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New York, Tuesday, May 14, 2013
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This Week on Planet Waves: Enceno Macy Speaks

Dear Friend and Reader:
We have a fantastic interview on Planet Waves FM planned for tonight, and some great columns today on the Planet Waves blog to keep your astrological appetite sated and keep you curious.

Planet Waves
Planet Waves writer Enceno Macy embraces his mom just after his release from prison last month. Photo by Eric Francis.
Eric's broadcast of Planet Waves FM this week features a special long-awaited interview with Enceno Macy. Enceno has been writing engaging articles for Planet Waves from within the prison system for the last three years. Almost six weeks ago, on April 5, he was finally released from prison.

Eric traveled across the country to welcome him, document the event, and speak with Enceno first hand about his experiences.

I've already listened to the interview, and guarantee you'll be moved by this young man's story, in his own voice. Eric's interview with Enceno will post to the blog by 8 pm EDT (possibly earlier).

In Monday's Daily Astrology post, Eric gave us a useful heads up on the rather slippery, diffuse square between Venus and Neptune that may have you feeling a little unsure of how you feel and what to do about it (checking any impulses may help).
Today's Daily Astrology looks at some aspects the Moon is making from Cancer, the sign it rules. You may find that your moods shift frequently today and tomorrow, but there are tools available to you as you navigate your emotional waters.
Later today on the Planet Waves blog, Len Wallick offers his take on Wednesday's "sparkly" ingress of Gemini by Mercury; that will post at noon. Also, if you missed Sarah Taylor's Weekend Tarot Reading or Elisa Novick's latest missive from France while on her Thriving Planet tour, they both offer wonderful insights for you to consider.
Yours and truly,

Amanda Painter

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