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Call for Submissions: 2012 Annual Edition of Planet Waves

Dear Planet Waves Contributor, Colleague or Friend:

It's time to create the 2012 annual edition of Planet Waves. By now, the concept of 2012 is seen by most as lacking credibility, particularly in contrast to Hollywood portrayals and the numerous prophecies that have been relentlessly proffered. I've always taken a circumspect, inquisitive, 'we're creating it' approach to 2012. That is a fact: we are creating the present, the future and our concept of the past, as we live, breathe and think.

Planet Waves
Image by Carlos Cedillo.
In case you're not familiar with the Planet Waves annual edition project, it's a kind of astrological yearbook that features my annual horoscope, in writing and recorded audio, plus the work of selected artists and writers. The project is a fundraiser for Planet Waves, being one of our most important sources of revenue each year. We offer a modest stipend for many of the contributions. Really, we all do the project for the pleasure of creation, and giving something truly special and original to Planet Waves readers, that then enables us to pay our way through part of the year. If you would like to get involved, that is the spirit of the project.

We are looking for several different kinds of contributions, and an articles editor who will coordinate the work of all the writers except for me. The articles editor needs to have idea, editing and coordination skills, and be able to sheepdog the writers into place in time for publication. The articles editor will have proofreading support and the assistance of an art coordinator. To do this particular job, you will need to have minimal commitments around the Thanksgiving and winter holidays. I need my articles editor to be someone who simply does not get overwhelmed, and can work excellently under pressure.

The Themes: Revolution, Revelation, Reality Check

Whatever you might say about 2012 from a Mayan astrology standpoint, or other sources, there is something to the Western astrology. That something would be the combination of the Venus transit of the Sun in Gemini, along with the first contact of Uranus square Pluto. In the first, we have the image of glimpsing behind the dualism that seems to be the scourge of the human race, and one of our greatest reasons for being alive. Without dualism, there would be no relationships, no quest for truth, no sex, no light and shadow. Yet we have a little problem with dualism, which is that it's largely an unconscious phenomenon.

Planet Waves
Saturn Thumbprint by Dani Voirin, from Cosmic Confidential -- the 2010 annual edition.
The second aspect is Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn. I have delineated this aspect many times, most passionately in the article How to Cross an Ocean, How to Light a Fire. Uranus in Aries describes individual awakening. Pluto in Capricorn describes a process of society falling apart and coming back together. Uranus square Pluto is the place where they meet. As you may know, Uranus square Pluto is part of the "epochs of revolution" cycle of aspects. This is a big one: there will be seven contacts between 2012 and 2015, which I have said before will make the Sixties look like a walk in the park.

Looking at the world now, there are many big issues we're facing. We are seeing how fragile our systems are (in particular, the power grid). We are seeing the effects of wasting trillions of dollars a year on warfare. We are seeing environmental problems associated with climate change. Hydrofracking is becoming a reality even as water runs out. Politics has finally become so toxic that it's safe to say it does no good at all -- we need an alternative, and that is going to come in the form of social ideas.

In all, 2012 is shaping up to be one big reality check.

In terms of contributions, here is what I'm looking for. Note that the articles that appear in the annual do not need to be new -- if you've published it elsewhere that is fine. But we also appreciate new stuff as well.

1. Articles that take a big-picture approach to the world, for example, on the theme of whole-system thinking that addresses a global or personal issue. To cover this angle will require experience, unless you have a very solid idea for a first time out.

Planet Waves
Gateshead Millennium Bridge, from public domain image rendered by Sarah Bissonnette-Adler. This artwork is from Light Bridge, the 2011 annual edition of Planet Waves.
2. Articles on specific astrological themes, for example, the Venus transit of the Sun, Mars retrograde, Neptune in Pisces, or whatever else is happening in 2012. We especially love minor planet themes, so if you have something fresh to say about the centaurs or TNOs, I am interested. I am interested in analytical and psychological astrology -- not predictive. Astrology articles need to be grounded, down to Earth and written in a way that all readers can understand.

3. Topical articles designed to inform and enlighten readers about contemporary issues, themed on politics, social movements, sex and relationships, career, or other relevant themes. Note, for all articles, I am looking for something that is clear, well-researched and that you feel like you will explode if you don't get it into text, and into the hands of readers.

4. Someone to create the banner for the project. The annual always has very strong branding (think Light Bridge or Cosmic Confidential). The theme of this annual Planet Waves edition is Revolution | Revelation. The artwork is done to spec; it must fit a blog header, and be sleek, bold and communicate clearly. Expect to do about 10 revisions of the main banner (that's about how many we do to get it right, typically).

5. Zodiac sign art. We change this every year, to match the project. These need to be simple, bold, individually distinctive and work together as a set.

6. A horoscope co-contributor. In the years I've had a collaborator on the interpretations, they have been easier and come out very well. These are Sun sign horoscopes that go to a depth that most astrologers will assure you is utterly impossible, but which I do every year. If you're an astrologer with prolific ideas, who can work the solar house system, please consider contributing your ideas to the annual interpretations.

7. Ideas for special add-ons. You might have a mostly-completed project that you would like to see as part of the edition; it could be visual (such as a photo essay), it could be music, it could be conceptual. I am open to ideas.

If you have an article idea, please sum it up in a paragraph or two, and send a sample of your finished writing. If you want to contribute art, please send something that gives a representative idea of what you can do. If you are interested in being the articles editor, or assisting with the astrological interpretations, please write a short, clear note describing your skills and availability.

Please send them to me at dreams@planetwaves.net, copy sarah@planetwaves.net and put "2012" in the subject header. This will make sure we can find your email. If you don't put 2012 in the subject header, your email may get lost.

Thank you for your interest in the 2012 annual edition of Planet Waves.

Eric Francis

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