2012 Annual Edition of Planet Waves
New York, Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2012
Checking in on Reality Check

Dear Editor, Colleague or Contributor:

We're about to come out with Revelation. Revolution. Reality Check., the 2012 annual edition of Planet Waves. Designed to be a full-spectrum astrological resource, Reality Check includes a slate of feature articles, a resource area, 2012 charts and extended astrology for the signs and rising signs. And there is some positively stunning artwork by a diversity of talented artists.

Planet Waves
The goal of the project is to make detailed astrological information widely available, and to bridge the gap between 'Sun sign' astrology and professional consulting. Plus, the annual is a kind of yearbook, with articles designed to document the zeitgeist and place a marker in our moment of social history.

I have two proposals for you. One is, would you be interested in promoting or reviewing the project? Either would be truly helpful to us. If you're willing we will send you access to the members areas of the website as soon as they are ready.

'Promote' would count as three (or more) posts to Facebook, your blog or an email distribution of some kind. 'Review' would be check out the product and describe what you think of it in a public forum such as a website, blog, magazine review, podcast, etc. In either case, please drop a note with your intentions to 2012@planetwaves.net and we will write back to you with login information.

Also, if you have a resource that you would like to propose for the resources area, please drop me a line as well. You may share something you host on your site, which we would link to if it fits the basic scheme of our project -- such as an article or tool that you would like to share with our community of devoted astrology seekers.

Thank you! And happy 2012.

Eric Francis

2012 Annual Edition of Planet Waves