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Discover the Hottest Leo Astrology of the Year

Hello, Leo!

It's almost your birthday -- and your world is heating up fast. Your sign is represented by the Sun, after all. Your 2013-2014 Birthday Reading will be ready soon, and if you pre-order now, it's only $19.95 -- a $10.00 savings on the published price.

Planet Waves
Listeners have called Eric's birthday readings "the best money I ever spent"; "poetic and meaningful and precise"; and "such great validation." Feedback like that really speaks to the heart and soul Eric pours into these readings.

One of our listeners was particularly excited about her Leo reading:

"Wow, does this reading really apply to all Leos?! It feels like you are speaking right into my soul… I am completely turned on, in every sense, by your deep insight into the planetary and solar bodies and how they relate directly to my humanity. Thank you."

In your reading, Eric will cover the most important themes of your astrology over the next four seasons, which begin now with dramatic flair.  Just after the Sun enters Leo on Monday, July 22, there is a brilliant Aquarius Full Moon, reflecting a lot of light back to you in a highly charged emotional landscape for your relationships -- including relationships to groups. Looking ahead, your birthday reading is designed to help you navigate both inner and outer worlds with confidence in your intuition.

Your reading will include a two-part astrology reading, about an hour in length, plus a special tarot reading using the Voyager Tarot by James Wanless. One listener recently described the tarot portion as "absolutely mind blowing and beautiful."  

You can pre-order your birthday reading here for just $19.95 and you'll be able to access your reading as soon as we publish. 

I'm confident you'll love this reading, and hope you'll check it out.

Yours & truly,

Amanda Painter
Planet Waves Editor

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