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New York, April 18, 2017 | Read on Web | Pre-order This Reading

Dear Friend of Planet Waves:

I'm beginning work on the spring 2017 reading.

Revolution is in the air, but a little something seems to be missing: introspection. World events are certifiably insane. The electronic environment is sucking our time, our souls and our relationships down the digital drain.

Yet the same aspect that describes this -- the rare and rebellious Uranus-Eris conjunction -- also describes the potential for profound personal reinvention.

And that's what the 2017 spring reading is about: how to dial that in; how to create a vision for who you want to be; how to uncover who you are despite the massive distractions and anti-social conditioning of the digital environment.

Until a widespread social movement becomes the tide that raises all ships, those who are awakening must actively engage in inner exploration, self-understanding and relationship-for-truth.

The theme of this year's spring reading:
Planet Waves

The revolution is within, and INVOLUTION is your guide. Consisting of 12 individual sign readings, recorded in studio-quality audio/video, you will love these readings. They will be available as YouTube presentations as well as downloadable audio for listening on your pod, tablet or as you drive.

Astrology is subversive literature. What's being subverted? Self-defeating thoughts, low self-esteem, fear, and negative influences. INVOLUTION will help you wage your inner revolution.

Each reading is designed for your Sun, Moon and rising signs. I will bring all of my astrological skills, psychological insight, worldly experience and full-strength creativity to this work. As you know, my astrology is upbeat and solution oriented, while being realistic and gritty.

Planet Waves
Whatever sign you are, every sign's reading will provide an important element of story and evocative spiritual ideas. Your particular signs will contain more specific information about relationships and timing.

Two other points in this letter. First, we all know this is an extraordinary era astrologically. What we’re living through today is not written about in any book. We're its pioneers in consciousness. For those tracking the astrology, I'll cover the Uranus-Eris conjunction; Neptune in Pisces; Saturn conjunct the Galactic Core; the ongoing influence of Venus retrograde; and Chiron's influence in late Pisces. All of that will get a refresher and review.

The Great American Eclipse of Aug. 21

Most significantly, I will focus on something new: the Great American Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017. This happens in late Leo, and its path of totality will streak across Turtle Island, that is, the American continent from sea to shining sea.

I'll cover the public and political aspects of this event in my journalistic writing. INVOLUTION will provide the personal angle of the story.

Second, pricing will be on an early-bird-gets-the-best-rate basis. You can currently get all 12 signs for $45.45. This will gradually increase until the project is ready, estimated to be soon after Mercury stations direct on May 3.

This reading is included if you have a Backstage Pass or Galaxy Pass membership, though you may make a token contribution if you feel moved, which will sponsor snacks and coffee while I work.

Thank you for your business, for taking advantage of my work and for trusting me as your astrologer.

Here's how to sign up.

with love,

PS -- If you prefer to order by phone, call us at (877) 453-8265 or (206) 567-4455. We'll be happy to hear from you. If you get voicemail, we'll call you back within 24 hours -- and often within a few minutes. Thank you for your order!

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