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2016 Spring Reading by Eric Francis
Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius and Scorpio

Dear Friend and Reader:

I have an unusually exciting spring reading for you this year, something that feels like I've been waiting all my life to create.

Between April and June, Mars will be retrograde first in Sagittarius, and then in Scorpio. This brings together two signs that influence us all in profound ways. Mars represents desire, initiative, innovation and the drive to persist. 

Planet Waves
Valles Marineris on Mars, taken by Viking 1 in 1980.
Sagittarius describes our personal spiritual quest. It is the hunger to learn, to grow, to understand and to see the world from a perspective of meaning. Traveling in Sagittarius style is not tourism. It's about a journey to the holy land, the promised land, the sacred ground. 

As any such traveler knows, no matter where one goes, the quest is really about traversing an inner landscape. That's the place in consciousness where we experiment with questions of faith, the higher self, and the quest for meaning and truth that is at the heart of any well-lived life.

It is fair to say that any conscious person has some true desire to experience Sagittarius in a real and direct way. It is the journey that we must take, no matter what. And with Mars, the most personal of planets, retrograde in that sign, this we will get to do -- as an inner quest.

Mars will then make its way into the very first degrees of Sagittarius, and then it will enter Scorpio. This is one of the home signs of Mars, in its watery nocturnal expression. 

Scorpio is the realm of the deepest human exchange. It's the realm of bonding, of exchanging genetic material, of sexuality and of death and surrender. It's also fair to say that any conscious (or even unconscious) person experiences Scorpio as a profound inner urgency -- one that influences the most elemental aspects of life: relationships with others, with resources and with existence.

Put the two together and we will experience the fusion of where the spiritual quest meets the inner emotional quest. In a balanced person, both of these must be honored, and we're about to get some direct experience there.

Planet Waves
It is challenging to bring the spirit of spiritual growth into sexual relationships, but that is what this astrology is describing. It's also about taking an enlightened approach to financial matters, as well as to questions of attachment. This astrology describes movement that can apply to your creativity, your work and your whole approach to living.

This is what I'll be covering in the Mars retrograde spring reading. The astrology reminds me of tantric practice, which calls for a whole new approach to living. I don't think there is a person reading who has failed to consider the relationship between their spiritual quest and their inner emotional and erotic reality. You would be amazed to know how this core meeting place influences every other aspect of your life.

And this is what I'm here to tell you about, to explore and to take another personal step growing into. This teaching began in several signs of Vision Quest, the 2016 annual edition of Planet Waves, and the material came through like thunder -- and it's still pouring in.

The spring reading will cover all 12 signs and rising signs. All signs are included. The package will include the sign audios, introductory audio material, original music, magnificent artwork and also a special edition extended written horoscope that sums up the teaching for you in a succinct format.

I anticipate having it done before Mars stations retrograde on April 17, in time for you to put it to work in your personal inner quest, your relationships and your journey through life.

Here is how to pre-order. You may also call (877) 453-8265 -- or (206) 567-4455 toll-free internationally -- and speak to someone directly.

With love,

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