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Planet Waves
Call the Astrologer! Your Spring 2019 Reading by Eric Francis

Dear Friend and Reader:

When things get really, really interesting, who do you call?

When everything goes sideways and pear-shaped? When things get super intense? When you’re trying to figure out what to do? When you want to know what that really strange dream meant? When you want to do more with your life? When you see an opportunity you were not expecting?

You call the astrologer!

Planet Waves
Charts for this video reading are cast in ultra-clear simplified format, featuring both well-known planets and, in a separate chart, a few unusual ones.
The 2019 Planet Waves Spring Reading will be ready by Monday night. This binge-worthy set of half-hour video readings covers all the Sun, Moon and rising signs using my friendly, easy-to-follow and actually relevant approach to astrology.

The focus is on the many aspects that Mars in Cancer will be making between now and July 1, 2019, covered in this article. Information in this reading will serve you well into the autumn, as these important Mars transits will set the tone for much of the year.

Chiron in Aries features prominently in this reading, as does Uranus in Taurus and other current transits, including Jupiter in Sagittarius and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.

I patiently explain the effects these transits might have, and then describe them as opportunities for growth, creative expression, better relationships and having more fun with your work.

Each reading uses two different charts, presented visually -- a major planet version, and a minor-planet version.

We are offering all 12 readings for the pre-order price of $88 ($77 for Planet Waves subscribers and INTELLIGENCE customers). We offer the best prices for early purchasers. All 12 will go up to $99 Monday night, eventually costing $111 -- a fraction of the cost of in-person work, though delivering much of the value that I give my private clients.

You're welcome to purchase one set for your household, and share it with loved ones.

Thank you for participating in Planet Waves, and for trusting me as your astrologer.

With love,
PS -- If you would prefer to order by phone, you may call us at (206) 567-4455. We will either pick up or get right back to you.

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