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Hey, Pisces! We Have One More Birthday Gift For You!

Dear Pisces: 

Your birthday may be over, but we're not done celebrating yet. I have a special gift to help you review and prepare for the new season -- your complimentary Pisces birthday reading from 2013.  There is no password required -- just go to the link and listen to the full reading. 

Planet Waves
Arlo (Pisces) shares a hug with his Aquarius friend.
Once you've had a chance to listen, you may also order your 2014 reading for $29.95 here. It's in the same format as your 2013 reading, with in-depth analysis of your astrology for the coming year, plus a tarot reading that is so personal, one listener wrote,  "I listened to the tarot reading -- was I in your thoughts when you did that spread?!"

Eric's readings offer information that is useful well beyond the solar year, and these are no exception. One listener wrote, "I was floored by how much it resonated with me, and after a month or so of respite from having it on repeat in my car, it rings truer than before."

What are you waiting for? Now is your chance to access two amazing readings that will help you move through the exciting and challenging seasons ahead.

I know you'll love them -- your birthday readings offer a level of support that inspired one of our customers to write, "The reading was encouraging and reinforced what I've been doing with myself, as difficult as times might be."

It's officially a new season, and I hope it's one filled with blessings and joy for you. Keep swimming little fish, you make the word a better place.


Chelsea Bottinelli

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