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Taurus Birthday Preview Audio Available, Plus New Features

Dear Friend and Reader:

Last night we sent a letter to our lists announcing the availability of the Taurus birthday reading. I wanted to focus a few points -- one being that I've recorded a free preview of the reading that anyone can listen to.

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I describe the topics I cover and give you a feeling for the vibe of the sessions (two astrology, one tarot). Our clients have consistently found these readings to be helpful, inspiring and motivating.

We've also added a new feature -- a live conference call seminar that will be structured as a Q&A session for purchasers of the reading. You'll get an announcement of this via email once we schedule it. If you can't make the session, a recording will be posted for you to hear.

Finally, if you're not a member of Planet Waves, you'll get a one-month trial membership so you can see what we have to offer on a weekly basis.

The Taurus reading is still available at the pre-order price of $19.95. It will go up to $29.95 tonight. We always reward pre-order and early purchase with a discount. This is an awesome gift for the Taurus in your life, and even if it's not your birthday and you have Taurus rising, you will love it.

Thanks for tuning in. I look forward to working with you.


PS, here is last night's letter in case you want more information in written form.

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