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A Note About 2020 and Personal Astrology

Dear Friend and Reader:

It's been a few short weeks since I finished RESPECT, part two of your 2020 reading. I felt the astrology of this year was so significant I needed to cover it twice.

We are living through unusual times — an understatement, I know — and many people are being pressured to catch up with themselves. That means making long-overdue decisions, fixing problems that have been lingering around, and finally getting on with those elements of your actual purpose.

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I have worked as a personal consultant to thousands of people at just this kind of stage of their lives: the point where you figure out your choices matter. The place where you feel vulnerable. Where you understand that change must come.

Whether you're making your decisions preemptively or at the last minute, I have a pair of readings that can help you.

Part one is called INTELLIGENCE, a chapter-length essay for each sign and rising sign. These are my most comprehensive written readings ever.

Part two is called RESPECT, a consultation-length audio reading for each sign and rising sign. As my customers know, I am gifted with the ability to do a full-strength reading using transits and the solar chart. I read not a single sign but the whole chart, so the result is that you get a whole reading.

Astrology is not therapy, but my readings are designed to be therapeutic several different ways. First, I create a calm, introspective space to do the work. I remind you of your inner being; that is who I'm speaking to. The real you who it's easy to forget. (My audio readings come with gentle, alive, original music.)

My whole purpose as an astrologer is to remind you of your power of decision, and to help you see your options. And as an astrologer, I have a sacred duty to help you use time well. We are accustomed to seeing time as a kind of enemy; I am here to introduce you to time as your friend.

Particularly within the grind and madness of the current world, my readings are oxygen and sunshine and water.

The other day, I got an email from a customer about my recent Capricorn Studio reading, the first project I did after finishing RESPECT. She wrote:
Eric I wanted to compliment you on the excellent articulation you did in a straight forth, informative manner, in the Capricorn Astrology Studio reading. I am a Capricorn Sun and ascendant with my Moon in Aquarius, so this was like a personal reading for me. So I extend my deep heart felt gratitude for this gift. I also love the way you include prior times when we may have experienced the astrology, for it gives me a further historical insight into the mastery of who I am and why I am here. Thus validating my own intuitive process that values my uniqueness and allows more awareness and clarity towards freedom of choice. All the very best to you. Kindest regards, Janet
Best of all, my readings are designed to be affordable — a tiny fraction of a personal astrology reading, a fraction of the cost of a single therapy session, and yet providing you with thoughtful mental and emotional nutrition that will feed you for years. Even my very old readings speak to the moment.

They are designed for both Sun and rising sign. You may share them with close friends and loved ones.

We are offering a new option — combined RESPECT and INTELLIGENCE by individual sign.

You may also get all 12 signs of both RESPECT and INTELLIGENCE. Why would you want that? It's excellent, interesting reading, and every sign is relevant. Listening to one sign's recording a week will help you expand and refresh your worldview.

If you would like some other option, please write to us, or call (845) 481-5616. You may also find more options here.

Thank you for your business, and for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,
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