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Don't Miss Your Spring Reading at Lowest Price

Dear Friend and Reader:

There are two compelling reasons why you'll want to purchase and listen to your 2013 Spring Sex and Love Reading by Eric Francis  now if you have not yet. One, today marks the first of two powerful eclipses (in a rare three-eclipse season) on the hot, passionate, relationship-oriented Taurus-Scorpio axis. Reason Two is that on Monday, April 29, we'll be increasing the price for all 12 signs to $39.95.

Most listeners consider these readings priceless, a testament to how devotedly and carefully Eric works to create a 'live' experience that's almost like getting a one-on-one reading with him -- but at a fraction of the price and without waiting for months or years. If you've read Eric's other work on relationships, you know he goes deeper than most astrologers dare to go.
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We're calling the 12-sign set of audio readings "Invocation of Spring"; our listeners are calling it "miraculous," "a vision of a greater whole," and "a masterpiece of transformational energies." Here are some of the great responses they've sent so far:

"I get a feeling of calm assurance and at the same time centered joy when I listen to your readings; a delightful feeling of connected awareness with another person on this planet that sees a vision of a greater whole and potential."

Another reader notes she's now more aware of others' relationship experiences:

"I've listened to the spring audio reports and definitely understand the interesting dynamics of changing relationship aspects for everyone."

Do you understand how the dynamics of your relationships are changing? Would you like to?
We often remind customers that it can be helpful to listen to more than just their Sun sign -- even if you're not sure how rising signs and Moon signs work in the grand scheme of things. One way into it (after you've found out what your rising and Moon signs are) is simply to listen to those readings and pay attention to what 'clicks' for you -- no need for 'technical' astrological knowledge at all.

If you do know a little more about your personal chart, you can start to apply more of the signs like this listener has:
These reports are truly golden; I am now able to understand and define so much of what I couldn't identify previously. I'm not only listening to my rising and Sun signs, but my Virgo shares common space with Leo in my 1st house -- so there was so much additional information. I got a great healing off of all of the information in general.
Eric has created a masterpiece of transformational energies... I was stuck between not speaking up and learning to intuit, which he articulated off of the charts. I never realized that vacillating between the two, without any real progress, was the stagnation. Good he could see it, without having even seen my personal chart.
Eric identified that which needed to move and gave me a different perspective to view relationships to move me out of fear. Freedom. I can't wait to listen again and get the other layers. I also am looking forward to hearing the charts of my loved ones to offer understanding.

Aren't you curious what discoveries are waiting for you this spring? Would you like to co-create those discoveries? That's what "Invocation of Spring," your sex and love reading by Eric Francis, is designed to do: help you co-create relationship experiences that keep you growing, healing and enjoying true intimacy in ways that are right for you now.
Order all 12 signs for $24.95 here, and you'll be able to listen to your Sun, Moon, and rising sign readings as well as the readings for people close to you.

Reminder: on Monday, April 29, we will be increasing the price for all 12 signs to $39.95. Order now to take advantage of the original, lower price and get instant access to these readings.

Yours and truly,

Amanda Painter

PS, The Invocation of Spring report now includes the full recording of a talk Eric gave on the astrology of sexuality to a full house in Portland, Oregon two weeks ago. Eric goes through the 12 astrological houses in the first segment -- an excellent explanation of the houses, describing relationships in human terms. Then in the second segment, he interprets the charts of Anais Nin, D.H. Lawrence and filmmaker Tristan Taormino.

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