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Planet Waves' First-Ever Class on Retrogrades

Retrograde planets are often considered one of the most challenging elements of a chart to read. In this comprehensive yet easy class, I'll help you understand yourself better as you add this essential tool to your astrological workbench. In fact, you’ll have fun doing it.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Retrogrades are one of the most perplexing things for astrology students to learn -- and one of the most challenging things for professional astrologers to read. For years they perplexed me, then I began learning and figuring out methods that make them some of the most precious and useful placements in any natal chart.
Planet Waves
Eric Francis, Professor of Ephemeris at the University of the Universe, Earth Campus.
In my first-ever class on retrogrades, titled Retrogrades, Reincarnation, Re-membering, I will cover several theories of retrograde planets. I'll also offer some easy-to-use methods that reveal the nature of retrograde planets in your chart and those of others you might encounter.
Among the topics I will cover are what retrogrades point to in our early childhood relationships to caregivers; what they say about our way of expressing ourselves; and the potentially controversial connection between retrogrades and reincarnation.

As for re-membering: there is something essential to retrogrades about connecting ourselves to something that has been lost, forgotten or cast off; a process of making whole. It's as if retrogrades point to something calling for retrieval that already exists deep within us.  

I'll also go over how to work with the transits of planets in retrograde motion, such as the current Mercury retrograde and the forthcoming Venus retrograde, including event planning.
The class, offered by teleseminar, will be held right before the Cancer Solstice, on Saturday, June 20, 2015, at 8:00 am PDT / 11:00 am EDT. Tuition is $77 for All-Access Pass holders, and you can sign up for the class here.
One of my very best natal techniques involves the use of the progressed horoscope to decipher the retrograde. This provides a surprisingly simple, bold method for understanding what a natal retrograde planet is about -- and how to work out the puzzle it represents.

Planet Waves
What do all those little Rx symbols mean? Do they point to childhood, or to past lives, and therefore to forgotten aspects of who we are? Find out in this exciting class by Eric Francis.
We will look at some gorgeous examples: Neptune retrograde in the chart of Mozart; Chiron retrograde in the chart of D.D. Palmer (the modern discoverer of chiropractic); and at least one live example from a student in the class.
I love teaching astrology. I could do it all the time. So I'm doing more of it at Planet Waves. I've also taught at the Omega Institute, the United Astrology Conference (UAC), the Northwest Astrology Conference (NorWAC), 1992QB1WAC and the Queer Astrology Conference (QAC) among many other venues.
The class includes all materials, a recording of the whole discussion and participation in an email group that goes as long as the conversation lasts.

Don't miss the fun and excitement of a true journey of astrological discovery. Learn how to make a potentially difficult topic easy. Release the potential of your chart in ways you did not imagine possible.

I am looking forward to meeting you there.


Professor of Ephemeris
PS -- If you would like to see some short examples of my teaching, have a look at Planet Waves TV. That will give you an idea how I explain things. Also, I suggest you check out this gem of an oldie, an article called You Are Who You Are.

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