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Just Published: Good as Gold -- Your 2014 Midyear Readings for All 12 Signs

Dear Friend and Reader: 

Are you curious about jump-starting your career in a way that fuels your passions and your soul? Eric has just published the Good as Gold midyear readings for all 12 signs and rising signs! These inspirational readings were created to help you transition into earning a living using your unique gifts and talents. If you'd like to know more, you may listen to a free audio preview here.

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These are unusual astrology readings, wading into some of the most challenging territory that we face in ordinary life: giving ourselves permission to do what we were told could not, or should not, be done. Connecting one's true individuality with one's work is a special achievement, and these readings provide many ideas designed to help you get there.

If you order before Thursday, August 14 at midnight EDT, you can get all twelve signs at a special package rate of $49.95. After that, we'll gradually be increasing the price to $79.95. Ordering now will save you almost 40% off of the published price. This means you can check out the readings for your Sun, Moon and rising signs as well as the readings for colleagues and collaborators.

It's not often that the astrology points to an authentic new beginning, or the potential for one. However, as the next few weeks unfold, that is exactly what happens. And Eric delves into this in its full potential for all 12 signs and rising signs.

He explores the relationship between self-esteem, creativity and money. The three are so closely interwoven that in a successful person they are indistinguishable. While you’re on the way there, these elements need to be understood one at a time, as specific concepts, goals or challenges.
Planet Waves
Your readings include ideas, strategies, motivational ideas he has learned in therapy to get the blocks out of the way, access your courage, and invoke your vision for yourself. Eric brings into these readings his many years of consulting experience with artists, healers and professionals striking off on their own.

Jupiter is about potential, but that also means that the human part of the equation is making that potential real. Sometimes Jupiter grants gifts, and sometimes it points to where we can reach for more. In Leo it will be doing a little of both.

How do you manage the transition out of something old that is not really working and into something new, with the simultaneous demands of a learning curve, balancing yourself financially and staying inspired? These and other things are covered in your readings. 

Good as Gold will also include a community conference call to discuss the new astrology. This is your chance to ask Eric questions directly about your midyear readings. We anticipate scheduling the conference call sometime in late August. 

Thank you, as always, for supporting Planet Waves. Eric looks forward to speaking with you.


Chelsea Bottinelli

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