishing you a stellar new solar year ahead!  Thanks, as always, for supporting Planet Waves.


Chelsea Bottinelli

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