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You and your life are recreating one another as we speak.

In our year of extraordinary astrology, current peak events are concentrated in Gemini. This solar return is one of the most unusual in years, due to Venus retrograde in your sign, Mercury, the arrival of eclipses and other factors. What this translates to is not only transformation but leverage in making decisions. Yet all of the astrology points in one direction: inward. You are being called to do something challenging now, which is to establish a kind of inner base camp.

Digital conditions have turned us all inside out, and have for many people blotted out any notion of an inner life. The presence of Vesta, and of Venus retrograde, is calling you into yourself, to refresh and re-establish your relationship with your essential being. Yes, there will be outer-world decisions to make, though this reading will guide you to the place where you can make them with confidence and clarity.

The Sacred Space of Self is now available for instant access. You may order it for just $44. Thank you for your trust and your business.

With love,
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