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Mercury Direct: Notice What You're Learning, Use It

Dear Friend and Reader:
This week on Planet Waves we have a special exclusive audio broadcast of the talk Eric gave over the weekend at the first-ever Queer Astrology Conference. Titled "Holistic Sexuality," you can listen to it on its own Planet Waves FM page here. The talk is about an hour and 40 minutes long, and Eric delivered it to the conference via Skype, while sitting in his Kingston, New York, studio.

Planet Waves
Peaks Island portal, Maine. Photo by Amanda Painter.
Eric will be taking tonight off from a regular Planet Waves FM broadcast. If you want to listen to more from Eric, be sure to check out the right-hand margin on the Planet Waves FM home page. There he has hand-selected some of his favorite interviews with people such as Chiron specialist Melanie Reinhart and healer Elisa Novick.
On the blog, we have today's Daily Astrology column. Having just gotten through Mercury's station direct on Saturday and yesterday's Aquarius Full Moon, this week looks a little quieter astrologically.

That said, the sky is never boring -- and the newly Leo Sun is making a square to 1992 QB1, planet little-used by other astrologers that's about crossing thresholds into new phases of experience. That square is happening in the context of Mercury's tides moving in direct motion in Cancer. You'll want to be aware of what's floating to the surface of consciousness, and Mercury's trine to Chiron says, 'use what you learn'.
Finally, in Len Wallick's column today, he asks you to investigate exactly how your life has changed since the spring eclipses. With the Sun now in Leo, we're about halfway to the autumn eclipse season. That will post to the Planet Waves blog at about noon EDT.
Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter

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