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The Book of Your Life -- 2017 Annual
Letter from a Planet Waves Member

Dear Friend and Reader:

While Eric is continuing to work on your 2017 annual edition, The Book of Your Life, I wanted to share with you this letter from longtime member Zlatka, which describes how she has benefited from Eric's writing, and the Planet Waves annual in particular.

Planet Waves
Eric working on last year's annual, Vision Quest.
I am often able to find words to adequately describe the scope of my feelings but for the colony of dedicated souls who came together in these dark times to make Planet Waves a beacon of sanity and steadfast love, my words are only shadowy echoes of the gratitude I feel.

Over two decades, I have benefited from your commitment to highly developed standards of investigative research across multiple platforms for an analysis that transcends the mundane. Every year Planet Waves embarks on a pilgrimage of integrated excellence with the annual edition. It is a panoramic resource, I believe structured in trust to empower us all through multi-dimensional vistas of the most influential and important prevailing cosmic currents of the year.

Thank you, Planet Waves. Eric, thank you for your unshakeable faith in the high road, for the constancy of your sensitivity and curiosity, for cultivating the art of kindness, your delightfully wicked sense of humor and so much more.


The annual is part of a rich tradition, now in its 19th year, that brings to bear all of Eric's expertise. For The Book of Your Life, the readings will be in written form -- 5,000 words or more per sign, presented both in webpage and PDF formats, with beautiful illustrations. You can still pre-order all 12 signs for just $99.

You can also choose your individual signs here, though remember that for the price of a few you get them all; you will want them. Also, this is just one purchase per household and we welcome you sharing the reading with your loved ones.

Thank you for your participation.

With best wishes,
Planet Waves
Amy Elliott

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