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Hey, I'm Talking to You! About YOUR Astrology.

Dear Friend and Reader:

How many times have you read a horoscope online or in a magazine only to find that none of it applies to you? And what's the point of reading something that should be about you, but in fact has nothing to do with you?

Planet Waves
Planet Waves members are accustomed to a different kind of horoscope, one that relates directly to their most personal experiences. I really am talking to you each time I write a horoscope for your sign. 

Here's what some of our members say about their Planet Waves horoscopes:

"I cannot begin to explain how specifically accurate your readings are getting for me and my friends… It’s now the first thing I do every Saturday morning -- read your predictions and gasp; giggle; prepare for the week."

"I have many times been amazed with your accuracy (its as if your reading my thoughts and answering my concerns)."

"I must say you are one of the most complete horoscope sites I have ever seen. It’s almost as good as getting a personal reading."

I write knowing that we live in confusing times, when many people are struggling not only to find meaning but to keep their bearings or sense of direction. The economy has sent people spinning, looking for some financial stability. Others are feeling disconnected even as we have more ways to communicate with each other than ever before.

I provide clear, easy to understand guidance on all of these themes. I am here to help you sort out the complexity of life, and to keep up with the sometimes insane pace and often contradictory demands made on us.

You can benefit from my knowledge and experience by becoming a member of Planet Waves for only $29.95. You'll receive two mailings a week that keep you informed, connected and up to date. You will never have to search the Internet again, hoping that an astrologer has written something that actually helps you make a decision. As a member, you will have the information you need when you need it.

I know you'll love the personal service we offer to our members.


PS - If you sign up for three months of service now, I'll include a free three month membership for one of your friends. Just send an email to with the name, email address and Sun sign of your friend and Chelsea will take care of the rest.

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