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You are Invited to the Next Dimension of Planet Waves

Dear Planet Waves Subscriber:

First, I want to thank you for being one of our subscribers. When we began offering paid subscriptions to Planet Waves in late 2002, that was pretty much unheard of on an Internet where hardly anyone dared to ask for payment for content. This was back when the concept of a 'podcast' did not exist, where blog was known to only a few people and where Google was still something new and unusual.

It worked. Creating a revenue stream meant that I paid a whole bunch of publishing-related bills, hired Chelsea as a full-time employee and began the modern era of Planet Waves -- with professional editing, fact checking, customer service, technical support and accounting.

We took the funding provided by our readers, invested it all back into the business, and built Planet Waves into the publishing community you know today. Along the way invented a genre of journalism that brought together the best elements of personal growth and self-help, modern astrology and cultivating a sane perspective on the world around us.

We serve as an ongoing workshop of life, a mirror, a refuge, an astrology school, a news service and a place where the talents of many writers and artists have flourished.

We are now ready to take the next step. During the past five years, we have built up our familiar front page area, now called Planet Waves News. This is a rare kind of professional blog, updated four times a day, featuring many writers and an editing team.  

For a diversity of reasons, we have decided that it's necessary to convert this into a subscription website. Faced with the choice of reducing services or charging modestly for them, I chose the more sensible route -- subscriptions, which for you means an inexpensive upgrade path. For those who come along, you will have access to a vastly improved, simplified, easier to use Planet Waves.

As an astrologer, it's my job to take care of you. As a publisher, it's my job to take care of my business and my team. When you look at all the numbers and the statistics and consider all that we've invested into Planet Waves, that is the bottom line.

We Have Two Easy and Affordable Upgrade Paths For You

Because you are one of our loyal subscribers, we are offing easy and affordable upgrade paths to two levels of service. To sum up the pattern in one phrase, you can get in on the new levels of service for a substantial discount from retail price, and only slightly more than you are paying today. Please read carefully!

NOTE -- Even if you don't take advantage of these offers, you will still receive all the services you paid for, for as long as you maintain your subscription, at your current level of membership. At the end of the year, we will be imposing a slight fee increase, which we have not done for many years.

Basic membership includes my weekly horoscopes, three different monthly horoscopes, weekly articles and your Tuesday letter that keys you into many other features. 

If you upgrade, you will get access to our new website, which solves many issues that you've been asking us to solve for years. One is that every member will have a unique (resettable) login and password, one that is directly connected to the payment gateway (that translates to less work for Chelsea and Ali). 

Many of our services will be consolidated onto a new website -- including all premium content, (current) blog content, five years of full-edition archives, The Oracle (searchable 15-year horoscope archive and divination tool) and many other features.

There are two upgrade paths. This letter includes special offers that you will not see anywhere else. These offers expire on Oct. 7, when we will introduce the next level of pricing.

Core Community level includes everything in a basic subscription, plus live conferences, daily SMS messages, direct mailing of Daily Astrology, and a second weekly horoscope. You will get the work of Len Wallick, Judith Gayle, Amanda Painter, Sarah Taylor, Amanda Moreno, Carlos Cedillo and our other excellent writers -- all on the same website where you may read what is currently premium content.

After our initial offers end, this service will be offered to the public for $199 a year. The total value of these elements, sold separately, is about $500 a year.

For our current subscribers, for $119, we will upgrade your current subscription to Core Community and add on an additional year of service. At the end of that time, you will be offered renewal at an attractive discount below the regular $199 rate

All Access Pass includes everything that Core Community receives, plus the annual edition, all of my pre-recorded audio readings (birthdays, Spring Reading, Midyear Reading, Annual Edition), and any new features we come up with. The current value of this service, sold separately, is about $1200 a year, and its retail price to the public is $499 a year.

For our current subscribers, you may move to the All Access Pass for $249, which will both upgrade the rest of your current subscription and add an additional 12 months on.

We recognize there are some subscribers who will want to remain at their current level of service. Here are the details.

If you currently have a monthly subscription, you may keep that subscription as is (with a fee increase to $12.94 a month, from the current $9.94 a month) or upgrade to Core Community for $19.95 a month. (That is a fantastic half-price introductory offer. Retail to the public will be $39.95 a month.)

If you currently have a subscription paid yearly, half-yearly or quarterly, you may keep that subscription with a fee increase to $99 a year (from the current level of $88 a year).

The fact that Planet Waves is a subscription website means that we can provide an unusual depth of service. We have many voices. We take no outside advertising. We have a direct relationship to our subscribers and our clients; there is nobody in the middle. We speak directly to you, and we set our own guidelines (i.e., no drug company tells us what we can and cannot say). In the world of corporate control of nearly everything, this is a miracle.

Thank you for staying with us on our publishing journey. If you have any questions, please use this special email address ( and one of us will get back to you.

With love, your astrologer

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