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Dear Friend of Planet Waves:

I am grateful to be an interpreter of the world's current state of madness. I am grateful to be available as a reporter and scribe for those who are repelled both by what is happening and how it's being covered.

We are in a strange spot right now: I think that a great many people need to take care of their minds and stay positive, and also stay informed. This is a little like juggling chainsaws. You would think someone is bound to get hurt.

Eric Francis in Kyiv. Photo by Nastya Zuy.
Planet Waves has cracked the code. You can now keep up with world events, and feel better. And we're the best source of astrology on the internet.

Not a blog. Not a feed. A professional publication, written and edited to the highest standards of the publishing industry.

A Valuable Service — We Are Worth Our Salt

Twice a week, Planet Waves arrives in your mailbox. Each Monday, I write a weekly horoscope that is on the level of a professional astrology reading. You get a week-ahead article as well.

Thursdays you get a topical article covering either the major news of the week, or an in-depth astrology topic — sometimes both in one article.

And every day, we publish Daily Planets, an excellent summary of the day's astrology telling you just what you need to know.

In all we do, we offer something extraordinarily rare in the world today: consistency, and a cohesive point of view. And something else: actual contact with those whom we serve; and the human touch. We know you value this.

Best of all, there are no advertisements to mess with your peace of mind. We consider Planet Waves a meditation space. Nobody should be pushing drugs, cars or fast food. We are supported by you. We answer and respond to you.

We love having you as our customer.

Make the small but meaningful investment and renew, revive, or extend your subscription today. Subscriptions are better than ever. And your subscription dollars go directly into supporting the excellent services that you receive — every single dollar. Nothing is watered down; you get much more than you pay for.

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Backstage Pass includes my monthly Astrology Studio readings, and my Spring and Autumn readings. There's an option with a personal reading.

Or if you want to make a donation, here is a sliding scale tool for that.

Thank you for your business, and for trusting us as your astrologers.

With love,
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