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Comments on Football Charts by J. Lee Lehman

Football is a dangerous sport, and based on the two charts, for the founding of the NFL, and for the first Superbowl, it is precisely that danger which has added to the League's success. This is exactly what these two charts proclaim.

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Chart for the founding of the predecessor organization of the NFL. This astonishing chart has many conjunctions, which focus its drive and intensity. One of the obvious ones is the Moon conjunct Mars -- hot, horny and pissed off. But the jewel of this chart is a grand trine between Chiron-Nessus in Aries (brain injuries), Mercury-Neptune in Leo (delusion, denial and water on the brain, plus a hint of narcotics) and Pholus in Sagittarius (unstoppable and on steroids).
Consider the founding of the NFL. Scorpio rising, with the Moon in Scorpio, disposed by Mars in Scorpio, in the 1st house, and with the North Node in Scorpio on the 12th house side while conjunct the Ascendant. Everything here is about conflict, public attention from conflict (Moon and Mars in the 1st) and benefit from conflict (the North Node in the 12th). With the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Leo in the 10th, we have the titanic clash of egos for public attention.

That Scorpio Mars also rules the 6th. Normally, we wouldn't read the 6th house of a corporation chart in terms of the disease of its parties, but this chart almost demands it. Here we see that 1st and 6th are connected by a single ruler, Mars. We have literally the story of the gladiators, who are just as compelling crumpled up on a heap on the playing field as making a spectacular catch. That is what the arena is for: the winners triumph, and the losers are carried out on a stretcher.

In a sense, we also have the signature of concussions specifically here as well. The sign on the 6th? Aries, which rules the head. The Sun is the Almuten of the 6th, having in-sect Triplicity as well as exaltation there, so we bring in the whole mythology of the Sun: passionate dedication (hours and hours in the gym?) and spirited play, writ large in a public venue.

But let's not forget. The darker side to the myth here is that when the King (Sun also rules the 10th) gets involved like this, it is often as a sacrifice: there's a long history of fertility kings sacrificed for the good of the community. This is what this chart looks like.

Planet Waves
Chart for Superbowl I. This chart has a time, which was printed on the ticket -- which at the time cost between $6 and $12. Note Venus on top of the wheel, and then note the massive aspect pattern in the 20-degree range, explained in the article.
But now, let's add in the first Super Bowl, the game to claim bragging rights. Like the NFL founding chart, we find fixed angles. Again, we see this culture of never giving up, playing through the pain. Now Venus, ruling the 1st, is at the MC, another sign of the popularity of the event. Venus and Mars are the two planets of sublimated or not so sublimated sexual passion. When it comes to fighting, they are there, front and center.

Once again, the planet that rules the 1st rules the 6th. The play itself is what causes the illness, or in this case, the injuries. Injuries are more than “part of the game,” they are part of the appeal. Mars in Libra, in detriment, and thus highly zealous is in the 6th, showing the tendency to go overboard, to be injured out of excessive zeal. The South Node in the 6th show destruction.

This Super Bowl chart had a Moon-Saturn conjunction, which is already destructive enough opposite the mid-Sixties Uranus-Pluto conjunction, thereby embedding this highly volatile combination into the history of the truly big NFL games. The Uranus-Pluto is in the 5th, again reminding us that, despite many denials, this player destruction truly is part of the entertainment. Let the carnage begin – but we'll applaud when they are carried off the field!

So: what should the NFL take this whole concussion thing seriously? Actually protecting players would probably be bad for business.

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