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The Best Astrology Reading You've Ever Had

Dear Virgo Sun, Moon or Rising —

We've just posted the Virgo Astrology Studio reading. Your reading is presented in human language, not "astrobabble." I give satisfying descriptions of your astrology and how you might be experiencing it — and what opportunities I see. I craft it more as self-therapy than as a reading, but it's definitely both.

Here is a short sample from the beginning of the reading.

My readings are equally effective whatever Virgo factor you identify with, because I speak directly to you, from a place of understanding and empathy.

Here's what I've got for you.

I begin with a reading of Friday's New Moon chart — an alignment of nine points in your sign, extremely rare these days.

I place this into the context of Neptune in your opposite sign, which has described a kind of isolation or difficult to pin down quality in the human environment.

Then I do a careful reading of Chiron (an important Virgo planet) in the 8th house, Aries.

Next, I look closely at the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the 5th house of Virgo, and the way you relate to these massive changes in society. This connects to your quest for a more fulfilling career by prioritizing the creative challenges above work responsibilities.

Finally, I walk through the next year of Mercury retrograde, this being your traditional ruling planet. All the 2020 retrogrades will be in water signs. This creates sensitivity and vulnerability; I describe how to work with these factors.

How I Do Readings Without a Birth Time

While many astrologers emphasize the importance of an accurately timed chart, there is plenty of information available without any birth chart at all. This is the solar chart method that was refined and perfected by Linda Goodman and Patric Walker. The solar chart is based on one of the oldest traditions in astrology, Whole Sign Houses.

Friday's Virgo New Moon is conjunct Mercury, Juno, Mars and Venus. Learn how this describes your life in my new Virgo reading.
This is the same charting technique I use for horoscopes and the annual edition. In the end, either someone can do this or not; it's an actual talent more than a trainable skill.

Ultimately, it's the ability of the astrologer to read a chart and create a narrative that makes an accurate and worthwhile reading. Astrology is not about the planets; it's about the human experience, and that is what I focus on.

Many people find these readings more accurate than those costing hundreds of dollars from professional astrologers using their natal chart.

Also Included: Saturn-Pluto Special Reading, and Tarot

We will be including the special reading on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction with this reading, and your tarot cards. Your card reading will be prepared the same day that I do those for all of the summer signs, Cancer, Leo and Virgo — within a few weeks.

The Virgo birthday reading is now available for immediate listening or download, along with the supplemental reading on Saturn conjunct Pluto. Purchase now for instant access.

Thank you for your business, and for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,
PS — You may place your order by phone, by calling (206) 567-4455. If someone does not answer we will call you back promptly, next day at the latest.

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