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A Conversation with Elisa Novick

Greetings. We're ready with a new edition of Planet Waves FM, this week featuring an interview with Elisa Novick. I would describe Elisa as a master healer -- words I don't use very often or speak lightly. The longer I know Elisa, and the more I work with her and learn from her, the better I understand what that means.

Planet Waves
Elisa Novick, photo by Eric.
I spent an evening with her Monday at her home in Great Barrington, MA, speaking with her about what she does and how she does it. You will hear things in this discussion that are definitely out of the ordinary, but -- as I prefer to keep all matters of a spiritual nature -- eminently practical. She is someone who works on a planetary level but also serves groups and individuals.

Anyone who aspires to this kind of work would benefit from hearing from her. I'm curious to hear your responses to both the material she presents and how you feel listening to her speak.

I give a brief overview of the week's astrology at the top of the program, then I quickly move onto the conversation. The whole program is about one hour and 15 minutes, without a music break. If you would like to contact Elisa, you can reach her through her website, She mentions a Tree Play workshop, which will be held near Rhinebeck, NY (right near the Omega Institute) on Saturday, Oct. 29, and this is open to anyone who is interested. Check her website for more information.

Here is your recording in the old player, as well as the zip file, with the complete archive of all of my podcasts. The old player will open in a new window.

Eric Francis

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