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A Journey Deep into the Heart of Taurus

Hello and good evening.

This is a love letter to everyone born under the sign Taurus, whether Sun, Moon or rising. Or perhaps Chiron.

I am fortunate to have Venus in Taurus (in the 11th house), which is a picture of how some of my most enduring lovers -- in the relationships that have influenced me the most -- have been Taurus women. There is just something that I cannot explain; maybe you know what it is.

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But it's not just those relationships: Joseph Trusso, my mentor and teacher, without whose guidance I would be a much less effective astrologer, was born in early May. The musicians who have influenced me the most, including Brian Eno, David Byrne and Bono -- all legendary Taureans. Each is what you might call a polymath genius.

Maybe you caught my Planet Waves FM introduction to Taurus on Tuesday, April 19, wherein I read from Esoteric Astrology by Alice Bailey about the connection between Taurus and what she calls the Shamballa awakening. Taurus is a kind of worldly incubation process for spiritual growth and movement, on a wider scale than we might imagine.

All the signs function this way to some extent, though it's the solid, earthy quality of Taurus that provides a unique experience of physicality, of feeling, of sensation and of creativity.

I'll be covering all of this in your 2016 birthday reading, which I am planning to do during the next few days. I'll cover the immediate astrology -- Mercury retrograde in your sign, and Mars retrograde in your relationship house -- as well as the spiritual context.

This will be a mix of studio quality audio and high-def video, including a tarot reading. This is a separate project from the Spring Reading, though an excellent compliment; combined with your annual reading you have almost as much astrology as you need.

It's an honor and a pleasure to offer you this work, and to offer back some of the wisdom I've gathered from those born under your sign and its library of knowledge.

You can sign on now for the pre-order price of just $19.97, including the audio, the video, the tarot reading and your sign description -- plus access to last year's reading.

Thank you for being part of the Planet Waves community, an island of the future.

Eric Francis Coppolino
Kingston, NY
(845) 338-4846

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