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Last Chance to Participate in Live Question and Reply Forum with Eric Francis

Dear Cancer:

You have one more day to purchase your Cancer birthday reading in time for the live question and reply forum with Eric -- scheduled for tomorrow evening at 7:00 pm EDT 23:00 (UTC). If you order now, you'll have a rare opportunity to ask Eric your own questions about the reading when you call in and participate. 

Planet Waves
Your reading includes a live question & reply session with Eric.
You may know that Jupiter is currently in your sign, and makes its way into Leo on Wednesday. Rather than losing Jupiter, this is more like getting a bonus prize -- a year of Jupiter in your house of finances and self-esteem, which happens to be Leo -- about the best sign you can want on this angle of your chart. In addition, Eric will offer an update on the relationship themes of Pluto in your 7th and the "career revolt" of Uranus in your 10th. 

Eric's audio readings invite you to tune in and engage in a way that let's you meet him in a space that's more like a counseling room than a podcast or database-generated chart analysis.  He has also recorded a free audio preview of your reading. Available for only $39.95, the full Cancer Birthday Reading consists of two astrology segments (approximately 20 minutes in length), a tarot segment using the Voyager Tarot by James Wanless, photos of the charts and tarot spread, an extended sign description and access to last year's reading to check Eric's accuracy. 

Thanks for supporting Planet Waves, Eric looks forward to speaking with you!


Chelsea Bottinelli

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